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The government of Pakistan is launching another new project called Kisan Card. The purpose of this card, according to the Prime Minister’s Office, “is an effort to provide a comprehensive solution for all stakeholders including farmers and traders in agriculture produce.” They want it to be easy for everyone involved with agricultural practices so that they can have access to food security. This would also make sure there are no issues when transporting or storing farm products like grains, fruits, and vegetables through various markets across the country.

Numerous farmers in Pakistan are still unaware of the benefits of having a Kisan card. Issued by the Federal government, this card offers numerous privileges to farmers, including subsidized fertilizer and agricultural loans. In order to encourage registration, the Federal government has now made online registration possible. This article provides instructions on how to register for a Kisan card online.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has promised to distribute Kisan cards in Punjab soon. This is a system where the government gives subsidies or other financial benefits to farmers and low-income households with small landholdings. The card will be used as identification to get them access these services from banks, post offices, irrigation departments and livestock markets across the country which are currently being implemented by various provincial governments like Sindh that also have this card for their provinces.

He said that this card will help in managing direct cash transfers, with which they can buy various agricultural inputs like fertilizers and seeds as well as food items at a subsidized price. The government has allocated funds for the project of Rs 5 billion. This would be enough until 2020-21 fiscal year when it is expected that Pakistan’s economy will start getting better because of increased foreign investment and trade deals signed by PM Imran Khan during his recent visit to China.

The Ehsas Program is a social assistance program for the underprivileged which aims to provide them with financial security. The Government of Pakistan has started work on this project in order to reduce poverty rates and improve quality of life.

Ehsaas labor program is a part of the Ehsaas project and it provides employment to those in need. The Ehsaas Labor Program promotes vocational training by providing them with skills, work experience, and increased earning potential.

It also helps people who are unemployed or underemployed regain their former economic stability through acquiring new skills that would enhance their capacity for future success as well as increase self-sufficiency via basic income which will be given to all participants in order to meet living expenses during the period when they are not employed, this includes subsistence level food items such as rice, wheat flour (atta), sugar etc. clothing needs including shoes and clothes for children up until appropriate age group along with other consumables based on culture norms like soap etc. necessary medical care such at health check-ups every six months according to schedule provided by Ehsass Medical Services Provider Partner support include regular meetings where there will provide psychological counseling sessions related problems faced by participant’s family members relating issues.

The program provides cash payments, food rations, housing subsidies and other necessities for low-income households that are often unable or unwilling to find employment due to physical disability or old age. With the help of these services provided by the Pakistani government, many people will be able see improvement in their lives through better access at education as well as medical treatment facilities among others available provisions offered by this initiative.

The aforementioned schemes have been invaluable for the people. These initiatives are in place to ensure that everyone, irrespective of their economic background is able to achieve their goals and aspirations. In order to create an egalitarian society where there is no discrimination based on class or caste system, these government-sponsored programs were introduced under Imran Khan’s tenure as Prime Minister.

Additionally, this also shows how much he cares about his people because without a good leader who understands its citizens’ needs and wants – progress will be impossible. This initiative has gained a lot of traction with voters due to such efforts by PM Imran Khan’s administration; which led him becoming elected as Pakistan’s prime minister again after 2013 elections.Furthermore, it should not come as too big surprise because before coming into power – he was most famous for being one of world cricket captain from 1992-1996.

 The Kisan card is a voluntary membership organisation, set up in 1972 by the Unnayan and other backward farmers of India to benefit from their collective purchasing power through trade unions and cooperatives to make them self sufficient in food resources. The scheme is an amalgamation between the National Cadre for Food Production and Distribution (NCFFD) and the Civil Supplies and Distributors’ Organisation. Initially called the ‘Kisan Credit Insurance Fund’, it was renamed as the Central Farm Security Organisation on March 4, 1977. It has now evolved into the largest cooperative credit institution in India. This includes several sections like agrarian lending, loans, insurance, credit services (to farm labourers), and so on. There are nearly 12,000 members in this cooperative. In total there are almost 100 banks participating in the cooperative, which has about 400 branches spread across 20 states. About 40% of the amount that is credited has to be paid back. The majority of the funds go towards agricultural production and distribution. A large number of the funds that go into farming have been invested in mechanisation in order to increase efficiency and cost control. Now with more than 50 per cent of the funds coming to agriculture being returned to customers; the industry now aims at achieving this goal.

How to Apply For Kisan Card Online?

In this article I will discuss how to enrol for a kisan card. With the support of some organisations you can easily enroll yourself for free in a scheme like the one listed below. Also, if you want to see more information on the Kisan card please refer your question or concern to us on our website at: So how do you get registered?

  • First, you need to apply for registration by visiting
  • Those who wish to register for the kisan card must first confirm that they wish to contribute to the cooperative, then take a test on the application.
  • After successful completion, you can register yourself using the link provided on the application form and submit all documents as required.
  • Once completed, you can register or withdraw your consent to further participation to receive funds in the bank account with minimum payment required.
  • You can also withdraw your consent without any withdrawal charge from the bank.

For registering for the Kisan card online visit here. If there is no information on the web, we will direct you to our portal. As mentioned above, the registration process may take some time. We have recorded the registration window on our site for our subscribers only. All other participants must keep refreshing the page continuously until registration is complete.

Apply Online For Kisan Card

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