Purchasing a secondhand car in Islamabad? Don’t disremember to authenticate the car’s registration through the Excise and Taxation Department, Islamabad, to govern the legitimacy of the supplier and their authorized proprietorship of the car beforehand you progress with the deal. Here is a comprehensive guide on automobile verification and its procedure which will assist you buying a trustworthy car or motorcycle.

MTMIS (Motor Transport Information Management System) ISLAMABAD

It is compulsory to understand if the motor vehicle you schedule to buy is validated or not. Further frequently the robbed automobiles and the motor vehicles utilized for robbery and scams are sold again deprived of the latest proprietor be aware of their record. Consequently, it is essential for you to be clever sufficient and give up a limited moments to verify if your automobile has some suspicious record or not. Nowadays it has grown to be certainly simple to online authenticate your motor vehicle in the capital city of Pakistan (Islamabad).

The procedure of automobile verification online as well as in-person fluctuates for each region, and accordingly Islamabad has its specific approaches. Though, still since the Department of Federal Excise and Taxation established and introduced the MTMIS (Motor Transport Information Management System), it has developed simpler to verify the automobile registration in a few moments.

MTMIS (Motor Transport Information Management System) Islamabad, is a national info scheme that encompasses all the appropriate data accompanying with automobile registering, its authentication, traffic rules, issuing of licenses, histories of illegal crimes and traffic law abuses. It aids you sidestep a cheat when you’re purchasing a secondhand car in the capital city of Pakistan (Islamabad) by delivering you with wide-ranging info of the automobile and its proprietor to safeguard that you are not buying a filched car or motorcycle.

There are numerous ways over which you can authenticate your automobile at the comfort of your home. Let’s deliberate them now.

Motor Transport Information Management System (MTMIS)  Islamabad (ONLINE VERIFICATION OF THE VEHICLE)

If you need to authenticate online the recorded automobile in Islamabad, the procedure is relaxed, rapid and keen. You can effortlessly verify the automobile proprietor of an automobile in the capital city of Pakistan (Islamabad) by following ways:

  • Excise & Taxation official website Islamabad
  • Online Smartphone App (INC Pak Technologies Automobile Authentication)
  • Private applications
  • Individual appointments
  • Via SMS

Let’s deliberate these approaches in detail

Excise & Taxation official website Islamabad 

The simplest process for online automobile authentication is through the Authorized Site of the Excise and Taxation (ICT). When you are on the foremost page, track the stages mentioned underneath:

  • Roll down a slight on the foremost page to discover a list of “Online Facilities”
  • Select the option named Check Vehicle Detail
  • A new page appear 
  • Insert the Registering # as well as date of registering automobile in query to acquire a comprehensive reply

Online Smartphone App (INC Pak Technologies Automobile Authentication)

This application works for automobiles crosswise other provinces as well, the capital is also registered on the application. Henceforth, in circumstance of any problems with the authorized website, you can download and install the android app to verify weather the automobile is proved or not.


Usage of INC Pak android Application

You can authenticate your automobile in the capital city of Pakistan (Islamabad) by succeeding the below mentioned steps:

  • Visit the Play Store, download and install the application. It is only accessible in android mobiles
  • Get registered or sign in with the appropriate particulars
  • Insert the automobile number you need to authenticate
  • Dual tables will appears on the screen, similar as the Excise and Taxation website Islamabad, with the automobile particulars and the proprietor specifics.

Private applications

Numerous private designers have fashioned mobile apps that can aid you verify automobile registering in Islamabad accessibly. Though, as maximum of these have not been legitimately permitted by Department of Excise and Taxation or ICT, we recommend that you use them with attention.

Individual appointments

One more way to authenticate vehicle proprietorship is by visiting the office of Excise and Taxation. Working time for the sector are between (9-4 am-pm accordingly), and you can visit the locations with the appropriate papers or registering figure to check automobile registration in the capital city of Pakistan (Islamabad). 

The unit is situated in the interior of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Structure on Service Road E, near H 9/4, in Sector H-9, Islamabad. 


If you would like to verify motor vehicle registration in the capital city of Pakistan (Islamabad) via SMS, you may perhaps be disheartened. Though a facility had been introduced where you might send out the car registering number to 8521 in a text note to obtain all of the demanded particulars in moments, our investigation recommends that the procedure might encounter postponements or be unsympathetic at occasions. Though, if you are purchasing a vehicle that is recorded in ICT, there is no destruction in granting this rapid procedure an attempt prior to progressing in the direction of additional procedures.

These are the approaches via which anybody can authenticate their motor vehicle online in Islamabad (the capital of Pakistan). They are straightforward and take over only a limited moments to deliver you with all the necessary info to guarantee the motor vehicle is secure for usage and does not have any record you ought to be scared of. Consequently, forever become for sure to authenticate the motor vehicle prior to getting the buying for the reason that protection is at all times safer than remedy.


Particulars Acknowledged Through The Vehicle Verification Procedure

The particulars that you will obtain if you track one of the approaches mentioned overhead are as follows:

  • Registration Figure
  • Registration Date
  • Vehicle Type
  • Manufacturing Year
  • Vehicle Colour
  • Engine #
  • Framework #
  • Paid Token Taxes 
  • Name of Proprietor’s 

It is also significant to memo that afterward the issuing of the smart chip created NIC (National ID Card), Excise and Taxation also flung a chip grounded automobile registering card that currently substitutes the registration manuscript, which was specified to car proprietors for years. Therefore, do not overlook to acquire your smart automobile registering card allotted subsequently purchasing a vehicle in the capital of Pakistan (Islamabad), consequently that you have abundant proof of proprietorship for reselling purposes in future.


Checking Automobile Registering in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

There are 2 simplest ways over which you can verify automobile registering in Islamic Republic of Pakistan:

  1. Through Motor Transport Information Management System (MTMIS)
  2. Via SMS

Online automobile registration drafts in Islamic Republic of Pakistan can be effortlessly completed in Sindh, Punjab, Islamabad and NWFP. Administration is scheduling energies to inaugurate a parallel facility in Baluchistan.


Checking Automobiles Registration via SMS service

  • This is an offline structure over which you can discover particulars regarding the automobile by transferring a SMS. The charges deducted on sending the SMS is half rupee (50 paisa).
  • Verifying Vehicles Registration via SMS service in Punjab
  • Open the message application
  • Insert your automobile’s registration # 
  • Send to “8785”
  • You will acquire the subsequent particulars regarding the vehicle you desired to query regarding: Engine #, Paid tokens, Chassis #, Registration date and name of the Proprietor’s.
In NWFP or Sindh, there is no SMS facility accessible to confirm vehicle registration. And the checking the registration process via SMS in Islamabad is already discussed above.

Checking online the Vehicle Registration in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

There are four sites existing to aid you check vehicle registration in Islamic Republic of Pakistan:
  • MTMIS (Motor Transport Information Management System) Punjab
  • MTMIS (Motor Transport Information Management System) Sindh
  • MTMIS (Motor Transport Information Management System) KPK or NWFP
  • MTMIS (Motor Transport Information Management System) Islamabad

MTMIS (Motor Transport Information Management System) Punjab

  • Open a browser 
  • Paste the succeeding link to authenticate vehicle’s details:
  • A new page appears on the screen, Insert the automobile’s # in uppercase letters
  • Note that in Punjab there are dissimilar categories of number plates being used. Insert the # in the specified case as stated. Insert the # accordingly.
  • Validate yourself via the captcha authentication scheme and clack on the Search. You will acquire comprehensive particulars in contradiction of the automobile number you just inserted. The vehicles particulars would be as shadows: 
  • Owner’s particulars (name, parents name, city) 
  • Up-to-date imbursement particulars if any
  • Car particulars (manufacturing date, chassis #, date of registration, engine#, model, vehicle Colour) 
  • You will also get the vehicle application tracking details 

MTMIS (Motor Transport Information Management System) Sindh

  • Open a browser 
  • Paste the succeeding link to authenticate vehicle’s details  
  • Dual groups will appear that includes (two and four wheeler). Just select the vehicle type
  • Insert the registration figure as specified on the plate 
  • Select the search 
  • Following results will be fetched:
  • Registration #
  • Date of Registration 
  • Engine #
  • Type of Vehicle
  • Model 
  • Seating capability
  • Horse supremacy
  • Tax imbursement
  • Name of Proprietor’s 
  • Nonviolent protection
  • CPLC
  • Vehicle Class
  • Comments/Remarks  

MTMIS (Motor Transport Information Management System) KPK

  • Open a browser 
  • Paste the succeeding link to authenticate vehicle’s details 
  • Insert your district, vehicle registration # 
  • You will acquire the succeeding outcomes
  • Registration #
  • Model
  • Vehicle type
  • Chassis #
  • Engine #
  • Vehicle Colour
  • Proprietor’s name
  • Name of Father/Spouse 

MTMIS (Motor Transport Information Management System) Islamabad

  • Visit the official website of Excise and Taxation Department, Islamabad 
  • Select Vehicle Registration option
  • Insert registration #  in the identical arrangement as stated on the plate
  • Also insert date of registration. 
  • Select search to get the appropriate outcomes
  • You will acquire the subsequent particulars:
  • Registration #
  • Type of Vehicle
  • Body of Vehicle
  • Year of Manufacturing 
  • Chassis #
  • Engine #
  • Colour of Vehicle 
  • Capacity of Engine 
  • Name of Proprietor’s
  • Total paid Tax 
  • Automobile position
That’s all Guys, If you have any queries regarding this you can question underneath in the comment section.
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