Netflix different packages and their prices in Pakistan 2023

Netflix is the best and biggest video streaming service which uses in all over the world and considered a best online production and TV shows due to their best contents. Many online production and TV shows follow the Netflix and try to compete him but it was the best due to their clear advantage and a wide range of TV shows, movies, documentaries and online production. netflix packages in pakistan.

Netflix also uses in Pakistan to see movies, Dramas and for online video streaming with different packages. In this article we will give you information about different Netflix packages at cheaper rate which uses in all over the cities of Pakistan. Many people want to use Netflix for different purposes but they don’t know Netflix packages and want to get it. So here we giving you information about different Netflix packages for the facility of their general public of Pakistan.


In this article we will explain about Netflix in Pakistan

• List of different Netflix packages

• How to buy Netflix subscriptions

• How to work with Netflix subscription

• Cancelation of Netflix subscription

• Different Netflix recommendation

• FAQ (Frequently asked question)


So, we start our topic with complete detail of Netflix


List of different Netflix packages in Pakistan

Netflix offers three different Packages with different prices which given as

1. Netflix basic plan

2. Netflix standard plan

3. Netflix premium plan

Detail of these packages are given


1.Netflix basic plan – 950 Rs per month

Netflix basic plan price is 950 Rs in Pakistan which valid for one month. Netflix basic plan provides video catalog and limited for one screen. Video streaming also available in this plan with best standard definition (standard quality) but not in HD. Through this plan you can downloads in one phone and one tablet.


2.Netflix Standard plan – 1200 RS per month

Netflix standard plan price is 1200 which valid for one month and can be download for two phone and tablets. You can share this package with your family, siblings and their friends. It has HD quality and good visual for yourself. It gives benefit to their viewers to use different screens more than one at same time.


3.Netflix Premium plan – 1500 per month

Netflix premium plan price is 1500 and valid for one months. It was the top best Netflix plan which offers to use four screens at same time for their viewers. You can share this plan with your family, friends and their loved ones with maximum four persons. You can download videos and can-do live streaming on four different tablets and phones. It provides ultra-HD with 4k content and 1080 p full HD.


Note:Telenor postpaid customers can avail these all packages with same rate by dialing *456#. 


How to buy Netflix subscriptions

Many people don’t know Netflix subscriptions which we will explain here.

1. Buy through website

2. Buy through PTCL

3. Buy through Telenor network

Detail of these subscriptions given below.


1.Buy Netflix via website

To subscribe Netflix packages through a website you just need to visit website and enter their debit or credit card. To subscribe Netflix through website, follow this method given below.

• First to visit the website click on this link visit the website and signup,

• Then create your account with basic information.

• Now select packages which you needed and enter mobile number

• Next enter your debit card or credit card number.

• One OTP will be received your mobile number.

• Now type OTP in required space and click submit.

• Now your package fee for one month will be deducted from your account and you will be informed through a message.

• You can change your package and fee after one month.



2.Buy Netflix via PTCL

You can buy Netflix packages through PTCL telecommunication network. 

Here you don’t need any debit or credit card and any bank account.

You just need to go PTCL website , sign up there and select Netflix package.

Now your Netflix package fee will be deducted and charged through your PTCL bill at monthly base.


3.Buy Netflix via Telenor 

You can also buy Netflix packages through Telenor telecommunication network but this offer is valid just for Telenor postpaid users. To buy Netflix through Telenor network follow the steps given below.

• First visit the Telenor Netflix website. To go website, click on this link .

• Now select your needed plan and sign up there.

• Next select payment method of plan as “Telenor postpaid bills”

• Now enter your postpaid Telenor number in required option.

• Next one OTP will be received your number and enter this OTP code.

• Now your registration process will be completed and you can enjoy Netflix packages through Telenor network.


Top best series for Netflix subscribers


If you are subscriber of Netflix then you must know about top best series or seasons which mostly watched and liked by general public which are given below.

Now everyone is busy and tired from their daily routine then Netflix is the best instrument for such kind of people where they can enjoy their time and can watch their favorite videos, shows, dramas and moves. The most viewed series of Netflix are given as 

1. Money Heist

2. Gossip girl

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

4. Lucifer morning star


6. Stranger things

7. The Umbrella academy

8. The Witcher

9. Friends

10. Gilmore Girl

11. Blocklist 

12. 13 reasons why

Detail of these series are given below


1.Money Heist

Money Heist is the Spanish drama which has a red suited robbers and mastermind strategies “The professor”. This drama serial is the best on Netflix which won hearts of many people and has thrilling stories. There are many memes and posts are available on internet related this series.


2.Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is a romantic and teen ager girl drama. In this drama a group of friends which show their love to girl and want to get him. This drama is full of Gossips and romantic acts that’s they you will be enjoyed this serial and can’t be bored.


3.Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a detective comedy serial which like a lot due to their funny motions and best acting. If you are loving to watch comedy serials then this Brooklyn Nine-Nine serial is best for you.



4. Friends

It was the American drama and was the best like their title. It was the funny and romantic drama. In this serial story of some of some friends which acts funny and some romantic scenes. It was most favorite serial on Netflix and also, I like it personally. 




It was serial about lawyers they how they won many SUITS by keeping secrets. This serial is full of suspense and amazing drama. If you want to know about secrets of this drama then go to website and watch it.




Like drama title it was the best serial. This serial is full of excited and psychological acting. In this serial a man acts like a detective and know what’s doing around him. It was the most viewed serial on Netflix.



7.Gilmore Girl

Gilmore Girl is most heart-warming relationship about daughter and mother. In which some acts are funny and ups and downs of life shown. It was the best family drama and resemble with reality. 



8.Lucifer Morningstar

Lucifer morning star is the most viewed serial in Netflix. Lucifer angel is a Charming Devil boy who works in this drama and in this story when he bored their daily routine he goes for vacations where he starts to run their own club.  Due to their extreme qualities and hidden power, he got a much success. He solves many criminal cases and develop feelings for their champions.



9.The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella academy is the web serial which launched in 2019. In this serial a man who’s name Sir Reginald Hargreaves adopt 7 child which born same day and teach them to help and save the world by making “Umbrella academy”. After some years their father died and they start work together. This serial was made by teenager and full of disputes and twists.  



10.The Witcher

The Witcher is the Netflix series and most talked fantasy serial. The first season of this drama was played in 2019 and huge seasons was run on Netflix. This serial was arounder a princess girl and a corrupt ruler who cruel the world and find their place by treated humans badly. 


11.13 Reasons why

Serial 13 Reasons why is relating to teenager mental health and problems. In this serial a girl suicide but before to die she records many taps in which she highlights school life, wrong things by every individual and their friend’s dirty secrets. This serial was involving disputes, murders, drug involvement and authority’s failure. It was the most favorite serial on Netflix.


12.Stranger things

It was the horror serial in which one sudden vanishing a young boy and a young girl suddenly appears and many horror scenes. This serial got a lot of international fan following. 



Note: There are many other serials are best which played on Netflix. You can subscribe Netflix and can watch it


Cancellation of Netflix Subscription


If you want to cancel their Netflix subscription you can do it by following this method.

Go to subscribed website and click on cancel membership.

After cancellation next month bill will be not be charged from your account.

But the current month will be charged even if you use or not and will be not be refunded.


Recommendations of Netflix 


1.Khushal Sehat

Here is a tale doctor which saved more than 700,000 lives.



Videly.TV is content which provides more than 10,000 hours on which you can watch TV shows, movies, drama and any serial.


3. Khushal WA teen app

This app is available for google play store.

There are many other recommendations about Netflix which you can find on Netflix platform



In this article we give you information about Netflix which is the best platform in Leisure time for entertainment and have lot of national and international serials. You can watch it which you like. But according our experience and knowledge it was the best entertainment and informative platform.

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