In this article we will give you best Watsapp alternatives With complete Details.

The terms of the whatsapp user agreement renewed by facebook will be mandatory on February 8. This new contract, including sharing user data with facebook, has caused users to view apps that send alternative messages.

Whatsapp has a lot of options, and if you want to find out and try some of them today, we’re going to see the best choices and analyze them a bit so you can decide whether any of them is going to have a chance, but it’s true that most people don’t have a significant number of users yet, but over time, all we’re known for is real competition with a white phone with a green background of zucberg company.

The most commonly used message in the world is the Whatsapp application, practically leaders in all countries, but it is not the only one. Today we Will show you some best alternative messaging applications on whatsapp, if you want to get away from the giant and choose the Best Application. Those who use the other applications say that it does not fall as much as WhatsApp, which usually does it with some frequency. Perhaps it is because of the millions of people who use it daily. Be that as it may, if you want to try something else, we recommend a few that may be good options.

If you’re going to send messages through your smartphone, you will definitely do so through whatsapp. Today, the most downloaded instant messaging application is not the only option we have, because it’s neither the best nor the one that gives you more options.


List of Best WhatsApp alternatives in 2023 That Save Your Privacy

These are some best alternatives messaging applications to WhatsApp.




One of the Best alternative messaging applications to WhatsApp is Signal, which only offers the possibility of sending messages. It is basic, but very safe, experts say that more than Telegram. It can not take screenshots and send messages that can be read automatically erase the being.

Signal is one of the most secure app because it uses an advanced open source protocol with end-to-end encryption to keep your chats private. With this application you will not be able to configure privacy since it is the hallmark and the maximum of Signal. It is very similar to WhatsApp, although with a different interface, and in terms of security it is equivalent to Telegram , in short, you have in an application the simplicity of one and the security of another. However its biggest problem is that not many people enjoy it on a regular basis.

However, it has a very clear image and good quality sound, and even if you have very little space, the messages are easily accessible, you can configure the automatic deletion of your messages when you set it.


2.Bip App



If privacy is your biggest concern with this application you have it solved, since no one will be able to see the messages on your screen if you do not click on the gray bar that is displayed on the screen. That is, if you receive a message, you will see a gray bar and not letters or the other person’s message, you must click on the screen and on that bar to be able to read the message.

While you can send and receive messages, voice calls, photos, videos, documents, voice messages, and locations, you can use bip for both the mobile and the web, even if your phone is turned off. Thanks for its social convenience, you can interact with thousands of people without showing Numbers. Besides, there are many popular services from entertainment to health, you can use your funny message, free calling, group chat, for all languages translated. Like whatsapp, you can send 10 people a single keystroke with location, photo, bip, video and emergency cases. 




It is the best known alternative, and also the most used . The best thing that it offers without a doubt is its high security, so much so that in some countries it has been banned because not even the government could access user messages. It also has a desktop application. With each fall of WhatsApp, Telegram gains some million new users.


WhatsApp replacement” is, of course, Telegram. The messenger is distinguished by an incredibly simple and user-friendly interface, advanced security standards and the integrity of its creator, who seems to be ready to devote his whole life to ensuring the privacy of users. But the main feature of Telegram is that now it is a new generation social network, becoming not only a tool for communication, but also a platform for blogging, where everyone is free to explian their opinion.

In fact, whatsapp is a competitive application telegram, increasing the number of users by multiple times. The facebook family benefited from the latest failure of this application because the skeptics and people who didn’t know it had the opportunity to use it.




It has the same functions as WhatsApp, for example sending multimedia content, audio messages or making calls. It can be used on any smartphone and also on the computer, and it already has more than 300 million users around the world.



This Chinese application is sweeping its country of origin and is beginning to do so in the rest of the world as well , as it offers very interesting features , such as using it as if it were Paypal, Slack or Tinder. It is the third social network with the most users in the world and can be installed on smartphones with any operating system.
You can also create chat rooms with 500 members and a lot of mini games to pass the time. The most notable option for this messaging application is that payments between users have been integrated into each other if we want to pay for gifts, dinner, or any reservations between different users.



Another popular messenger that can easily replace WhatsApp, especially if you are a resident of the post-Soviet space, where Viber is very popular. Choosing Viber, you are guaranteed not to lose contact with the vast majority of friends and family, who almost certainly use it along with WhatsApp. It is made so popular by its simple and straightforward design, the convenient function of voice calls, which is implemented even better than in Telegram, and, of course, the ability to use a real phone number from different countries of the world.



Without a doubt, skype is one of the best applications to guarantee that your chats are secret . Among its main security features is end-to-end encryption for all content that is sent and received, be it text, images, audios, video or geolocation data. To start using it, the user only has to choose a pseudonym. skype will not ask for your phone number or email to register. This application has a functionality that makes it unique: the user can chat with people who are physically close, even if they are not their contacts. That is if you can find a skype user, of course. Its main limitation, as with other apps , is the low number of users . Also, unlike WhatsApp and other alternatives, it does not allow making phone calls.



Another of the most popular alternative instant messaging applications to WhatsApp.It has less functionalities than Telegram stickers and animated gifs cannot be shared and there are no channels, for example, but in return it offers greater security.



It is still very little known in World, but it is similar to Signal in terms of security, they want it to be the largest possible. The conversations are encrypted and groups , you can not make screenshots and can also be configured to delete messages as the other person to read.



one of the safest private messaging apps. All messages, calls and video calls “travel” in an encrypted manner with very powerful encryption systems . One of the features that differentiates this software from other alternative chat applications to WhatsApp is that it allows video calls with up to 10 members. A good privacy practice is that it does not ask the user to share their contact list . Instead, it does require providing a phone number or email, so anonymity may be compromised.



This application is aimed at those who have a high need to prevent bystanders from seeing the messages they receive on their screen. It has end-to-end message encryption and does not require a contact list from the user. But its most appreciated feature is that the recipient of the messages can only see a few lines of the message at the same time , and also cannot view the text and the sender’s name at the same time. The same goes for photographs.
All this, together with the screen capture blocking system developed by Screen Shield, offers a broad guarantee of privacy to the user who wants their communications to be completely private.
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