Leopard Courier Rates List In Pakistan 2023

Leopard Courier Rates

The many people of Pakistan are mostly using the courier service of Leopard for the purpose of sending their parcels through the one city to another city of Pakistan. The very simple problem that is found in all of the people of Pakistan is that every person wish to trace Leopard Courier charges rate list in Pakistan before they are communicate the Leopard Courier.

So in this part of article we are described that in which way Leopard measure courier rates and also tell you that where you can catch up the list of courier charges.

A local courier rate list is a crucial thing for every business in Pakistan, irrespective of its size or sector. The company’s drivers and attendants must make periodic rounds of the rates to be aware of what charges are applied to them by the carriers, who have a good reputation among customers.

The average charges for a domestic transportation from Lahore to Karachi vary depending on factors like, length of route, distance used, and time taken into account. A typical person traveling to Karachi may spend about $2,800 (US Dollars) from Lahore to Karachi if he takes as long as 20 hours each way. To cover such distances, different types of vehicles, including vans, trucks, and buses, are available. Carriers also offer services that allow the driver to pick up passengers. Some carriers even provide their own car to keep the expenses down. This article will discuss all these details that lead to the overall cost.

What Is Leopard’s Courier Charges List?

Leopard Courier service is providing their services in every city of Pakistan but the their rates list and endurance period of dispatch has been different according to the city. The price rate list may be difference when you are want to alternate the place or back up your product with the being other.

Leopard Courier rate list is accommodate the every city of Pakistan where you can want to send your Products in the Pakistan. With the help of this thing, there has been shown the entire list of your products that you can easily send to the Leopard company with your desired price limit

Rate List of Leopards Courier :

WeightLOCALSame ZoneOther Zone
Up to 500 gm140200280
Up to 1 Kg190260340
Each Add. 500 gm95130170

The most common form of conveyance is called “day-to-day”, which involves traveling in specified times between specific points. Many of these carriers have a variety of operating hours, or do not work at all. However, there is one airline that offers weekday hours so customers can travel during normal days and get their packages delivered on time without any hitch.

How To Recieve Leopards Courier Charges List?

If you want to get the Leopard Courier charges list then you can easily go to the particular store and you can request the customer care person for the company rate list. The worker will view the rate list of their company and with that’s list you can easily imagine that how many amount you have to give up for the shipment of your order. Adding, you can also check the rate list of Leopard company through their company website.

You just do the simple thing is that you to fulfill the all steps very carefully. The gadget of the company will gather all information from Leopard’s database and it will display the correct price that you will be given to the company for your product.

Elements That Impress The Price?

Now the full information is given here of the all of those elements on which Leopard Courier service target when it compose the amount of every order.

Density Of Product:

Leopard Courier service will alternate the price of the products regarding the density of that’s product. If your product is less in weight then you will be charge the small amount. And if your product is high in the weight then you will need to charge the big amount to the company.

Actually the main point of this is that the company has to store a very high space for the purpose of those products which are large in their weight. So if your product is larger in weight, you pay the big amount for your product as analyze that you charge less amount for your small weight products. Onward with this thing, the amount of the products may be light change with the structure of a product.

 Kinds Of Shipping And Distance:

The charges list of Leopard Courier service also alternate due to the type of shipment and also the other factor is distance which is count down among the sender and receiver. If you are sending your product within your city then you have to charged very less amount. First of all you should see out the charges list of the company as this thing will change extravagant when you want to send your products outside of the Pakistan.

In common, the reaching point among the different cities or the sending to the points of receiving will also bounce up the charges list of the company. If you are alternate the sender and receiver points then the company will charge you little bit high or less amount. You can easily use the online rate calculator of Leopard to check very fast for the changing in the price of products.

When buyer and drivers should search for the specific time that suits better for both the driver and delivery passenger. Other important features to look for in a carrier on a day-to-day basis are:

The first thing you can check before purchasing is their operating hours. You would probably like to know whether they have fixed dates for working or not. If the operation centers  will work Monday through Friday, then there is no need to worry because it is a weeknight center. Typically, some companies have overnight operations. Also, note which day is when these employees begin working and end when they finish their shifts.

The next characteristic feature is how many people they serve. Usually, on a day-to-day basis, if this is the case, they will be limited to around 12 or 13 people. Make sure to read the fine print to see whether these particular jobs require additional liability insurance or leave a portion of your money with them, but don’t pay them.

Lastly, make sure to confirm what the minimum wage is for the state where you reside. There is one of the best ways to avoid that happening is to compare the different types of carrier.

Another thing that you should consider before making a choice is the difference between a standard price to a flat rate. While standard prices mean slightly higher costs than flat rates, a standard price doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper than a flat rate. What exactly is quality? You have to check the quality of the price. An extra charge could help you save money.

For instance, take the example of a shipping company that offers free delivery for your order of groceries. They offer free delivery if the package has a weight of 10 kilograms, however they must also offer free delivery if they don’t have a weight and have a smaller than normal size package. Just make sure to check the terms of use beforehand to ensure that it’s only worth something like a thousand rupees ($250).


Leopard Courier service provides the less rates facilities of courier for their customers in the Pakistan as we analyze the courier charges with the other courier services companies. You can easily check out their price list with the help of different ways that are given above. With these methods you can receive a suggestion that you  how much amount give the company for the purpose of sending product from one city to another city in the Pakistan.

Leopard Courier service also provides the facility of cash on delivery services for you that you can avail these services anytime when you have any suggestion for the courier charges.

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