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Are you looking for a way to make money from home? If so, online data entry jobs might be the perfect opportunity for you! we’ll explain what these jobs are and how you can find them. We’ll also share some tips for making the most of your experience. So whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for something new, read on to learn more about online data entry jobs in Pakistan!

As you know the trend of physical jobs is decreasing day by day and online jobs are becoming popular. Because in online jobs there are flexible working hours and you are working as your own boss.
Online jobs is one of the more searching topics on the internet. People search about online jobs without any investment. But it is not easy to find any job.

Outsourcing has become a popular way for businesses to hire freelancers and save on overhead expenses. You can find freelance jobs online, but if you want to make sure you are dealing with reputable companies, it is best to go through an agency. This article provides information about how outsourcing works and some of the reasons you might consider outsourcing your data entry work.

In this article I will discuss about online jobs. I will discuss only authentic jobs.
If you search on internet you will see list of different online jobs. These jobs includes data entry, typing jobs and captcha filling jobs. But not all jobs are 100% real and authentic. Some websites are offering fake jobs. Some platforms will ask you registration fee. Keep in mind if someone demands registration fee for online jobs then his job will be fake. If you want to get success in online field then learn any high demanding skill.
High demanding skills are search engine optimization, graphic designing, content writing, web development and app development.

How to find online jobs:

If you search for job on internet then you will see different websites. Those websites are offering different online jobs. You can find jobs on olx,, Facebook, Instagram and

Online Jobs for Students:

So you’re a student and you’re looking for a job. Congratulations – that’s an important step in your life! And we’re here to help make the process as easy as possible. One option for finding work is online jobs. The great thing about online jobs is that they can easily be done in the spare hours of your time, which means you don’t have to give up any other activities for them.

Typing Jobs:

If you master of typing. And your typing speed is good then this job is suitable for you. In this job you need to type different text printed on pictures or available in PDF format. For this job you must have high typing speed and laptop. Working internet connection is necessary for all kinds of online jobs. You can charge according to work. This job is suitable for students. It will boost typing skills of students that will help in professional career. This job is very simple. Very short time will be consumed for doing this job.

Data Entry Jobs:

Data entry jobs are very easy jobs. These jobs are highly paid and data entry is high demanding skill.
In data entry job client will give you different tasks related to data entry. You need to convert picture data in different formats. They will ask you to collect data from internet and merge data in excel format. Different pictures will given to you and You need to copy picture data in text format.

Example: Client will give you task in given format. List of Dental surgeons in New York City. Also provide email address, contact number and address of clinic. Collect this data and make file of Microsoft Excel and submit it before deadline.

Data entry jobs are very easy. Now I will tell you how to complete order. I will discuss about above mentioned example. Serach your work in google serach engine. Copy data from google and paste in Microsoft Excel sheet. At the end save this file and send it to client. You can easily charge 5 dollars for this task. For data entry job you don’t need any hard skill. Basic computer knowledge is enough for this purpose.
If you want to get data entry job then you must have a strong grip on Microsoft office.

Content Writing:

Content writing is also one of the high demanding skill. But it suits to only those people who are proficient in English writing.

In content writing you may work as subject specialist. Different task will assigned to you. Content writer write different blogs. These blogs have different topics. Content writing is vast field. On internet there is millions of websites. Every websites need content writer. It means that it has vast scope. In content writing there are different categories. You can select any one category and earn handsome money. Affiliate blog writing, technical blog writing and health and fitness blog writing are trending categories in content writing.
Keep in mind plagiarized and copy paste content will be not accepted in content writing. You need to write plagiarism free content. Client will give you different assignments.

These assignments are related to engineering and medical. If you are able to solve these assignments then you can earn thousands of dollars per month. But for this purpose you must have strong command on your subject. Otherwise you will get nothing. If you are interested to become a content writer then you should have laptop that can run all kinds of softwares related to Microsoft. Plagiarism checker tool is also need of content writer. But if you are going to become a professional content writer then you need to purchase paid tool. That will helps you in best content writing.

Data Scrapping:

Data scrapping is also high demanding skill. Digital marketing experts need data scrappers. It is very easy task. Different softwares are used for this purpose. Some softwares are paid while some softwares are free. But free softwares will give you limited data. For long term usage and full access you need to get paid softwares. But membership fee of paid softwares are not high. Some softwares offers monthly subscriptions and some offers weekly subscription. While some softwares offers annual subscription. You can also do some projects manually. But this is time taking task. In next paragraph I will discuss about nature of work. I discuss with an example. Client will give you task in this format.


Scrap the audience of Beats( Instagram page of music lovers). Scrapped data should be in Microsoft Excel file. Scrap email address and mobile number. Also scrap user name and profile link.
For this task you need to use a software. But software is paid.


This is also good job. If you have no nay skill then select this job. Because you can do this job by just translating by using google translator. In this job you need to translate different languages. You can earn hundreds of dollars by translating. For this purpose you have working internet connection and laptop. You should have basic knowledge of computer and Microsoft office.

Copy Paste Jobs:

If you have no skill then copy paste jobs are suitable for you. But mostly copy paste jobs are fake. But if you got copy paste job from Fiverr or any other freelancing platforms then this job will be authentic. As name indicated that you need to copy data from one platform and paste it on other platform. Client will give you data in PDF format and you need to copy data from PDF and create new file and paste in it. It is very simple and easy job. You can charge minimum 5 dollars for this job.

Survey Jobs:

Survey Jobs are also announced by different companies. These companies pay handsome salary for this purpose. In survey jobs client will give you specific link related to survey. You need to send that link to others and share that link on different social media platforms. People will open that link and fill the survey form. After completing this survey your client will receive survey data. Some survey are online and some are offline. On internet different websites are offering survey jobs. But keep in mind all jobs are not authentic. So confirm authentic job before starting survey. Otherwise your time and money will be wasted. You can charge at least 5 dollars for this survey. This is suitable job for students.


Above mentioned skills are high demanding skills on freelancing marketplace. Different freelancing platforms are available on internet. If you are master in any one skill then you will earn lot of money from freelancing platforms. But keep in mind you should have strong grip on these skills.

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Truelancer
  • Guru

If you want to get online job then create an account on above mentioned websites. If you want to earn money from these online jobs then you must have strong communication skills. Your English writing and speaking skill should be good.

Payment Methods:

If you are doing the online job then you need to receive your earning from client. If your client will be from foreign country then you must have a bank account. But if client will be local then you can receive your money via jazz Cash or Easy Paisa account. In Pakistan many banks are offering an account for freelancers. You can receive your earning in bank account but your bank will deduct processing fee from your earnings. Usually banks deduct 3% of your earnings.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions:

Question Number 1: Can we do online jobs on mobile?

No, we can not do online jobs on mobile. Working on mobile is not easy. You must have a laptop for online job.

Question Number 2: Is laptop is necessary for online jobs?

Yes, laptop is necessary for online jobs. Because you may perform better tasks on laptop as compared to mobile phone. That is why laptop is necessary for online job.

Question Number 3: Can we withdraw money in Pakistani currency?

Yes, you can withdraw money in US dollars but you will receive your earning in Pakistani rupee. Banks will convert your earning in Pakistani rupee.

Question Number 4: Is internet connection is necessary for online working?

Yes, working internet connection is necessary for online work. If you want to work online minimum speed of internet should be 3G or more.

Question Number 5: Can we receive online earning in jazz Cash?

Yes, first you will receive online earning in Payoneer account then you will transfer money from payoneer account to the jazz Cash account.


In this whole article, I discussed about online jobs for students. I discussed only real and authentic jobs. If you feel any difficulty while understanding then ask question in comment box and our team will answer your question within few moments.

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