Lebera Internet Offer Packages?


Like every network, Lebera users are always on the lookout for updates and the best data plans because Lebera has become the best network and its existing users are enough because the way the world is evolving As the IT sector has also developed modernly, if this sector does not develop then the world cannot develop because if your network is the best then people will move towards your network and like you which Your business will grow and the business of people around the world can generate good sources of income if you don’t have a good network.

So you can’t work on them. With the best internet you can do your job easily by choosing a good network and on this decision we will provide you with the best package of lebera which you can provide Provides for our customers which includes one month package and three month package and one week and daily package which allows people to easily install internet package and make their work easier. We will share below all the packages which will be of great benefit to you but before that we will share some of the features of Libra in detail with you people which will increase your knowledge.


We will provide you with a complete guideline of all internet packages and data plants with Libra information. Libra has a lot of data plants that are categorized according to the needs and capabilities of their customers. Some of the best bundled data. And there are data notes. We have provided below all the packages for fire facilities so that people can easily choose the best package and call all the new Labor Mobile Saudi Arabia network customers with equal plan with Lebera. 

There is minimal effort to use and applicable while appreciating to do. This allows users to run the best internet while users are in their network or in most areas. Speed ​​up their work and every mom just starts SAR two. Choose the one that makes you the best. And now you can do as many times as you want on the mobile net. The result of work from mobile is fast and the delivery of added information is credited to your information account with the re-establishment of the time frame of legitimacy. And at the point when you eat up the majority of your information account, no more Whats tiles on the web expiration date. But he can do nothing.

This allows mobile users to use their best network and attach good packages to Libra and also attribute its innovative use to their account or internet which will benefit their business. When your network has good speed people will promote your business so Labor is providing good internet packages to choose good network which you can provide internet at good rate.And you can put good packages on your mobile using it, so it is important that whenever you promote any network, first check its packages, then jail it. Choose so it is important that whenever you choose a package, you must read its guideline, it will only benefit you.


Labor is a UK based company providing high quality telecom services in different countries of the world. This company has established its good quality in just a few years. Now you can promote any company here if you build it. There are many reasons why you need to improve so this company has also improved its packages and internet facility by working to a higher standard in different countries and is offering its services to the people and Due to its high quality voice and uninterrupted internet services, it is considered as the number one telecom in KSA.

 That is why when you provide good packages and good network speed, then you Is appreciated. And just as the field has evolved, so too has the idea of ​​how you can speed up your work when you don’t choose a good internet network. If you want to progress in the job, you need to be fast and maintain your quality, so you should promote good packages. 

When there is speed in your network or there is some problem in your network, then you people That’s why Libra is providing you with good packages and good speed.Through which you can perform your work to the highest standard and this is a British company that paid for it and chose the best internet packages that we are going to share with you. People will benefit a lot but before that you will need to read all of them which you will be able to know about Libra’s internet packages. Share with people to find out the quantity and price of library packages. 

Here I am with you guys Lebera SA Network Saver Bundles are also very popular. These internet bundles bring internet to the users and with the Subscribe Code.I have been sharing all the data net saver check your favorite data bundles. You can subscribe to it as you like and all the internet packages are as follows which will help you in installing the package.


Lebera Net Saver Bundles for 3 Months & 1 Month & 1 Week?

We are sharing with you here three months which we also call 90 days in common parlance and one month and another daily wage bundle with you so that you can easily subscribe to your internet packages by choosing them. The following are all those packages.


Lebara Data Net Saver 100GB?

Libra provides GB to send them over the network so that Libra users can easily download their stuff and speed up their work while providing their best speed. This is a three-month package that allows people to download HD content and fulfill their hobbies. This is a three-month package that is reviewed for three months and is under subscription and can be easily used if you are a mom. If you use 30 GB then you can easily get 100 MB standby so that you can easily spend your money on these packages. Here are the details of these packages.


1. Price:

330 SAR

2. Data:100GB

3. Validity: 90 Days

4. Activation & Deactivation Dial: 77701000#


Lebara Data Net Saver 50GB?

This data plan is also valid for you for three months. Users get a lot of data volume for surfing and downloading without any hindrance so they can use it for even the best details Maybe because it has 50 GB of internet for which it can succeed in what it is which can reduce its usage every month even if you people use 10 to 15 GB and good You can also use Speed ​​and all the details of this package are below.


1. Price: 260 SAR

2. Data: 50GB

3. Validity: 90 Days

4. Activation & Deactivation Dial: 77750000#


Lebara Data Net Saver 20GB?

Libra also offers financial offers for its customers so that people can choose cheap internet and also get good GB which helps them to complete this package for three months. I provide 20 gb Libra which users are not interested in downloading these things as much as they can choose this package because it contains 20 gb if you just read some kind of saints from the internet like this The Internet will be of great use to you and all the details are below.


1. Price: 189 SAR

2. Data: 20GB

3. Validity: 90 Days

4. Activation/Deactivation Dial:77720000#


Lebara Data Net Saver 10GB (90 Days)?

Libra Forge brings this offer to the customers who have network connection. The users are very satisfied. It has three months. They can easily use ten GB internet. It has army speed and excellent speed. If you have your own work leader you use the internet then this internet may be the best for you because if you use two to three gb then ten gb is enough for you guys And the full details are what we are providing you.


1. Price 110 SAR

2. Data 10GB

3. Validity: 90 Days

4. Activation & Deactivation Dial: 77710000#


Lebara Data Net Saver 10GB (30 Days)?

Libra offers this internet to its customers. It has paradise and 30 days and within 30 days you can choose this internet at your planned and financial cost as it will be useful for that day. For ten GB if he can complete ten GB in his work then he can choose this internet he can choose it again by going down all the details because if you use it everyday Then it will be enough for you.


1. Price: 95 SAR

2. Data: 10GB

3. Validity: 30 Days

4. Activation & Deactivation Dial: 77710240#


Lebara Data Net Saver 3GB?

Libra also offers 3gp internet for its users and you can choose the internet for light download. It is the best network for light browsing that brings a lot of data volume and also choose this internet for you. Considering its visibility as it also offers 3GB internet and it provides its users for one month you can choose to use it internet for your work use.


1. Price:45 SAR

2. Data:3GB

3. Validity: 30 Days

4. Activation & Deactivation Dial: 7772000#


Lebara Data Net Saver 1.5GB?

It brings one and a half GP for its users and this internet also has a validity of three months. Yes, but it can be used by you. For a small user for a month, it will be best for you. After this holiday, we are sharing it with you.


1. Price: 25 SAR

2. Data: 1.5GB

3. Validity:30 Days

4. Activation & Deactivation Dial: 7771000#


Lebara Data Net Saver 300MB?

Libra brings 300 MB for a week to its customers. With a limited data volume for a week, this plan is also offering you people. It is an incredibly affordable offer for customers. Details are provided below. If you use this internet for one week for small use, you can also choose 300 MB.


1. Price: 9 SAR

2. Data: 300MB

3. Validity: 7 Days

4. Activation & Deactivation Dial: 777200#


Lebara Data Net Saver 100MB?

This data plan is sufficient for browsing and brings MB. You can best manage usage from email and it has all the details.


1. Price: 5 SAR

2. Data: 100MB

3. Validity: 7 Days

4. Activation & Deactivation Dial:  777080#


Lebara Weekly Bundle?

It also brings its customers a weekly offer wisely and on a case basis. It is available at an incredibly low price and the details of the purchase method and price we are sharing below with you guys include ten GB internet. Happens and offers you people at a low rate and you can choose it for seven days.


1. Price: 29 SAR

2. Data: 10GB

3. Validity: 7 Days

4. Activation & Deactivation Dial: 666010#


Lebara Mobile Internet Packages Subscription &  Text & USSD Codes?


1. Package  Name: Lebara 1GB Data Plan & Subscribtion Code: Send WEB1GB to 38885

2. Package  Name: Lebara 500 MB Data Plan  Subscribtion Code: Send WEB500 on 38885

3. Package  Name: Lebara 200 MB Data Plan Subscribtion Code: WEB200 on 38885

4. Package  Name: Lebara Mobile Net Saver 30MB Subscribtion Code: Dial 777030#

5. Package  Name: Lebara Mobile Net Saver 100MB Subscribtion Code: Dial 777080#

6. Package  Name: Lebara Mobile Net Saver 300MB Subscribtion Code: Dial 777200#

7. Package  Name: Lebara Mobile Net Saver 750 MB Subscribtion Code: Dial 777700#

8. Package  Name: Lebara Mobile Net Saver 1.5 GB Subscribtion Code: Dial 7771000#

9. Package  Name: Lebara Mobile Net Saver 3 GB Subscribtion Code: Dial 7772000#

10. Package  Name: Lebara Mobile Net Saver 5 GB Subscribtion Code: Dial 7775000#

11. Package  Name: Lebara Mobile Net Saver 10 GB Subscribtion Code: Dial 77710000#

12. Package  Name: Lebara Mobile Net Saver 20 GB Subscribtion Code: Dial 77720000#


What Is The Lebara KSA Customer Care The Number?

Labor in Saudi Arabia always provides you with everything on the internet to serve you and you do not have its customer service to serve you and you can call them on their fee number. If you want to get in touch we provide you with their number so that you can choose anything by directing them.057 600 1755


How Do Manage My Lebara account?

Far from providing a bad one for your dear customers to manage your account. All you have to do is download the Labor app to your mobile phone and prioritize them when you have your account in it. Once created, you can also install the package through the account and check all the details clearly by creating an account within the mobile app.


How To The Top Up Lebara Number?

It also provides an easy way for users to charge their account. If you have purchased a card, you will have to screen 111 and enter the number * code at the beginning and at the end you will find the number # on that button. There will be no heat then you will press the call button and your card will be activated and your account will be recharged and you can dial * 000 # on your mobile to top up your number. Will display your top number in front of you and then you will select option one.


Can I Select Desired Language In The Lebara KSA SIM?

You can also select and choose your desired language on Libra in a few seconds. If you want to do this you will need to go to your phone’s settings and tap on General. Will and will click on the device language button and then select the language will be with you for quite a while now should choose the language of your choice can now to save the setting Will click


How To The Check My Lebara KSA Number?

You users can also check your labor number in a few seconds. All you need to do is dial * 000 # and your number will appear on your phone screen so that you can easily check your number. Through this code


Lebara KSA Terms & Conditions?

You can make a successful purchase of your net saver with as many mobile net savers as you like and data services are available in it. If you are using all your data accounts then more mobile internet can be used. The lion is listening to the terms and conditions on their behalf. If you follow all these things keeping them in mind, you will benefit, so to choose any thing, check all its things and then their Make a choice



Labor is a British company and it has spread its network in different countries and people are now increasingly choosing this network as well. It has a large number of users in Saudi Arabia who can easily access its internet packages. By subscribing to it and running Libra is an excellent internet. We have provided you with all the bad packages that they have provided in two thousand. You can check these packages and you can buy them. You can choose and you can run the Internet through these packages.Thanks.

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