In this article we will tell you about
Limousine car price in Pakistan 2023 with all new model
specifications, its latest features and beautiful interior side

At the international level many Limousine cars were presented but the
eight-passenger super stretch limousine on the top and most significant
unit, this is an elite class car with all new model specifications. It so
expensive car which only affordable for some high-class community and rich
families who has royal personality living standers and who not only
purchase this expensive car but also manage this expensive car on Pakistan
roads. Many families take this car on rent for just marriage functions in
Pakistan.limousine car price

limousine price in pakistan

This beautiful limousine car was launched by America which are the world
biggest country and this car was developed in 1992. The name of Limousine
car was derived from French region name Limo. The brand ambassador LA
present this luxurious car and now Pakistan struggle to develop own
decorated latest model Limousine car.

limousine eight-passenge

If you are loving to know about latest expensive vehicles and Limousine car
price then this article will be very help for you. The all detail about
latest Limousine car price given below.


Latest Limousine car price 2023 – limousine price in pakistan

The average price of latest Limousine car 2023 is
about 3 crores to 5 crores (300,000,00 to 500,000,00). There is no
specified price range for upcoming latest model Limousine car. This can be
judged and depends on its model, condition and its shape. Some important
Limousine cars are imported in Pakistan.
This car is most gorgeous and attract all people’s attention when comes to
the road in Pakistan. When this car comes to road all people look this car
which can’t afford for buying this much expensive car. This is the most
expensive car in the history of Pakistan. Its look like an executive and
lush room when you enter in this car.
The latest model 2023 Limousine car comes in different dimensions with
different passenger variants. This car has 6 passenger, 8 passenger and 12
passenger variants. All these variants have different specifications and
interior design.
Here we will discuss about 8 passenger variant latest model. 8 passengers
are the perfect size for entertainment purpose and on corporate level. If
you want to luxurious travel with 8 people then this car is best and
allowing to travel 8 people in very comfortable way.
Before going onward to passenger 8 Limousine car 2023 specification and
detail, I would like tell you all detail about availability of Limousine car
in Pakistan.
As we discussed above very few people in Pakistan are able to bring this
luxurious car on Pakistan roads because this car is very expensive and very
hard to manage its size and dimensions. A common driver can’t drive this
car, a special trained driver need to drive this car. This car Limousine is
very expensive and long due to their size and wheels that’s why this car
also called wheelbase car. This car has all refreshment facilities and mush
space even you can lie down and take a rest in this car.
Now we will tell you about Limousine car 2023 interior and exterior design
with all picture and design.
Exterior design: Limousine car is very long in outer look due to
their size and long wheelbase. This car can’t walk on every road it needs a
wide space road at the turning point otherwise this car can be
Interior design: it looks like a comfortable room and all facilities
are available in this car like wash bason, cooking gas, dining table,
sitting seats and even with long laying seat.

Limousine car 2023 performance

Maximum speed

185 KM per hour

Power to weight ratio

80.76 PS/tonne (1000 kg)

59.4 kW/tonne (1000 kg)

79.65 bhp/tonne (1000 kg)

0.04 bhp/lb


8 to 10 people can travel

Power ratio

16.84 kg/ kw

28.12 Ib/ bhp


This car mostly taken on rent for marriage functions, wine tours, birthdays
celebrations, welcome for our loved from airport and many other


Limousine car specification 2023 – limousine car

Limousine car specifications 2023 given below.

Limousine Dimensions and Weights

Dimensions and Weights MM Inches
Length 5741 226
Width 1969 77.5
Height 1619 63.7
Kerb weight 2172 kg 4788 lb
fuel tank capacity 91 litres 20UkGal  [24] USGal
Ground clearance 177 7
Track/tread Rear 1473 58
Track/tread front 1473 58
Wheelbase 3582 141


Chassis Details
Drive wheels Rear wheel drive
Top gear Ratio 1
Final drive Ratio 3.54
Gearbox 3 speed automatic
Brakes F/R Di/Di-S
Rear suspension I.W.RA.CS.
Front suspension I.W.TrLi.CS.ARB.
Engine Layout longitudinal
Engine position Front
Engine Details
Engine type naturally aspirated petrol
Aspiration Normal
Engine coolant Water
Unitary capacity 705.83 cc
Fuel system 2 SU carbs
Brake Mean Effective Pressure 913.9 kPa (132.6 psi)
Crankshaft bearings 7
Valve gear double overhead camshaft
(DOHC) 2 valves per cylinder 12 valves
in total
Compression ratio 8:1
Specific torque (DIN) 72.73 Nm/litre 0.88 ft·lb/cu3
Maximum torque (DIN) 308 Nm (227 ft·lb) (31.4 kgm) at 3000 rpm
Specific output (DIN) 40.9 bhp/litre 0.67 bhp/cu in
Maximum power output (DIN) 175 PS (173 bhp) (129 kW) at 4750 rpm
Bore/stroke Ratio 0.87
Bore × Stroke 92.05 × 106 mm 3.62 × 4.17 in
Displacement 4235 cc (258.436 cu in)
Cylinders Straight 6
Compressor N/A
Conclusion :
In this article we give all detail about Limousine car 2023, and it’s the
complete and accurate information according our research. Limousine car
passenger 8 is the best luxurious variant so we give you all detail about
this and average detail of other passenger.
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