How To Join (ISI) Inter Services Intelligence Agency In Pakistan As civilian

ISI or Inter Services Intelligence Agency is the leader of Pakistan’s government intelligence service. Pakistan’s armed forces have a responsibility to provide critical national security and intelligence. The SI is treated as an undercover intelligence agency in Pakistan. The ISI was initially formed as a general in Islamabad, Pakistan in 1948. There are three intelligence agencies in Pakistan, the Peruvian Military Intelligence Agency. The intelligence agency is also functioning as the ISI. The ISI is the largest of the three and is the leading intelligence agency. The ISI has fulfilled its responsibilities well in its formation.


At the time of its formation, the ISI also carried out its responsibilities to the best of its ability as the ISI’s work is marked by the Government of Pakistan. Punctuality and hiring responsible people ISI has done a great job in Pakistan. It protects the country and also helps Pakistan to negotiate with other countries. Almost every nation. ISI relies on the ISI because it is the agency that protects the whole country and works with the forces.


It provides its employees with better professional translation than any other department because it protects Pakistan and saves the country from the number two slave who harms the country by arresting and punishing them. Casey is also against other countries who betray our country and punish them. ISI has a big role in Pakistan and we should try to make sure that our graduates are educated So he should join and help ISI to protect Pakistan


 After joining ISI, it eats its employees in the best way they can to protect the country, so if you want to know how this civilian can be a part of ISI, here you are. There will be better guidance and we will tell you how you can join it and do your work in it. We will give you all the information about it so that you can By joining it, Malik will do his job as a member of Pakistan and ISI. We can make it easy for you to read it.


Here we will tell you some questions and answers about going to ISI which will help you so we are the ones we will discuss with you today.


1. ISI As civilian InDirect Procedure

If you are passionate about serving your country and you are willing to sacrifice your life to serve your country, you will surely get it somehow in ISI. Involvement The first requirement for joining the Pakistan Armed Forces is that all members of the armed forces can join the ISI, whether they are officers, junior commissioned officers or any type of officer in any army. He can join her.


In the Armed Forces or in the Air Force, that is, if I have a major or above, I would not allow ISI center officers to work for more than two or three years in an attempt to abuse their power. Almost all the directors general of ISI have never served in this organization before being appointed by military commanders. ISI also monitors former and current and retired military officers who are each other. On the spot, they hold positions and have access to classified data. Officers with outstanding achievements are given speeches and are employed here for a lifetime.


And they protect their country and by joining it they save the country from the inside and arrest those who are and do illegal things. How can you join ISI? You can join ISI on the basis of an officer. The condition of these direct is that you should be employed in a single army.



2. ISI AS Civilian Direct Procedure

ISI recruits for citizens are advertised. This eunuch works in Pakistan and he can jointly handle it with the Federal Public Service Commission and civilian ISI agents are considered employees of the Ministry of Defense because This is an institution. PPSC conducts various examinations in which the knowledge of the candidates was in English and Urdu. All such studies and knowledge and various experimental abilities are assessed. Shortlists the candidates and also shortlists the candidates to the ISI which then checks the initial background and then selects them. Candidates are asked to be interviewed by the Joint Spelling Committee on both ISI and PPSC officials to recruit them or not.


Candidates who go through all these procedures and pass the interview then go through rigorous fitness and psychological experience once they have crossed all these criteria as a candidate to join ISI. The first Christian hope is thoroughly examined at first glance. Once the candidate’s offer is accepted, security clearance is obtained. The recruiting agent goes to the Internet Service College for basic training after which he Beginners train for a year and work hard after exams and jobs. However, civilian carjackers are not allowed to rise above the rank of Major and most of them are Entry JIX Intelligence Bureau.

 And the joint agency JIB is headed and JCI  is the head of the federal government department. There have been rare cases where civilians have been recruited in the departments.


How to join ISI as civilian

We will tell you the complete procedure for joining ISI Valley Inter Services Intelligence ISI and whether you meet the eligibility criteria or not we will all tell you about it and you You can find all the details on the page and the description of all the terms and conditions. You can read the following and join it



ISI Job as civilian Posts

The following is offered for citizen posts in ISI in collaboration with the Federal Public Service Commission in the following department which is done through PPSC advertisements for ISI employees and PPSC. You are also told that a civilian cannot be promoted to the rank of operative and then to the rank of Major.

1. JIX

2. JIB



Eligibility to join ISI Pakistan

We will tell you about the involvement of ISII in Pakistan as a citizen. In the research on joining ISII, you should be aware of the eligibility criteria as mentioned above. Recruitment is published through PPSC advertisement and basic qualification is clearly written in the authority about qualification age etc. In addition to the lat they are also asked by ISI family background and check


1.You are recruited as an Assistant Director after graduation and after Intermediate and you can apply for the post.

2. And you may also be eligible to apply for the post of Blacksmith Cadet, which is based on FSC and graduation.


Procedure to join ISI in Pakistan

The actual procedure for joining ISI in Pakistan as we have written to you about civilians and all the rest. All eligible persons have to apply through the official website of FPPSC where General Advertisement has been issued for the services of Assistant Director and some Honorary Employees. Will have to resubmit


The orders of Pakistan Federal Public Service Commission ISI will examine all the applications and purify those whose application meets the eligibility criteria then the candidates who will be shortlisted and these shortlisted candidates will be called Will be given a roll number slip and then they will have to submit the relevant center roll number slip and relevant documents after which they will have to pass the exam and after passing the test they will be shortlisted And then those shortlisted candidates will be called candidate.


Physically Procedure ISI In Pakistan

Then the people on the shortlisted boat will have a physical test. They will run in the physical test and all the tests related to the physical will be done. They will be shortlisted again and after selecting the shortlist they will be called to come for the next test and perform their duty. They will have to pass this process without it. I can’t go


Medically Procedure ISI in Pakistan

Shortlisted candidates are called for a physical medical test in which everything is checked to see if they are medically fit or unfit. After medical fitness they are called for next. Candidates with fitness have passed. They are asked if their arms are checked and how many checks are done. One part of their body is checked to see if it is correct. Are they eligible for recruitment in ISI or not? After passing, they are called for the next procedure. This is also an important role. People who pass the physical test are called for the shortlist test and then their next interview is done. Can be done.


Interview Question for ISI in PAKISTAN

And all the candidates who are eligible for ISI and clear in PPSC entrance test are called for interview. On the basis of which their verses are looked at and some of them are done in the interview. Those who pass the interview and shortlisted candidates are selected. This is a second last which is also a difficult interview. Sleeps on Tare End. After crossing the scope on it is given to those are following.


  1. (Tell me About yourself)
  2. (Tell me about your job)
  3. (Why did you leave your last job)
  4. (What your weakness)
  5. (What’s are your strengths)


ISI Civilian Investigation

Investigation in ISI This is a very important step. How ISI is involved as a civilian job. After checking and registering, they are selected and the documents of those who are filtered are canceled, their recruitment process is terminated and their family background After checking, they are selected and given a call actor and they are selected


Finally Procedure Training

After going through all these tasks, they are trained and sent to different schools and colleges in which they are trained and they are trained in inter-services intelligence schools and they are proven. The candidate has to be prepared and their training has to be completed. Then the candidate can be hired for their positions. How to be included as a civilian. You can get help through which PPSC is also recruited from. We will share it with you students. Respectfully join ISI. And when the train is over, they are promoted to their positions, then in the ISI, they do their job as officers in their own right.



All of us can study Pakistan ISI exactly as per the criteria and can study and perform our services in ISI through indirect and direct method. All the above mentioned procedures and procedures have been explained. It all depends on the criteria. If you meet the criteria, you can and join ISI. Thanks

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