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 Review about Novitec WiFi Booster


Many people think that Novitec is a scam. But actually, devices of Novitec don’t work properly. But they advertise that they have good working devices. Novitec wifi booster is an electronic device that provides strength to the signals. It also helps in improving the speed of the internet. You can use this device where signal quality is low. You can use this wifi booster device in your beautiful home. You can also use this device in the office for high-speed internet. According to the official website of Novitec, this wifi booster device increases internet speeds up to 10 times. You will be surprised after working on this device. 


This review article is related to the WiFi booster of Novitec company. It is an electronic device that improves the quality of wifi signals. It also helps in the connectivity of the internet. But many people called it fake or a scam. But let’s read the review about WiFi boosters.


The price of this WiFi booster is low as compared to other brands. The price of a WiFi booster is only 6 dollars. This product comes with a money-back guarantee of 2 months. This offer attracts the user towards itself. It is good to offer from Novitec company. This discount offer makes Novitec the first choice of the user and Novitec is becoming popular day by day.




If you have a sluggish internet connection then the Novitec WiFi booster device is helpful for you. As you know that this device is in high demand on Amazon. People give mixed reviews about this product. Many people are satisfied with the performance of Novitec while some people have a bad experience with Novitec therefore they give bad reviews about this product. Before purchasing this device people search user reviews about this product and then purchase the product. When people see negative reviews about this product then they declared it a fake product.


In the review section of Amazon, people declared negative reviews about Novitec. Some people asked that the company be doing this for the sake of fame and branding. 


Now we will talk about stars given by users on Amazon. 3 stars out of 5 stars are given to the user. 468 people reviewed this product on Amazon. Many people give negative reviews when they are unable to refund cash. You can consider these reviews as revenge. Because of a poor rating, Amazon removed products of Novitec from its seller list.




Many people are criticizing Novitec on different e-commerce websites like Walmart and Amazon. Novitec sells its products because very few people know facts about Novitec company. But many people give positive reviews about Novitec on social media. 

Many people give positive reviews about Novitec and some people give negative reviews about Novitec on Walmart company. Because Novitec provides a good quality device at a low and affordable price. 

Novitec is a power company that is manufacturing different products like plugs, wifi devices, and wireless. The price of Novitec products is low as compared to other companies. 

Sometimes Novitec doesn’t provide any specific benefits to its users. 




Novitec WiFi Booster is worst among all:

It is considered one of the best and famous brands in the market. The price tag of Novitec is low but it is providing top-quality features at a price. Novitec becomes popular by getting fake reviews. But nowadays different YouTube channels and blogs are reviewing Novitec. These blogs and channels declared Novitec a fake product. 

Many people give false reviews about Novitec on Amazon and spoiled the fame of Novitec company. Boosters of Novitec company are created to improve the signal strength to facilitate the users. So users watch content without any buffering. 



How to know about Scam Novitec?

Before buying Novitec WiFi booster please read the reviews about Novitec booster. When you are purchasing this device online then read it all description carefully. 

Always read reviews on the official website of the company. If third party website is selling Novitec booster and giving fake reviews then it means the device you are going to purchase is fake or scam. 


Before purchasing a Na NoviNovitecec booster check customers’ reviews on Amazon and Walmart. Because these two e-commerce websites are trusted websites. You can also watch reviews about Novitec on different YouTube channels. Different blogs write review articles about Novitec and you can read those articles. 


After reading this article you will see different methods to confirm the product is fake or not. You can easily read reviews about Novitec after reading this informative article. 


Is Novitec WiFi Booster work or Not?

In the market different routers are available. No router works properly. You can say no router is perfect in all ways. 

Popular brands of Wifi Booster devices are as follows.

  1. TP-Link
  2. Asus
  3. Netgear
  4. Linksys

If you want to purchase a router you will be confused because in the market there is a variety of products. After reading reviews about Novitec booster you will be able to purchase Wifi Booster for your home.


Novitec WiFi Booster:

This product is specially designed for a specific purpose. It improves the quality of the signal. It improves the quality of signal where destruction of signals. If there is a wall, tree, or any building between signals it works there properly. Long-range is also a quality of Novitec WiFi Booster device. It also increased the range of signals in distant areas. 



Netgear R6300:

This is a new router that enters in the market. It comes with more number of features. This device is offering high speed. If you are going to purchase Wifi Booster then purchase this item. But read and watch a full review of this product.

Performance of wifi Booster depends upon the following factors:


Different factors affect the performance of wifi Booster.

The antenna is a factor that affects the performance of the wifi booster. If the gain of the antenna will be larger then the strength of the signal will be powerful. And it will give more speed. 

In the market different ranges of the antenna are available. The ranges of the antenna are 3db to 20db.

If you want to protect yourself from scams then keep the below-mentioned points in your mind before purchasing the device.


Check the strength of the signal before purchasing this device.

  • Always buy a device from the nearest store because you can easily claim. They will not scam you because you will be nearest to the shop and you can easily change your faulty device.
  • Never purchase cheap wifi booster devices because they didn’t work properly. It will waste your time and money.
  • Keep your devices away from electrical wires. 
  • Do not expose your WiFi device to any electrical power.




In this whole article, I reviewed about Novitec WiFi booster. The purpose of writing a review article about WiFi Booster is to protect the public from scams. If you feel any difficulty while selecting wifi booster you can ask questions in the comment box. Thank you for your patience.

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