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Eijiro Kirisheijiro Kirishima


Eijiro Kirishima came out as a timid and self-conscious boy. This is because his classmates in junior high being more outgoing and lively than him. On the basis of his personality and look, the Kirishima became self-conscious. When he was unable to stand up to someone threatening his fellow students, his self-image got worsened. Just after seeing an interview with the hero Crimson Riot, he immediately turned his life around. Crimson Riot used incredible and awesome words for Kirishima. The Kirishima was very inspired by Crimson’s words. According to Crimson’s point of view, the Kirishima is a hero like his idol.


Getting a new hairstyle, he enrolled in U.A High, which was considered the best school in Japan. Just for to follow in the Crimson Riot’s footsteps under the hero name Red Riot.

Power and abilities:


He liked to harden the body parts due to a variety of benefits. To harden body parts become sharp and jagged. Also, the hardening increases the strength, power, and durability of the body. Soon he made his body tight and strong. Kirishima’s body became resistant to heat, shock waves, and physical strikes. Depending upon his need, he can gain the strength and resistance of his hardened skin for a little amount of time.

Red Counter:

Kirishima just hardened himself to overcome the attack before countering a strong punch.

Red Gauntlet:

Kirishima chased the opponents, so his hardened body prevented himself from attacks, before hitting with a single punch.

Alternate forms:

Red Right Unbreakable: kirishima developed its body to a certain or absolute extent, which became stronger to the level of resemblance to a monster. At this point, the Eijiro is invincible to almost all types of bodily harm and can return to its original or integral form if the hardened form is broken. So this condition lasts for thirty to forty seconds.



1- To punch apart metal robots.

2- Fought Tetsutetsu, who can easily turn his body into solid steel, to draw.

3- Beat Tetsutetsu into manual wrestling.

4- Able to destroy concrete and solid rock.

5- His fingers are made via solid cement.

6- Dug via tons of scrap metal by his strong hands.

7- Able to break various metal blades.


1- Can out speed Bakugo.

2- Face Mimic’s sneak attacks.


1- Unfazed by a huge crowd of people pushing at him.

2- Shrugged off Bakugou’s explosion.

3- A sword tears on his body.

4- Survived a huge robot falling on him.

5- Tool various punches by Tetsutetsu.

6- Took a punch to the crown by the fourth type.

7- Survived being tossed off a cliff.

8- Was deteriorated via a concrete wall and everything was ok.

9- At training field, got caught in a Shockwave and was fine.


1- Fought on par with Bakugou.

2- Fought Tetsutetsu to a draw.

3- Trained by the fourth type.


1- Rehitting can wear down his hardening.

2- Battle style is pretty simple.

3- Unbreakable form has a time limit.

4- How to deteriorate it can take after Unbreakable form.


Eijiro is a young healthy and muscular guy with an average height and a very promising physique for his early age. He has clear red eyes that are pointed inward and a little scar is present on to his right eye. He also has small eyebrows and well-pointed teeth. His hairs are long, which are dyed bright red and spiked away from his head at every angle with gel. Two more tufts spiked on either side of his forehead just as little horns. This strange style takes three minutes to set in this particular way.

When talking about middle school, during that time his hair was dull black and was in a natural state. Just like an under the shoulder-length with some shortened bangs between his eyes. He immediately changed it to his current style shortly after being accepted by U.A high.

During the early stage of school, he wears a U.A uniform with dark red shoes.

In his famous hero costume, he simply wears two dark red gear-shaped pads. A jagged sash connects the one on his left to the right side of his belt, which has red ‘R’ pointed into its center, raising for his hero name ‘Red Riot’. Just below he always likes to wear black baggy pants. He always wears dark red shoes and a variety of thick rings going toward his calves. He left his chest uncovered and wore a wired guard around his face, from the top of the hairline to the surface, from the jaw down, another piece going across the bridge of his nose, the crown around his mouth There are also some fragments that look like teeth. This entire look almost slightly relates to an Oni, which is called folklore, however, this was interesting and purposeful or has not been true.


Eijiro was an outgoing person with a lover of the concept of manliness. But after using the terms ‘manly’ and ‘unmanly’ to elaborate the things and people do not appreciate it respectively. Those who keep a showcase for noble, braved, and determining behavior seem to emotionally move to him to tears, immediately earning his entire admiration, popularity, and frankness.

Meanwhile, Eijiro himself is selfless and determined, bravely putting the safety manners of others before himself. He is also a huge fan of Crimson Riot, was a hero that he always takes big inspiration from, as personal values and his own brave name.

Eijiro is a very kind-hearted and honest person. He always thinks in straightforward ways and he follows the code of chivalry that always motivates him to live without taking pressure or regret. He has the ability to make friends which most people have encountered, particularly those people that show much passion. Loyalty is dedicated to his companion friends. Eijiro is willing to unfollow the laws and rules in order to help all helpless and save their life. He keeps a strong sense of care, sometimes being very hard on himself for any bad consequences that befall him. He always thinks that how to make further improvements in his own capabilities as well as strength.

Eijiro has made more than one start because he doesn’t think about the power of his hardness, thinking that it diminishes the brightness that is commonly found in pro-hero scenes. He also has a knack for hero work, so much so that his skills do not match those of other heroes. These suspicions seem to have come from antiquity in Junior High when Ajiro saw Mina Ashido. Eijiro’s companions told him that  Mina has abilities to easily become a hero due to her fantastic personality and athletic nature. After feeling this, Eijiro thought himself weak, boring and powerless. But big thanks to an old, recorded interview by featuring this idol. Eijiro was capable to get all perspectives, that he needed to gain. From these points, Eijiro started working and training.

He quickly decided to reinvent after being accepted by U.A High, adopting a tough and confident. But Eijiro may not be as hot-blooded, he does not hesitate from comparing himself to him.

Enhanced durability:

Without his Quirk, Eijiro has above-average durability. Kirishima’s view was that, although Eijiro blew up points through his heavy fight at the U.A. Sports Festival, it wasn’t just because of Eijiro’s armored skin. The entire situation has strongly proved the natural durability of Eijiro’s.

Indomitable will:

This is the most prominent feature of Eijiro’s die-hard chivalry. When talking about his middle school days, Eijiro was shy to mustered up his courage to face for others, he was too unconfident to do this. Fortunately, after watching the video of Crimson Riot, Eijiro re-evaluate himself and became a strong person, whose desire to aid helpless people, no matter how scared he may be. Eijiro’s spirits remained steadfast as he expressed his determination to save Kitsuki, who had been kidnapped by the Vilnius League, and announced that he would not stand by him or do anything about it.

His Quirk:

His quirk is called hardening. This grants him strength and power to further harden his body. His power has shown to be more than decent. This desire makes him more strong physically as well as mentally.

Self Esteem:

Eijiro appears to be an outgoing kid. Prior to joining the U.A High school, Kirishima has very low self-esteem, so he understood himself as a very weak and dull person. He thought that he has no ability to become a good and strong hero. However, on the basis of the efforts that he put in, Kirishima was strongly able to transform himself entirely and became the person we know he is today.

Relationship with Bakugo:

Being Bakugo katsuki’s classmate, Kirishima is someone Bakugo, considers a rival. Kirishima is the only well-known person in the class who can see Bakogo with equal eyes. Kirishima, who contributes this special relationship with him.

His weakness:

Kirishima’s Quirk him take a bad beating, the same thing is his weakness as well. Under the prohibition of attacks, Kirishima’s quirk gradually loses its effectiveness, especially when the attack was too strong. Hits with full power, the barrier was immediately broken through, and with the passage of time, the Quirk will start fading away.

In the entire procedure, the Eijiro Kirishima begins to lose his stamina, and finally, the Quirk is diminished.

The resistance offered by his Quirk:

His Quirk is very effective against most Villains. Hardening Quirk makes Kirishima resistant to heat-based attacks as, Todoroki’s flames and shock waves attacks.

This makes Kirishima’s harden to face most of the Villains, as Dabi who rely on heat-based capabilities.

With too much training, Kirishima developed resistance and get stronger in the procedure.

Red Riot Unbreakable:

After rigorously training, Kirishima has developed the strength of his Quirk to the next level which is called Red Riot Unbreakable. Initially, this form was shown during the Shie Hassaikai arc.

In this stage, his self-defense is boosted to a certain limit, making him impossible to deal with.

But, the downside of this power is that it can only be maintained for about 40 seconds, after which the form diminishes.

How tall is Eijiro Kirishima?

It is roughly estimated that Eijiro Kirishima’s height is 170 cm tall. That is 1.70 meters tall which is quite tall for a freshman fellow of his age. His enemy rival, Bakugo is only 2 cm taller than him.

EiEijiro Kirishima is a type of average height with somewhat remarkable constitution at a young age, simply because of its stiff muscles. He has red eyes with a little scar on his right eye.


Hopefully, you have learned lots of things from this. Here the main character is of the Eijiro Kirishima. He learnt lots of good things from his weakness. Ultimately, he showed himself as a strong, harden, and durable person. Most flammable things were ineffective while striking his body. The main lesson is, we should learn from our weaknesses and need to develop strong stamina. So that we will be able to face the difficult moments of life. If you think that our article is informative then must share it with your colleagues. Thank you for visiting our page.

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