How to register or activate internet download manager (IDM) without using any serial key


Many people searching on internet that how they can register their IDM freely without using any serial key. They use trial base internet download manager but after completion of trial their IDM again expired and they face problem but you don’t worry how to fix it without using any serial number, here we will tell many methods to fix it.

If you don’t know how to register IDM without using serial key then this article will be very beneficial for you. Here we will give you a complete detail and different ways to register and activate IDM freely.

But before discussing how to register or activate IDM with out any serial number we like to explain what is IDM and why we need Serial key to use IDM.



What is internet download manager?

IDM is the short cut name of Internet download manager and it was a software which uses to download any videos, movies and any other file from website. The speed of internet download manager is much higher than other downloading software’s. Many people use torrent sites to download movies and videos but the problem is many Torrent sites are blocked and taking a long time for downloading. So, the software of IDM is best and mostly used for this purpose.



Why we need Serial key for internet download manager?


Serial key is basically a unique number which required for identification and verification of any software. 

Many people use free trial version to download internet download manager but after 30 days which completion of trial version they need to again register and this registration was done through a serial key. many ways to download internet download manager without paying and registration which we will discuss in this article.



How to register or activate internet download manager freely


There are many ways to register download internet manager without serial key which given as

1. How to install IDM for computer and laptop

2. List of best internet download manager

3. Register IDM by using crack or patch file

4. Register IDM by using Keygen

5. Register IDM permanently

6. List of IDM series

7. Conclusion

Now we start our topic which detail is discussed below how to register idm without serial any key.



1.How to install IDM for computer and laptop


Its so easy and simple to download IDM for computer and laptop, just follow the steps given below.

  • Go to any internet web browser like google chrome
  • Then type internet download manager and press enter.
  • After that you will see many webs of internet download manager, click anyone and go to official website for download IDM fastest acceleration.
  • Now click on download option and your downloading of IDM will be start.
  • Now it will be downloading in your downloading files.
  • It will be used as a trial base for 30 days, to fix follow the different methods given below.
  • Now you can easily download any video or movies by using this IDM.



2.List of best internet download manager

Here we give you a list of some best internet download managers (IDM) which like to install and use it.

  • Get Go download manager
  • Internet download acceleration
  • FDM
  • Flash get
  • Ninja download manager
  • Xtreme download manager
  • Accelerator plus
  • Eagle get -All in one Downloader

These are the best and fastest internet download manager. You can install anyone from google chrome.

To download these IDM just go to any web URL and type the name of these IDM, then it will be opened with official website.

You just click to download and get it.



3.Register IDM by using Crack or Patch file

  • First of all, if you have already any internet download manager installed in your PC, you need to reinstall or delete it completely.
  • Then the second point you need to download IDM with patch or crack file from google or any internet browser. Then to fix and register this IDM follow these steps given below.
  • Then to download 32-bit or 64-bit version which depends on your PC window.
  • After that turn off your or disable your internet, if you don’t do this then patch or crack file will not work.
  • Now install IDM in PC from downloading file.
  • After installation completion you will receive a notification in their Dialog box that’s it was valid for 30 days.
  • Now to fix it, you need to close IDM in their PC.
  • Copy the patch or crack file from downloading files and paste or install it where your IDM is installing.
  • Now you successfully installed IDM permanently and life time.
  • The important thing, you don’t need to update this IDM version again, if you want to use it for long time.  



4.Register internet download manager (IDM) by using Keygen

  • There are many Keygen software which available in internet browser. Then to install any Keygen software.
  • After installation completion, do double click on this keygen software.
  • Now install IDM in your PC from which you already download or new from internet browser.
  • After this installation, you need to close this IDM.
  • Now go to keygen software and click on Patch icon.
  • Now enter your first and last name and click on ok.
  • Now Keygen software process will use, some keygen gives you serial keys and some not, but try to use serial key keygen software. 
  • Now copy this serial key from keygen software and paste in IDM serial key option.
  • Now your IDM successfully installed and registered.
  • Many times, your IDM show that this serial key is expired but you don’t worry, there are many serial keys are available in internet copy, paste and use them.



5.How to register IDM permanently 

When you download IDM for trail base, after 30 days it will be expired and required registration. Then to solve this problem follow the steps given below.


  • First of all, you need to download IDM through the process given below.
  • Then type first name, last name, Email I.D and serial key in required option. 
  • Many serial keys are given below you can get anyone.
  • Then press ok  
  • Then your registration will be completed permanently. 
  • Then don’t update this IDM, when it required update just to cancel it.



6.List of IDM Serial keys

Here we give a link, you go this link and download it.


Attach Link



In this article, we give you many ways to install download manager permanent base, trail base and a list of best internet download manager which you can use it freely without paying any cost. Here we also give a link of serial keys which will be unique and useful.

Hope so this article will be very beneficial for you. Please share this information with your family, friends and their loved ones through Facebook, Whattsapp, Twitter and Instagram so that they can be facilitate this information. For any query or need extra guidance, visit our website or leave a comment in comment box.

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