KIA GRAND CARNIVAL car price in Pakistan 2023 with all features and specifications



In 2018 Pakistan Kia lucky motors launched their MPV grand carnival car which develop their name in many other countries in which United states, Saudia Arabia, Australia, Indonesia, India and some other countries are included. In 2019 Saudia and some other countries launched their Grand carnival with minor changes. In 2020 Pakistan KIA company also manufactured their Grand Carnival car and this was launched recently in 10 February 2021.  This car was beautiful and high space. It was 7seater family car in which 11 passengers are sitting capacity. It has two trims LX and EX, steering wheels, electrochromic review side mirrors, six air bags and many other features which we will discuss in the article with complete detail.


Kia carnival price in Pakistan

In this article we will give you information about KIA grand carnival car with its price, specifications and all other features related this vehicle.


Here we will give you information about 

• Models of Grand Carnival car

• price in Pakistan

• Features

• Specifications

• Competitors

• FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Further detail is given below


Models of Grand Carnival car

There are five different models of Grand Carnival car which are all available in Pakistan and which list ae given below

• Kia carnival grand EX

• Kia carnival Grand LX

• Kia grand Carnival

• Kia carnival GLS 

• Kia carnival GLS+




Price of Kia Grand carnival car 

The price of KIA carnival car depends on their model and their present condition. In 2023 the average price of KIA carnival car starts from 69 lac to 95 lacs (6900,000-9500,000) in Pakistani rupees and in dollars $43031-$5925. Here we will share the price of some carnival car with their models which are given as

  • KIA carnival grand EX = Rs.69,99,000
  • KIA carnival GLS = Rs. 86,99,000
  • KIA carnival GLS+ = Rs. 94,99,000
  • KIA grand carnival GLS= Rs.95,00,000

The latest model of Kia Grand carnival GLS car price in Pakistan was 95 lacs including tax and in dollars this price was $59,246. 


 Features of KIA Grand Carnival GLS car

There are many features in KIA Grand Carnival car which much better then previous models and these we will discuss in different terms like as

1. Exterior design

2. Interior design

3. Safety features

4. Colors


First, we explain exterior design of KIA Grand carnival then interior.



1.Exterior Design

If we talk about exterior design of KIA Grand Carnival car then it’s so beautiful and lush car rather it has many features which are given as


  • Smart power sliding doors
  • Dual sun roof
  • Auto light control
  • Rear wipers
  • Electrically adjustable and retractable outside mirror
  • Radiator Grills with matte chrome coated



Different types of LED lamps available in this vehicle in which

  • Head lamps
  • Position lamps
  • Dual LED projection lamps
  • Day time LED running lamps
  • Side repeater and outside mirror lamp
  • Fog lamp front + rear
  • High mounted stop LED lamps



2.Interior design

The interior design of KIA grand Carnival car was much comfortable and easy to use. Its front and back seats are covered with leather which provides a lot of comfort to their passengers. Its driving is best even if you drive this car in messy road you don’t feel any problem and drive peacefully. It has many other features in interior design which discussed below. 


  • Three rows of seats for 7 passengers.
  • Seating capacity available for 10 to 11 persons.
  • Big compartment at back for luggage
  • Sunroof for enlightening the cabin
  • Push start button
  • Air conditioning
  • Electrical power side mirror
  • Multi-function steering wheels
  • Six audio speaker system
  • Wireless smart phone charger
  • Automatic defog system
  • Rear AC vents



3.Safety features

KIA grand carnival has many safety features are included in which some major safety features are discussed here 

  • Parking distance warning
  • Rearview camera
  • Electronic stability control
  • 6 air bags
  • Blindspot detection
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Cup holders




KIA Grand Carnival car was present in three different colors which are

• White

• Black 

• Silver


Kia Specifications

 KIA Grand carnival car specifications are given below

  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Transmission type:8 speed automatic transmission
  • Engine displacement:3470
  • No of cylinders:4
  • Engine type: LMBDA 3.5




The major competitors of KIA Grand carnival car 2022-2023 was Toyota HiAce, 

  • Hyundai Grand Storax
  • MG Motors
  • Huawei
  • Innova Crista



In this article we give you detail about KIA Grand carnival car which manufactured in 2020 and launched at 10 Feb 2021. It was the most beautiful and lush car. this vehicle was very comfortable and useful for big and joint family. Hope so this information will be very beneficial and informative for you.

Please share this information with your family, friends and their loved ones so that they can be facilitate and up to knowledge. For any query, or need extra guidance, visit our website, leave a comment in comment box more ever you can contact us on our email address given below.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)


  • Q 1.What is the price of KIA Grand Carnival car in Pakistan 2021?
  • The price of Latest model of KIA Grand Carnival car in Pakistan 2021 was round about 95,00,000 including tax.
  • Q 2.Is KIA carnival available in 11-seater?
  • Kia carnival car was available in seven, eight and eleven seats.
  • Q 3.Which car is better KIA carnival or Innova Crista?
  • KIA carnival was greater comfort and airier than Innova |Crista.
  • Q 4.IS Kia carnival a SUV?
  • KIA carnival SUV are available in market with price of 25 lacs to 35 lacs.
  • Q 5.Is KIA carnival car being Luxury Car?
  • KIA Carnival car was the top of list in Luxuries car.

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