With all kinds of content, Netflix has become a very much popular option around the world. Pakistani movies are some of the best in the world, and luckily for us, many of them are now available to watch on Netflix. Here is a list of our top best favorites.

Netflix has a great collection of Pakistani movies. If you are looking for some good Pakistani movies to watch, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we will share with you our list of the best Pakistani movies on Netflix. So, without further ado, let’s get started! Netflix has a great selection of Pakistani films available for streaming. Whether you want to see classic Bollywood-style dramas or more contemporary works that reflect the diverse nature of Pakistan, Netflix has something for everyone. Here is our list of the best Pakistani films on Netflix right now.


It means that it produces original content popularly known as Netflix original, because it does not just netflix cater to outsourced content.

As in Pakistan, our film industry is progressing day by day so for this netflix is quite popular in our country also.Tbere is a list of many popular Pakistani films that you can now stream on the popular subscription-based streaming service.

Given below is the list of Pakistani films to watch.


  • On IMDB,with a rating of 7.6.
  • And I think so that it must be one of your films that you to watch.
  • Director of this film is Asim Abbasi
  • This is a masterpiece film.
  • Cast: amina sheikh,sanam saeed,adnan malik,faris khalid, muhammad ahmad,gianbruno spena,beo rana zafar,hira hussain,mikaal zulfiqar,
  • For the excellent performances of lifetime,all actors have received critical acclaim.

There are two different parts of this film.A family which is living happily and the family members are there for each other and they worry about the trivial things in their life like,”why only my followers are not increasing.

The 2nd part of this movie is intense.and we will get to know that sanam saeed will go abroad.The two lead actors are in tension.With many layers and shades to its characters this movie looks like an emotional movie.

The focus though out the movie remains on two girls although we also catch a glimpse on mikaal zulfiqar.

You can watch this movie online in HD with subs on netflix.


Cast:maya ali,ali zafar

Director:ahsan rahim

Now this movie TEEFA IN TROUBLE is streaming live on netflix.This is a romantic comedy and filled with action and so this is the blockbuster film of ali zafar and maya ali.

Due to the couple’s chemistry on screen,ahsan rahim’s directional debut received appreciation from the fans.Ahsin rahim is known for directing the music videos and also directing television commercials with several pakistani artists under his tadpole films.

In this story basically a gangster has to kidnap a girl so that his son can marry her and the gangster hires teefa  to kidnap girl.


 Cast: urwa hocane,Bilal ashraf,gohar rasheed and others.

Producer:Akhtar qayyum

                 Yasir mohiudddin

                  Usman malkani

Director:amir mohiudddin

This film story actually follows the journey of two different people who belong to different backgrounds and they fall in love at last.

It was released on August 1 2018.

In this film the reason of conflict is that the young girl reshami who has courted by a famous pop star, although she was engaged with her cousin since her childhood.


Cast:osman khalid butt,ainy jaffari,sadaf kamwal,adeel hashami,javed sheikh, Shafqat cheema, zeeshan ali

Writer:saad Azhar

Director: haissam hussain

Released on may 4,2017

This BALU MAHI movie is actually romantic and comedy movie as well,and it became very popular after it released in 2017.

The leading characters are osman khalid butt,ainy jaffari and rehman.

In this story the young man Bilal (BALU) actually crashes the wrong wedding of mahi and he thinks that it’s his ex_girlfriend’s wedding.And the bride take the opportunity to make a run for it and after that both of them make an attempt for evading her overbearing grandfather.


Cast:armeena khan,bilal ashraf,ali rehman khan,hania amir,

Writer:osman khalid butt

Director:azfar jaffari directed this film

Producer:garden farooq,reham khan,munir hussain,imran raza kazami,

This PAKISTANI film was released on 12 September,2016 by the ARY films.This film was also distributed internationally by B4 films.

Leading characters are armeena khan, bilal ashraf and ali rehman khan.

This is also romantic and comedy film and us also available on netflix now.On the big screen this film also marks the debut of hania amir.

This film story revolves around the girl meena(armeena) a girl who have spent 11 years in Canada and now returns home for attending her cousin’s wedding.

An interesting turn of the story comes when meena came to know to that her family was trying to fix her marriage with one of her cousins either daniyal(ali rehman khan) or asfandyar(bilal ashraf).This story becomes more complicated with asfandyar because he is an arrogant pathan and meena shares a love-hate relationship with him and on the other hand daniyal is like a cool islamabadi boy who can get away due to his irresistible charm.


The brief description of this movie is given below,

Cast:hameed sheikh as wahid,shaz khan as ehsanullah khan,samiya mamtaz as palwasha,abdul qadeer as bagoo baba,shabir rana as zahir,



Producer:Nazira ali,nadeem mandviwalla,jami

This film was released on 14 august,2015.

The story becomes different because it revolves around the balochistan’s railway stations,and especially it shows the closure of zohb valley’s railway in 1984.

The leading roles are played by film stars hamid sheikh,samiya mamtaz, ayaz samoo,nayyar ejaz,shaz khan and also abdul qadeer khan.

The title name of film is a pashto word that means “Mother”. It was previously named as Morqaye(Maan sahiba).

This film show actually the character of woman in real life that how families are run by a woman.

This movie shows very much beautifully the story of father and son with complex treatment by the ace director jami.The character of wahid that is played by hameed sheikh,due to political pressure is agreed to sell the railway’s infrastructure and he does this under his own supervision.

And on the other hand wahid’s son,ahsan played by shaz khan is caught in a moral dilemma.

Ahsan migrated to karachi at his young age and he finds himself battling against his future.


 Cast:shan shahid as Kashif siddique,ayub khosso as abdullah,amina sheikh as natasha,shamoon abbasi as danish, mustafa changaizi as shayan.

Writer: summer nicks,jami,azan sami khan,joe towne

Director:jami, summer nicks

Producer:zeba bakhtiar

Released on 6 October 2014

This is a spy thriller film directed by jami

The story of film revolves around the plan that needs to be executed within 21 hours.

From pakistan this is the first spy action thriller movie.

The story of this film is that a microchip that contains the name of those people who want to exploit afghanistani’s mineral reserves and that microchip is stolen by the afghan militant and there are two men who have to stop the war between pakistan and afghanistan and they have only 21 hours.


Cast:mahira khan as manizeh,adeel hussain as nadir, shehryar munawar as arhan,sonya behan as sabina,bushra ansari as nadir’s mother,jamal shah, munawar siddique.


Director:asim raza

Producer:asim raza, shehryar munawar

Released on 31 december,2015 in UAE and 1st January 2016 in Pakistan.

This is a story of coming of age urban set in present day karachi.

Basically the story of film revolves around the three main characters arhan,manizeh and nadir played by played by shehryar munawar,mahira khan and adeel hussain respectively.This film is a clear reflection of that contrast that exist in our society where we readily accept conformity but also talk about free will.In our society our parents impose restrictions on us and dictate terms because they love us alot but at that time we don’t understand them or their love.This film has shown many layers that are connecting to both youngers as well as our older generations.

In this story arhan,nadir and manizeh are close college buddies as well as they have9: a common passion of music.They aspire to form a band after their graduation.


Cast:shan shahid as major mujataba rizvi  a retired pakistani army officer,shamoon abbasi as ramal,indian spy agency research and analysis wing’s operative,meesha Shafi as laxmi,ali azmat as ejaz khan politician,hamza ali abbasi as ehtesham khattak,ayesha khan as jaweria khattak,hassan rana as taha ali,bilal lashari as ali,Kamran lashari as asher azeem.

Writer:Hassan Rana

Director:Bilal lashari

Producer:syed mujtaba tirmizi

This film was released on 16 October,2013.

Shan shahid played as major mujataba rizvi is former pakistani army officer,and he took his early retirement.

The story shows the counter terrorism operation that is being conducted in the tribal regions of pkaistan which are northwestern areas.

And the operation was led by hamza ali abbasi who played as ehtesham khattakthus operation was coordinated by his sister Javeria khattak and her character was played by ayesha khan,she was actually an intelligence officer.Both ehtesham and Javeria learn the major terrorist attack and for this the major mujataba help them and so this can only be encountered with the help of major mujataba.


Brief description of this film is given below,

Cast:javed sheikh played as haji abba

Danish taimoor played as salman (sallu)/ shehryar

Ramiz siddique played as papu

Janita asma played as hayya

Nayyar ejaz played as gullu but

Qawi khan played as nawab

Shafqat cheema played as shera

Sohai ali abro played as laila

Nadeem jafri played as pappi

Danish nawaz played as bali

Ismail tara played as saleem

Tooba siddique played as guest in nachay mann song

Yasir nawaz played as cameo as nawaz badmash(rusk lover)

Nida mumtaz played as haji abbas’s guest

Director: Yasir nawaz

Producer:yasir nawaz

                 Nida yasir

                 Hassan zia

The main character sallu played by danish taimoor actually hopes to make it big in showbiz industry someday.On the other hand the father of sallu has always problem with his son due to his plans because his father played by javed sheikh who is butcher because his occupation is family inherited and he also wants that his son sallu joins him and become a butcher or he get some government job.The second main character is played by sohai ali abro as laila and she lives in sallu’s labour and she has a thing for sallu but he is not interested in her because the boy sallu wants to focus on his plans. 


Following paragraph has the brief description of another famous film of pakistan.

Cast:samia mumtaz played as Allah Rakhi

          Mohib mirza played as sohail

          Saleha arif played as zainab

           Asif khan played as dolat khan

           Ajab gul played as Shehbaz khan

           SAmina ahmad played in this film as rukhsana

           Adnan shah played in this film as ghorzang khan

          Abdullahjaan played as tor gull/hikmatullah

          Omair rana was also in this film and played        in this film as zarak khan

This film was premiered at the festival of toronto international film festival in 2014 and in discovery section 5 September,2014.

The main character Allah Rakhi played by samiya mamtaz,at the age 15 was given in marriage to the very much older tribal chieftain dolat khan that was played by asif khan and he took her to live with him in mountains from her family who was settle in lahore actually.When 2 decades later,the dolat khan has opportunity to make peace with rival tribe leader tor gull played by abdullah jaan and that time deal was done that the tor gull marriage would be with dolat khan’s 10 years old zainab played by saleha arif.


This is also famous pakistani film and here is the brief description of film story in the following few lines,

Cast:Fahad mustafa played as farhan ahmad

Javed sheikh played as shakeel ansari

Mohsin abbas haider was also in this film and the name of his character was moon

Urwa hocane played as naina

Kubra khan played as hina

Salman shahid played as goggi

Amber wajid character was as shama

Irfan motiwala played as polka

Masood khan role was as jango

Saleem mairaj as abdul qadeer

Nayyar ejaz as samuel(special appearance)amanaullah khan played as moon’s uncle

Mehwish hayat played as call girl known as billi(special appearance)

Zaheen tahira played as shakeel’mother (cameo)

Shehnaz pervaiz played as landlady

Ali rizwi played as tea owner

Paras masroor played as news reporter

Director:nabeel qureshi

Producer:fiza ali meerza

Mehdi ali

Released on 6 October 2014 in Pakistan

22 may 2015 in UK.

Fahad mustafa played as farhan,works at ifu work life insurance company at karachi as a sales representative and in a year he is fired because he fails to materialize any deal.

Mohsin abbas haider played as moon who actually hails from punjab (faisalabad),he has a dream of going dubai,but he could not and lives in karachi but his family believes that he is in dubai.

Shakeel bhai played by javed sheikh is an honest man and he has forced to arrange his sister’s wedding but due to his financial issues he can not manage todo so,and he works as a government servant and he is also owner of homemade pickle  business as Shama achar.Now the story is of farhan is that he is paying guest of shakeel and is in love with his sister.


In this whole article I discussed about Pakitsani movies that are listed on the Netflix. I discussed about movies in simple and easy language. You can ask any question related to movies in the comment box and our team will answer your question.

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