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  In this article, we are going to discuss very little but a beautiful thing as we all say JazakAllah in our everyday life do you really know the meaning of this word? Let’s go we will tell you the exact meaning of this beautiful word . Basically, Jazak Allah is the word of the Arabic language. This word is mostly used by Muslims as an Islamic expression of showing gratefulness, thankfulness, and appreciation. Shukran is another alike word for the Jazak Allah bin Arabic language which also means thanks but it is better for the Muslims to say Jazak Allahu kaeyran as this directly asks Allah to grant with the protection, favor, or blessing instead of saying thanks only. Literally, the word Jazak Allah means “May Allah reward you”.Jazak Allah itself is incomplete as you can say may Allah grant you with what? So you should say Jazak Allahu khairan which means “May Allah bless you with goodness “.Most non-Arabic Muslims used to say short-term rather than saying the full word as this is easier and faster to recite. This thing is often mentioned by Hadith that it is always better for us to say a full word as this is the complete word for what we want to say to others.

When someone says JazakAllah Khair What do you say back?


  There is the little difference in wishing blessings to the males and females. If you want to say thanks to a female in Arabic language  then we should say Jazakillah but if we want to say thanks to a male person then we need to say Jazakallah. This is a little but very important thing that we should never ignore and always keep it in our mind.


  Usamah bin Zaid reported:The messanger of Allah said,”He who is favored by another and says to this benefactor ,Jazak Allahu khairan (May Allah reward you well)indeed praised (the benefactor)satisfactory.”

  Usamah bin Zaid narrated that Messenger of Allah said “Whoever some good was done to him and he says, May Allah, reward you with goodness, then he has done the most that he can of praise “.This shows that saying good words to the others is a way of spreading love and kindness to the others. We can make other people happy and with our sweet conversation .


  Wa Antum FA Jazakallahu khairan is the most valid response for Jazak Allah which means “And you too, May Allah reward you with goodness”.However, there are some differences for replying to males and females. Suppose you want to reply to a female for Jazak Allah then you will say Wa Iyyaki, but if you want to respond to a male person then you will say Wa Iyyaka. Simply Iyyakum plural is used which means “And to you too “.


  Here we are going to tell you how you can use the word Jazak Allah in your sentences? Here is a list of a few examples that show very clearly how Muslims use Jazak Allah properly in their everyday conversation.


  Your words are so soothing and speak to the soul. You always encourage me for doing such good things really need this Jazak Allah.


  You did your job very well Ameen Inshallah Jazak Allahu khairan really appreciate it.


  Jazak Allahu Khair to all of you for your visit, for your precious time and graceful ideas that made us role models and ideal for all of the people.


  Jazakallahu khairan you are really a nice and generous person.


  OK bye, now I am going and again Jazak Allah for everything you did for me.


  Jazak Allah, we all are praying all the time for his speedy recovery.


  Some people say Ameen In response to Jazak Allah, other people do not say anything. Being a Muslims we seek for the best response of the Jazak Allah in the life of our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWS). The Prophet (PBUH) used to say Wa Antum fa Jazak Allahu khairan. This is the best response for Jazak Allah.


  Here we will explain to you that how you can write Jazak Allah or Jazak Allahu khairan in the Arabic language.

  Jazak Allah in Arabic :

   جزاک اللہ

Jazak Allahu khairan in Arabic :

  جزاک اللہ خیرا.

  Here are some different spellings for the same word Jazak Allah.

  1)  Jazakillahu Khair.

  2)Jazak Allahu khayran.

  3)Jazak Allah khair.

  4)Jazakumullahu khair.

  5) Jazakumullahu khairan.


  This article explains the meaning of the very beautiful word Jazak Allah to you. Basically, this means “May Allah bless you with goodness.”If someone does good to us or helps us, and if we can’t help him, we should just say thanks to This thing will make the person happy and we will be satisfied. The prosperity of this society is possible only as long as people are living together and helping each other, but as soon as people start to separate from each other, this spectacle is also ruined.  That is why it is said that every human being depends on others for his needs. Man alone can never be successful and can never be perfect. He always needs others. At no point can a person succeed alone. We must acknowledge the fact that many people have a hand in a person’s success, so it is important that these people always speak in good words.  Remember them and always be grateful and grateful to them.

There are many examples of this in our society. For example, if we talk about a student, we see that behind the success of a student, there are many people who work hard, first and foremost, teachers and parents work hard, then the child works hard, but when he succeeds after all this hard work, only the name of that child is known. But this does not mean that all the people who are equal partners in the work should be of course you cannot repay their kindness because it is a great kindness. But you can only thank them and treat them with respect and dignity. Whenever they are mentioned, remembering them in loving words will make their heart happy, and Allah will be pleased. This is stated in the Qur’an in Surah Ar-Rahman that :

“Is there any reward for good other than good “.

It shows that if we do not reciprocate the goodness of others, we will drift away from them, Therefore, in order to live a successful life in a society, it is necessary to treat others with kindness and good manners. And let no one be offended. In this article, we have tried to explain our point to you in very simple words. We hope you have understood our purpose and our point well. The choice of words has been made very simple. It is also easy for every human being to understand. Jazak Allah’s word may seem small, but with this, we can win the hearts of others. This is the greatest achievement. Hope you like our work and understand that there will be no problem. If you find it admirable, please share it with others so that they too can benefit from this knowledge.  You will like our work and will not have any difficulty in understanding it if we share it with you so that they too can benefit from this knowledge. Thanks for visiting our site.

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