If you are a Jazz Balance customer and are wondering how to save your code for 4g mobile phones, this article is for you. This code will help you keep track of your data usage and stay within your monthly limit. By using the code, you’ll be able to get the most out of your data plan and avoid overage charges.

Today in this article we are going to talking about jazz balance lock code 2023 do you want to save your balance Keeping your communication needs in mind, Jazz has come up with another innovative service, Jazz Doosra Balance.

You have all been sharing your balance with friends, optimizing mobile spend and utilizing Jazz Advance when you have been tight on budgets, but if you ever think about having an account where you can save your balance for times when you need it the most, Jazz Doosra Balance is your ultimate solution. Now you can have a virtual account along with your main balance account to save or retrieve your balance whenever you need it. This also means that you can keep your mobile balance safe and prevent anyone from misusing it. jazz secret balance code follows simple and easy steps:

Jazz Balance Save Code

If you want to save your balance while using the internet, it is very easy to save your balance with Jazz. Network code by network users to protect balance whenever you want. This is a service provided by the Jazz data network in Pakistan. We are sharing with you three different ways to save your Jazz Mobilink Warid SIM. If you want to save your balance while using internet data. Just follow all the steps below.

How you can Save Your Jazz balance while using internet data?

As a Jazz customer, you may be concerned about using up your balance while you’re browsing the internet. However, there are a few ways that you can save your balance while you’re online.

Jazz Balance has an easy-to-use savings code * 275 #. If you forget to turn off your data service, this simple trick will save plenty of money!

  • First of all Open Dialer on your Phone
  • Now You Dial *275# from your Phone to Subscribe to Jazz Balance save service.
  • After the show, a popup notification on your screen subscribes to your balance saver offer.
  • Now you Can use the internet data without any tension.

Package NameJazz Balance Save
PriceStandard Charges applied on this bundle
Save Detailsyou can lock balance through code and use internet data.
How to SubscribeDial *275#

How to Unsubscribe Jazz Balance Save Offer?

If you have subscribed to the Jazz Balance Save Offer and want to unsubscribe it, here are the instructions for you:

Just Dial *275*4# from your Phone to unsubscribe from Jazz Balance Saving Service.

Package NameUnsubscribe Jazz Balance Save
How to DeactivateDial *275*4#

Second Method Jazz Doosra Save Balance Account Code

Here’s another way you can save your balance. This service is known as the balance of service and work differently. This creates a balance in your account jazz SIM and your balance is transferred to this account. Thus, the account balance will be secured and locked.

How to Lock Jazz Balance?

  • Dial *869# from your Phone to Subscribe to Jazz Doosra Balance Service.
  • You have now received an SMS to subscribe to your offer.
  • After re-open the dialer and dial * 869 #
  • Now there is a show menu on your phone screen.
  • You select 1 option. Now you press 1 and enter your amount.
  • Inside the virtual account and follow the menu to move out and check Balance Balance Balance for the second (virtual account).

jazz balance save code

How To Withdraw Your Balance From Doosra balance account?

If you want to get your savings back, follow these simple steps to get your balance back. 

  • Open your phone dialer and dial * 869 # from your Jazz Warid SIM.
  • After selecting the 2-second option: Click the “Send Raqam Nikalin” button.
  • Now take back your Jazz Warid balance.

How to deactivate /unsubscribe Jazz balance Lock Offer?

Dial * 869 # to access the service menu and press 3 to subscribe to the service. Once the user subscribes to the service, his second balance will be transferred to the central account after deducting the recovery charges of Rs. 12.2.Tax

Service Charges:

  • There are no subscription charges for the service.
  • Second, there are no charges for depositing money in a (virtual) account.
  • There will be only charges on receipt of balance from the virtual account, which will be Rs. 1.2 per retrieval.
  • The upper cap on the balance deposit is Rs. 100.

Service Information Codes

  • Balance save code: *869*1#
  • Balance out code: *869*2#
  • offer deactivation code: *869*3#

Some Tricks you can Save your Jazz Balance

First, make sure that you only browse on websites that are optimized for mobile devices. These websites use less data than regular websites, so you’ll use less of your balance.

Second, turn off any images or videos that are auto-playing on websites. These can use up a lot of data, so it’s best to disable them.

Third, consider using a web browser that has data compression turned on. This feature will compress the data that’s downloaded from websites, so you’ll use less of your balance.

By following these tips, you can save your Jazz telecom balance while you’re using the internet.

Terms and Conditions

  • These Terms and Conditions General Terms and Conditions are in addition to which PTA has been officially approved and when activating the connection / SIM customer agreed CSAF / eCSAF.
  • Jazz is any offer / package / bundle Price / setting / replacement or any such offer / package / bundle of return / change / cancel the right to / discretion safe rate. The PTA may be required under the regulations of the affected users will be given notice.
  • Each offers / package / bundle offer price / charges will be subject to all applicable taxes, if any, he is required to offer active / package / bundle where area country / service purchased.
  • Charging system your package m saves a certain percentage of the volume of data available at present on the device to open each app / site / anti-access, therefore, multiple applications and / or web sites the backup can be saved to all available data opening / time access in.
  • Amount of balance and recharge for the bundle may be the nearest whole number.
  • In case of any questions, questions, complaints or additional requirements, please email us: customercare@jazz.com.pk
  • Are undesirable and immoral (irrational) can be reported to the SMS number SENDER (SPACE) 9000 -PTA.
  • Using a SIM which is not a crime or allowing others to use your name on your SIM – PTA.
  • Use and apply recharge tax / fee details are given below.
  • Advance income tax rate 12.5.
  • Statistics of the federal sales tax rate is 17%.
  • The sales tax rate in Pakistan is 19.5%
  • Operator assistance charges (ie admin / maintenance / operational costs) @ 10 (excluding applicable taxes) will apply to every recharge going to be in Pakistan.

Conclusion: In the meantime, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to save on your purchase, be sure to use our Jazz Balance Save Code at checkout. You’ll get instant savings on your order and we’ll appreciate your support! Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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