KFC Ramadan Deal 2023 with Latest Jazz Cash Offers

There are two types of KFC Pakistan Ramadan deals 2023. One is iftari and the other one’s sehri which you can avail yourself by calling their numbers or visiting this place during the month-long fasts in the summer season starting from June 22nd until July 21st according to the Gregorian calendar but we all know that the Urdu Writing system has no effect on anything so it will be very difficult for people who don’t know how to use these letters properly because they’re not only used for writing down dates/times etc., instead now everything must have an Arabic sound whenever someone says something.

This is not just a great opportunity to save some money but also an excellent way of showing your support for Ramzan.
The partners at Jazz Cash & KFC know how important it can be during these times when people are looking out after their health by eating healthy food items like chicken or other protein sources that will help them feel stronger during this fasting month where they don’t eat anything except water before dawn each day starting today until sunset tomorrow evening – so come get yours while supplies last!

This year, for the first time in the history of KFC Pakistan’s operation during Ramazan month there is a special deal. The company has introduced an all-you-can-eat fried chicken and subscribing to this service will be free! For more details about it just read below or go straight on over to our page where prices are shared along with other information like eligibility criteria which you need before taking advantage of such offers from your favorite fast food joint here.

KFC is excited to announce its Ramadan Deal for 2023! This year, we’re offering a delicious 3-piece Chickenmeal with 2 Regular Sides and a Drink for only Rs. 1,199 + taxes. With Jazz Cash, you can get an extra discount of 15% on your order! This offer is valid from Marach to April , 2023. So hurry in and enjoy a delicious KFC meal today!

KFC is back with its Ramadan Deal for 2023! This year, you can enjoy a which includes 8 pieces of Original Recipe chicken, 4 regular fries, 4 buns, and 2 dips for a cheap rate + taxes. JazzCash customers will also get a 10% discount on this deal. So hurry up and head to your nearest KFC outlet today! And don’t forget to use the code KFC2023 when you order through the KFC app. terms and conditions apply.

1st Deal (Nugg Mania)

The first and cheapest offer from KFC this Ramadan is a limited-time deal. Users can get six pieces of different varieties, as well as one free drink worth 275RS!

2nd Deal (Lollipop Chicken Wings)

The second offer comes in at 375 rupees. Buyers can get 6 pieces of different varieties, including Lollipop Chicken Wings- but only if they purchase a drink as well!

3rd Deal (Rs 390 Discount Offer)

The spices in our wings are just the beginning! We also have tangy masala, and salsa sprinkles. All are available at a fixed price of Rs 390 during Ramzan days so order any from above using your mobile now for an awesome deal.

The iftar deals are also valid during sehri! So, you can order those delicious meals by visiting their official website or calling the contact numbers. For other great offers available all year round just scroll down.

Rice and SpicePKR270
Krunch BurgerPKR195
Krunch Burger with DrinkPKR270
Krunch ComboPKR375
Krunch Chicken ComboPKR435
Chicken and ChipsPKR395
Chicken and RicePKR230
Zinger StackerPKR490
Mighty ZingerPKR595
1st Offer Salsa Sprinkled Wings
8 Pieces
2nd Offer Tangy Masala Wings
8 Pieces
3rd Offer (KFC Saucy Wings
Tangy Masala,
Buffalo Wings,
Thai sweet chili,
Rs 390

Final Big (Deal) Family + One Ramzan Deal

This is the ultimate family deal! Get 3 Zinger Burgers + 3 COB burgers, 1 rice, and spice biryani with an option of 2 olpers flavoured milk packs special drink or cake up cupcakes for only 1695/rupee.

It’s time to end this! The KFC special discount offer is ending soon, so if you want a great deal on your next purchase then it needs to be now. These deals aren’t permanent and can cancel anytime without any warning from them – which means we’ve got just enough left before the clock runs out Zion-style!!!

The best Ramadan deal is just waiting for you guys. You can now make your Iftar tasty and unforgettable by using the jazz cash QR code! Use this special offer from KFC’s own subsidiary, “Jazz,” today – there are some terms that apply so be sure not miss them out on here:

The duration of validity in days begins after suppliers receive confirmation regarding orders placed through our website or mobile app but before they manufacture products; however it cannot exceed 30th June 2023 inclusive (or wherever date specified) unless otherwise notified via email correspondence between ourselves at least 10 working days prior to the said deadline which.

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