Top best perfumes brands in Pakistan for men 


Perfumes is a product which polish our personality and makes our image good, but if your perfumes fragrance is good everyone a rounding will entertain and attract to use which is good impression in any function or crowd. So, the people are very possessive in selecting their perfume. But many people don’t know which one perfume brand is best and their fragrance, for those people this article will be very beneficial. 

Perfumes are not using just women, it’s also a choice of men even men are more uses than women. In Pakistan there are many perfumes and dud rants are using for fragrance. Perfumes are mostly used when we going anywhere outside home, any function, office duty and in marriage ceremony it becomes a need even it also used in homes at regular bases. 

Now a days it becomes a need in regular routine and a public of Pakistani so touchy in this matter. So, in this article we will give you many Perfume brands which are best, mostly used and working in Pakistan.

Hope so, this article will be very helpful and informative for you and in your search which detail is given below.



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Many perfume brands which working in Pakistan, in which some for especially men and some for women, but you don’t worry we will cover both points. First, we describe men top best perfume later women top best perfume brand in Pakistan.


• Top best Men perfume brand in Pakistan

• Top best women perfume brand in Pakistan

So, we start our topic with detail

Top best Men perfume brand List in Pakistan

There are a lot of perfume brands which working in Pakistan and offers their perfume for both men and women. But here we discuss about top best men perfume which list is given below

1. SMART Collection

2. J. Fragrance (Junaid Jamshed)


4. Hugo Boss

5. Dunhill Desire Red & blue

6. 1 Million from Pace

7. Diesel only the brave tattoo

8. GUCCI Pour Homme Game

9. BRONZA Satrangi Fragrance

10. Al GATE oil of Arabia

11. A MEN Thierry Mugler

12. Black XS L’EXCES

13. Cairo Bergamot  

14. Davidoff The Game

15. Saeed Ghani

16. Armani Code GIORGIO ARMAN

The detail of these listed perfumes is given below.



1.SMART Collection



SMART Collection is the famous brand which working in Pakistan and provide their Perfumes with different names which list is given below. This brand makes their perfumes by copies the scents of original brands and provide perfumes at affordable price.  It was the best perfume brand in Pakistan which provide their products at reasonable and with different names which given here.




2.J. Fragrance (Junaid Jamshed)



J. is the famous brand in Pakistan which made by Junaid Jamshed who was the great Islamic Maulana and died, but there are running through their family and provide top best perfumes in Pakistan. J. Perfumes fragrance has long lasting and if you need top best and long-lasting perfumes then J. is the top of list. they offer their perfumes for both men and women.  


J. has a lot of perfumes in which some are common and best which given below with price and name.

  • Breese = 2600 PKR
  • Essence = 2600 PKR
  • Intesno = 2600 PKR
  • Vocal = 4500




It was the best and incredible perfume for men use and which brand working in Pakistan. It has awesome smell which makes their users fall in love and it was also another brand in Pakistan which uses mostly. Its packing is so beautiful you also use this perfume for gifted to their loving relations. It available in market with affordable rate and in best quality. Women also use these perfumes for best fragrance.



4.Hugo Boss



Hugo red by Hugo Boss is the mixture of four different ingredients in which Chilly and Florid are too added. Hugo boss are the 4th top best perfume brand which working in Pakistan. Its packing is so beautiful and stylish. Its scents are so nice, you use it just once you will love it. 



5.Dunhill Desire Red & Blue

Dunhill Desire is the brand based by England and provide their products in Pakistan. Its fragrance is so nice when you use it you feel a proud due to its good fragrance. Its perfumes are coming in different quantity in which 75 ML perfume for men, 100 ML and 150 ML for men. It was the best and long-lasting perfume brand for men.

The price of original Dunhill Desire Red & Blue was 4999 PKR and its copy was available at 1250 price in Pakistani rupees.



6.1 Million from Pace

1 Million from Pace is the amazing perfume which gives you darkish single scent and a set of distinctive identification. It was the 6th best perfume brand of Pakistan. I recommended you just purchase and use it, I’m sure you will be like and recommend their friend. 



7.Diesel only the brave Tattoo

Diesel only the brave Tattoo gives you nice perfume and its fragrance makes your personality so impressive. It was the 7th best perfume brand in Pakistan for men. It comes in many different and fashionable packing designs. 



8.GUCCI Pour Homme Game

GUCCI is the most famous and so expensive brand. It was the international brand which offers many products in best quality. Maryam Nawaz who is the daughter of famous Pakistani politician and farmer president Nawaz Sheriff was also uses GUCCI brand products. GUCCI brand perfume Pour Homme Game is the best perfume for men’s which gives you a crisp and sparkling scents. 



9.BRONZA Satrangi Fragrance


BRONZA Satrangi is the best and personally my favorite perfume because its packing is so beautiful like a pearl and its fragrance is so soft and floral. If you are searching for essential scents then it was the best and much useful for partyware. BRONZA Satrangi perfume was so costly and available in major cities of Pakistan. It comes in both categories for men and women. They make perfumes and body spray too.

Some perfumes of BRONZA Satrangi brand discussed here with price

  • Floral Oud and Charisma for women = 2780 PKR
  • Intense oud Noor for men = 3300 PKR
  • Reflection for men = 3000 PKR
  • Body spray = 700 PKR



10.Al GATE Oil Of Arabia

Oil of Arabia is the famous and best Brand which working from 1986 in Pakistan. If you are searching Luxuries, Unique, impressive and durable perfume then Al GATE Oil of Arabia is the best according your choice. Oil of Arabia offers their perfumes in three categories in which one for men, one for women and one for both men and women. Its fragrance and packing are best for giving gifts to their life partner, friends and their family. Its price is affordable and now a days from 2021 January available at discount rate. 



11.A MEN Thierry Mugler

A man Thierry Mugler is the best perfume which gives you a relaxing scent and it was a combination of nice scents. The main purpose of a men Thierry Mugler to make special and imported perfumes for men, but they also the women perspective and offers women perfume in which Cristen Labroid is the best. 



12.Black XS L’EXCES

The Black XS L’EXCES Pace Rabanna was the combination of some imported perfumes lime and viol scent. Its packing is most beautiful and stylish and it gives you solid fragrance. It provides a sleek variant of perfumes. So, get this perfume and enjoys its beautiful fragrance.



13. Cairo Bergamot

Cairo Bergamot is the unisex perfume and it was the mixture of Arabian oil which gives you a Citrus and oriental scents. It was the best scent according a couple need. If you use Cairo Bergamot, you will feel a fantastic fragrance like regal and majestic. 



14.Davidoff The Game

Davidoff the Game is the best perfume for parties and late-night functions. It was the third best perfume brand for men in Pakistan. It gives you great scent which coming pleasant feeling. Davidoff perfumes was using a large quantity due to their best quality, that’s why it was comes at affordable rate so that everyone can get it.



15.Saeed Ghani

Saeed Ghani is the famous brand which making a lot of products including skin care products and perfumes. Saeed Ghani products are the best and most famous in Pakistan. This brand working from 1988 in Pakistan and provide their perfumes in different packing in which best packing is pocket size perfumes. Saeed Ghani perfumes are made by oil fragrance not alcohol used. The price of Saeed Ghani Perfumes not more than 500 in Pakistani rupees, they offer best perfume quality within lower price range.



16.Armani Code GIORGIO ARMAN

In the end we give you some intro of Armani Code which is the most wanted and famous perfume brand in Pakistan for men. It gives you sexy scent which is most notable for you in any party. Armani Code GIORGIO ARMAN is the men perfume which use in parties, dinners and at late night function. 


Top Best women perfume brand in Pakistan

To check top best women perfume brand, click on this link given below.




In this article we give you information about top best perfume brands which working in Pakistan. Hope so, this article will be very beneficial and entertaining for you. For extra guidance please visit our website or leave a comment in comment box. 

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