Before we start the topic, the reader should know about hybrid technology.


What is Hybrid CAR

An engine other than the hybrid uses only fuel (patrol , diesel, gas) to run. The competition of fuel and filtered air burns in the cylinder and produces pressure , which pushes the piston, and through the connecting rod, move the gears  which are finally connected to the wheels. This occurs repeatedly and the car goes on.

Although many different experiments and methods have been tried to minimize the fuel consumption and to an extent the engineer’s succeeded too, in doing so. But how much small would  the consumption of the fuel be, it consumes the fuel.

 While in a Hybrid car the fuel engine is supported by an electric motor which runs with the help of charged battery. 

Although this technology needs to have further improvements. However, at the low speed there is reduced fuel consumption Moreover, it is a simple technology and require not much complicated mechanism as compared to the fuel engines. 

Car companies use different methods in there products to  increase the efficiency of engine. And in future, we hope, we will use this technology in a shape that would help a lot in saving the fuel, as well as to reduce the environmental pollution by reducing the amount of  carbon produced by the fuel engine.


Hybrid Technology in Pakistan

The Auto Policy 2016-2021 is a very good initiative of the Government, The Policy aimed to facilitates the public, New companies are stepping in.  According to the Policy, with 10% relief on duty new investors are invited in this sector. 

In Pakistan the prices of Patrol are increasing day by day. It is becoming harder for an individual to afford the expenses of fuel.



Honda Vezel is a a fine piece of the latest technology.




  • An engine of 1500 C featured with
  • Automatic transmission (CVT)
  • Speed upto 180 Km/h
  • With the average fuel of  consumption round about 20 Km/litter.
  • Earth Dreams Technology, by Honda Company. 
  • 7 Speed


Honda Vezel was introduced in 2013. A car with an attractive outlook. It is available in 3 different models , which are Honda Vezel G , Honda Vezel X and Honda Vezel Z. It is becoming the choice of people who love to experience the technology with comfortability.


Available in Pakistan in price ranging from  Rupees 32,00,000 to Rupees 35,00,000/-.





With a  powerful engine and beautiful interior Honda Fit is a best choice for Honda lovers.

Honda Fit competes Toyota Aqua.

With perfection of design and durability Honda Fit is having ,


  • 1.5 L Engine
  • Output Power of 114 HP
  • 4 speed CVT automatic transmission
  • Honda‚Äôs Earth Dreams Technology. 
  • 5 door and ACE body Structure.
  • 1500 CC Engine
  •  Automatic Transmission

Equipped with the latest features, Honda Fit is a perfect choice. With the help of Hybrid technology the fuel economy is maximized.

It is classified as,

1 Honda Fit L Package

2 Honda Fit Base Grade

3. Honda Fit S Package

4. Honda Fit F Package


Available in Pakistan in price ranging from  Rupees 15,00,000 to Rupees 33,00,000/-.






Toyota Aqua stands in the top most wanted brand of Toyota .

The best combination of modern technology in a charminh design.  With Hybrid Synergy Technology and EFI Toyota Aqua is a fuel economic brand.

The special features in Toyota are has written below

1. 4 Cylinder 

2. CVT Automatic  Transmission

3 VVT 1 Engine 

4. With 72 HP output

 5. 5 Door

6. Up to the speed of 180 Km /h

Toyota Aqua standa among the toppers of the most fuel efficient cars, with an average of upto 30 Km/liter.

The brand is being imported as used.


Following is the list of different version of Toyota Aqua,

1. Toyota Aqua X Urban

2. Toyota Aqua X Urban Solid

3. Toyota Aqua G

4. Toyota Aqua G LED

5. Toyota Aqua L

6. Toyota Aqua S



Because Toyota Aqua is a brand which is imported as used in Pakistan. However, with a perfect condition , it can cost you upto 28,00,000/- Rupees.






Toyota Corolla Axio Hybrid  Hybrid gives the best Hybrid experience.  Although, it is less known than the other brands in the local market, but with many valuable feature like


1. 5 Persons Seating Capacity

 2.  1500 CC Engine 

3.  Fuel Efficient ,with the average of  30 Km/liter. 

Toyota Corolla Axio Hybrid is most spacious car. Which provides  you with the experience of equal space to both the front and rear cabins. 



This brand is available within the range of 20,00,000/- to 30,00,000/- Rupees






Toyota Prius is a big demand in market of hybrid cars. With the latest features combined with comfortability in luxurious style, Toyota Prius is becoming the most famous brand and the top choice of the Hybrid car lovers.

Let’s have a look on the features of Toyota Prius,

1. 1800 CC Engine

2. 134 HP Out Put

3. Automatic Transmission

4. 2 Hybrid Motors 

5. EFI with Hybrid Synergy Technology.

6. ABS Breaks

7. Six Safety Airbags

8. Central Locking

All these features have made Toyota Prius a perfect car with  fuel efficiency and comfortable drive experience. Toyota Prius also offers the drive with complete road safety measures , providing 6 airbags installed. And has also provided the best system of central locking. All these features have made it a top priority .



Depending on the model and condition of the car , Price of Toyota Prius in Pakistan start from RS 15,00,000/-  to Rs 70,00,000/-.

You can visit




The world is entering the 21st century with latest technologies. New methods are  introduced every coming day. Newer technologies are replacing the older ones. Hybrid technology is an example that has become the priority technology for the future but it has to evolve more to the best.

Although, in Pakistan this technology is coming with lower speed, but it is welcomed by the Pakistani people , with day by day.  Increasing demand.

And we can see a magnificent future of Hybrid Technology in Pakistan with its features.

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