Jazz VIP and Tag Call Offer

Get the most out of your next phone call with Mobilink’s new Call Tag Service! With this innovative service, you can have any number that suits you and still remain anonymous. It means that in order for the second party on your chat or video conversation be able to hear and respond properly you must use Call Tag so he will not know who is calling him from behind an anonymous face mask; also known as Masked Numbers!

Some companies offer a VIP call service for their most valued customers. What this means is that instead of waiting on hold like everyone else, you can get through to a customer service representative right away. This article will outline how the Jazz VIP call service works and what benefits it offers. So if you’re looking for a little bit of special treatment, keep reading!

The service user can set a temporary fake number or #NAME to make it look like they are calling from another phone. This will allow the friend on other end of line know that you’re not actually using your own personal number when dialing them, making sure no one knows where exactly we live!

When you’re tired of being tracked by your phone provider, change the number on file to a fake one. Now any calls received will go straight into voicemail and won’t show up as coming from an unknown source! This is perfect for those who want total privacy but still use their phones normally- just give out that special signal whenever someone calls in order to hide what really happens behind closed doors (no pun intended).

The James Bond service allows you to fake your number so that every second call receiving party will be received by the original #NAME. The best part is, no one knows who they’re talking with or where this mystery person could possibly belong!

Jazz Tag call subscribe code

Remember the days when you had to remember a phone remember the days when your emergency number was a piece of paper and you had to remember it? Technology has come so far. Now all your worries are gone because with this service, there is no need! Simply enter “Tag Name” into any mobile or desktop browser and get a unique tag for yourself. Once set up on social media platforms such as Facebook & Twitter too – people can find out more information about who they’re calling by looking at their Tag Line (or Lastname). So next time someone asks what number I’m from just tell him/her my name-Sana would be perfect.

How to Subscribe Jazz Call Tag Service

Package NameJazz Call Tag Service
Postpaid PriceRs. 24/Month
Prepaid PriceRs. 5.98/Week
Call PriceRs. 0.60/Min
How to ActiveDial *642#
to 6425

How to Unsubscribe Jazz Call Tag Service

This service is one of the best in the industry. To unsubscribe, all you need to do is type “UNSUB” and send it to 6425! The service will automatically be processed by this amazing company that provides top quality services at affordable prices with 24/7 support– they’ll even reply back if there’s anything else I can help out on while my account remains active through their automated system.

Package NameUnsubscribe Jazz call Tag Offer
Unsub CodeType Unsub Send it to  6425

How To Use Call Tag Number

In order to set a Call Tag, simply reply with the name or numbers associated with your desired tag e.g., if you want “Sana” as an available option for calling customers then respond using ‘Hello’ and binoculars (digits on keypad). OneTag can only have one number attached so make sure they’re choosing wisely!

You can set a Call Tag to identify yourself when placing calls so that you don’t have trouble with mistaken dialing. To do this, just reply “setting tag” or whichever word is associated with your desired name e.g if it’s ‘Sana’ then type sanasn7262 on keypad and press enter!

To ensure that no one else uses your tag number, subscribe to this service and dial 3-12 digits. Whenever you call on other numbers the receiver will see it’s only for them!

Jazz Vip Call Service Offer

VIP call service is a great way to get just the right people calling you. With this system, only those with your VIP Pin code can access and connect with you – so they know exactly what information or product they need before even dialing! For activation all users have do send “Status ON” in an email request or by entering *847# on their phone line; otherwise, any incoming calls will be routed automatically through the subscriber number

This is the best way to ensure that only your most important calls get through. With VIP, you can block unwanted numbers so they don’t distract from more urgent matters like business meetings or personal conversations with family members! You’ll be able to spend less time on hold while still maintaining complete control of who’s contacting whom at all times – why not give it a try?

How to Subscribe Jazz Vip call Service

Package NameJazz VIP Call Service
Subscription ChargesRs.6.28+tax/Week
PAYG ChargesRs.1 + tax/ DND request
Validity07 Days
How to SubscribeDial 8471# or Send ‘SUB’ to 847
Unsubscribe CodeDial 8474# or SMS ‘UNSUB’ to 847

Jazz VIP Service Unsubscribe Code

To unsubscribe, all you need to do is type “UNSUB” and send it to 847!

Package NameUnsubscribe Jazz VIP call Offer
Unsub CodeType Unsub Send it to 847

How to Use Jazz VIP Call Service?

Have you been missing receiving calls from friends and family? If so, there’s an easy way to get back in touch. Simply subscribe (via *847#) VIP Call Service for a low monthly fee that will allow your Personal Secretary take care of all those important messages!

With VIP Call Service, you can set up your own personal secretary to take care of all those important calls. Just subscribe and share the pin with friends or family members so they know how divert their conversations onto you when needed! *847# is also available for unsubscribing if too many people are using this service in one go – but don’t worry about being unnoticed because we’ve got something called “priority handling” which ensures that only 1 person will be interrupting during any given time slot period (whatever suits them best).

You can enable or disable Personal Secretary calls routing at any time as per your convenience via USSD * 847 #. For more information send “Help” to 847, and you may use whitelisting (to permit) & black listing features too in case of busy schedules- temporary enable DND mode if needed while on-call roster but just deactivating when available again!

You can use the *847# to enable or disable personal secretary calls anytime. For more information send “Help”, and you’ll find all of your options in this handy menu! You are able to whitelist numbers so they always get through even if it’s during busy times–or blacklist them for when things go quiet again on a regular basis – until then DND will be enabled temporarily which means no one may call unless they have access code but don’t worry as soon as there is time available everything goes back normal including answering messages from people trying desperately (and unsuccessfully) reach out.


Jazz VIP Call Service is a call service that offers customers the opportunity to speak with experts in various fields. They offer packages for every budget and cater their services to fit your needs. Contact them today if you would like more information on any of their products or services!

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