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If you are not very familiar with the education system of pakistan then we will tell you today about the education system of pakistan what is the education system of pakistan and how is it and if you guys the grade system of pakistan education system is class Nizam and Pakistan If you want to know about Nizam course in full detail, we will tell you all about it on this page and explain all this education system.


Different Between HSSC And Intermediate In Pakistan?


If you look, HSSC and Intermediate in Pakistan are two equal names for the same level of education. It is only two equal. Both reforms refer to the same thing. HSSC in Pakistan. And there is no difference between Intermediate because usually the Federal Board says that HSSC and all other boards are called Intermediate so in short HSSC and Intermediate Pakistan are two alternative names of the same level HSSC stands for Higher Secondary Secondary School Certificate. It stands for HSSC and Intermediate Date is the 12th class in which the 12th class is completing.


Those who complain about Intermediate and HSSC complete Class XII. It is a board exam and it is a bit of a test for the student then they go back to the Higher Education Commission to get the degree. They go to university. It is a school and college level board. Then they go on to higher education and go to universities. HSSC Intermediate. It is a board of Pakistan and by the board. Students from all over Pakistan go for their exams.


What Is HSSC Education Mean In Pakistan?


HSSC Education in Pakistan means Higher Secondary School and Intermediate College which is a Junior College and is considered as Junior College for the student in which their examination certificate is given. Secondary School Certificate in Pakistan After their next level course is given to them in which one student goes to the next class and the students of grade 12 have passed in Pakistan. After HSSC, students re-enter any degree level program in Pakistan. Take admission and also read the intermediate marks and after the exam go to the program and start getting the next education.


What Is The Intermediate Education In Pakistan?


After matriculation in Pakistan, their next level is called intermediate level. According to the education system in Pakistan, intermediate schooling is at the last level, which is the post-school intermediate board examination in which the student goes to college. I go Some schools are enrolled with college and this grade 12 school system is for their class and enroll in the program and after the end of intermedia they go to the next class and the next class is their Degree level program is done. Get education in university. After intermediate in Pakistan, now it is a gift of Lahore University. The program is according to TV. After that, they have to get further education. Intermediate 12th class students.


HSSC And Intermediate Education 2022 Details?

The ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth examinations were not held in 2020 because they were canceled due to the growing situation of corona in Pakistan and students were promoted in the class but never before. This time they were promoted so that when the exams will be held in 2021, they will be given the marks of the previous class on the basis of this. Some details of 2020, we will tell you, it used to happen that Knowledge and students used to give exams.


The acronym for HSSC in Pakistan is Higher Secondary School Certificate and is called Intermediate Junior College which is taken by a student and it is a board examination in which intermediate students participate and HSSC students are also currently appearing for Intermediate College and Higher Secondary School Certificate examinations in Pakistan. After matriculation in Green Line Train, their next level is Thai Intermediate College Level. They take admission. After admission, the process takes two years. Intermediate students take the board exam after two years of hard work and after passing it, they are given a higher secondary school certificate to complete the two-year degree program. After the eleventh and twelfth completely they have to give standard test in academic subjects which is called Intermediate Board Examination.


At the provincial level in Pakistan, their examinations are conducted through boards and at the federal level through Brai ESC. Upon successful completion of these examinations, the student is awarded a Higher Secondary School Certificate. There are students who pass the eleventh and twelfth grade examinations. In this two-year degree program, HSC, I have FA, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, Social Sciences, Computer Science and Commerce. Urdu Islamiat only has to pass three compulsory subjects of grade 11 and grade 12 of Pakistan in which English Urdu and Islamic studies are compulsory.


It is a tough decision for the student as many provinces have already started conducting HCC exams while the rest are ready to take the exams so the student who is still in the ninth and eleventh class exams. This means that the Intermediate student will not be present in the university in 2021. Therefore, he will be a part of the marks for next year. His exams were not taken because he did not take the exam, so he was promoted, so his exams will be held in 2021.


What Is The Education Systems In Pakistan?

Three types of Educations Systems in Pakistan.


1. Primary Education In Pakistan.

2. Secondary Education In Pakistan.

3. Higher Education System In Pakistan.


1. Primary Education In Pakistan

Inspired by the British system based on the quality of the national education system in Pakistan, Pakistan set up its own system designed for students 1 to 5 and usually consisted of three phases: group and nursery and Europe After a preschool student, students spend grade one to grade five in junior school, then grades 6 to 8, middle school students choose their life. Grade one to grade five students spend their class They have exams in school and the government of Pakistan had conducted a board exam for the fifth class so that the children could know what knowledge the children have acquired in five years.


In Pakistan, grades 1 to 5, book knowledge, pass the fifth grade board exam, then they go to middle school, which is from 6 to 8, women’s education is normal in school, curriculum is peacefully subject to the institution Eighth grade general meaning role social studies related to Islamic studies and sometimes computer related and subject to laboratory availability In this middle class I have the board of the eighth, first their fifth board exam and then their second The board exam is for the eighth grade. The children up to the eighth grade are taught science techniques. They are introduced to the country and information books are read to help them learn to read and write their names. 



2. Secondary Education In Pakistan

Education in Pakistan consists of Grade Nine of Grade Ten Secondary Education and lasts for four years. After the end of each year, students are required to complete the Avoid Nine under the auspices of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. Students are required to pass the exam. Each of the first acquisition of their education land will take a standardized exam. He once again posted this at the end of Great. On completion of nine and ten classes, he was awarded a Secondary School Certificate HS. It is also known locally as Matriculation Certificate or Matriculation Examinations. The syllabus usually includes books on Biology, Chemistry and Physics and Math’s as well as compulsory subjects like English, Urdu, Islam and Pak Study. Most of the students in Pakistan pass matriculation and then take admission in Intermediate. Matriculation in 9th and 10th class Mathematics English Urdu In Islamic Biology Computer Science one has to read books like Physical, Math, English, Urdu, Pak Study, etc and get knowledge from them.


After matriculation, students enter the Knowledge Intermediate College and complete Credit 11 and Grade 12. After completing the two-year grade, their academic subjects are re-tested and certified by the HSS Higher Education Commission (HEC). It is also called HSSC and Intermediate. The student does not take the exam and the medical pre-medical engineering and such social size and it also includes diploma holders in Pakistan. There are three compulsory subjects in English and Mathematics and Urdu. They are compulsory to pass and a three-year diploma in HSSC and Intermediate is also done through International and three to five of them.


After matriculation in Pakistan, you can do FSC for two years or you can also do a three-year diploma. It depends on you. In Pakistan, fashion is called a three-year diploma, which is known as the education that grades. It starts with five. If it is a trading diploma, it has different provinces. It has HSSC Technical Education and Sindh Board of Technical Education. Punjab Board Punjab Technical Education. It provides facilities. It consists of technical work such as goat treatment, reflector humility and computer science. This is a three-year program diploma in which more than twenty-five books on physics and chemistry Islamic Pakistan technology and a three-year program after incubator.


The Higher Education Commission In Pakistan

The Higher Education Commission in Pakistan also certifies HSS Pakistan as a supervisor of higher education endeavors. According to the university which was earlier approved from 1947 to 2019, the institution was revised from 276 and according to the 2002 constitution it was given as a reform of political graduation after intermediate university education. In order to improve the development of higher education and system in their country, different types of grades go to universities for years of academic and research and development and then choose different degrees.


People who do a four-year degree program at a university graduate and then take up a job, and some people continue to study after graduation. They only do this for two years and then go on to a PhD level. Yes, it is done by the Higher Education Commission. It is also a fashion board in Pakistan which has to pass exams.



HSSC and Intermediate in Pakistan in which 9th and 10th grade students and 11th and 12th grade students take part in Intermediate. Those who pass the Intermediate Examination are given Higher Secondary School Certificate. Anyone in HSSC and Intermediate There is not much difference. These are two alternate names and the one who passes Intermediate is awarded a Higher Secondary School Certificate.

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