how to make paypal account As you know that PayPal account is not functional in Pakistan.In this article I will discuss about how to make PayPal account in Always create PayPal account by legal ways.Beware from scammers.Pakistani freelancers required PayPal account for online transaction from different clients.If you are freelancer then international bank account like PayPal or Payoneer is necessary for online transactions.Pakistan is improving it’s grade in freelancing.May be in future PayPal will operating his service in Pakistan. paypal in pakistan


History of PayPal:

PayPal is an American company provide system of online payment globally.In return PayPal charges a fee.It provides its service in 200 plus markets having 286 millions registered PayPal accept 25 currencies.Established in December 1998.Paypal also offers application version both in android and iOS.

Benefits  of using PayPal:

  • It is simple and faster way of sending and receiving money.
  • Users can transfer money into bank account within 24 hours.
  • Transaction fee is low as compared to others.
  • PayPal give account protection to users.
  • Users can track record of all transactions easily.
  • PayPal is widely accepted on all shopping websites.

As you know that PayPal account is not available in Pakistan.So many people search about PayPal on different search engines like Google and YouTube.In next paragraph I will discuss about how to make PayPal account in Pakistan step by step.

1-Sign Up for PayPal account


  • Open the PayPal official website and click on sign up for free.
  • Then click on business account or personal account (according to your choice).
  • Then provide email address and strong password.Valid email address is required for this because later PayPal asked for verification.
  • You must have address of country where PayPal is working other than Pakistan (because PayPal is not working in Pakistan).
  • Then confirm your email  address by opening your gmail.

2-Sign Up for Payoneer

Open Payoneer website and click on create  Payoneer account.Email account is necessary for this.Click on sign up button and provide all necessary information including mobile number,zip code, email address and strong password.Then your account will be created.Then confirm your email address by opening your gmail.

3-Applying for Payoneer Card

You must have bank account and IBAN number.Then write user name and security question.Click on order button.Within 5 days you will received your card.After receiving activate your card by providing them valid information.Then your card will be activated.

4-Linking PayPal account with Payoneer account

After signing up on PayPal website then click on “link a bank”.If bank is listed then put banking information.If bank is not listed then you need account number and routing number. Provide routing number and account number to PayPal website and your account will be verified.


If you are freelancer or want to receive your funds and withdraw these funds in Pakistan.Then receive your funds in PayPal and withdraw through Payoneer debit card in Pakistan.Payoneer debit card is used on ATMs of Muslim Commercial Bank,Bank Alfalah and Standard Charted Banks.

This is only legal way to create PayPal account in Pakistan. Don’t become a victim of scammers and always use legal way to create a PayPal account in Pakistan.

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