How to invest money in Pakistan | best investment in Pakistan


Before you invest in your business you should be careful love the things written below

Always keep back up for your business

While investing in any kind of business you should keep it in your mind never spend all of your investment into the business  you are going to start. You should have need a backup plans for your new business so that in case of emergency you will have and amount for the urgency.


Start with a small investment

Because you are going to start a new business and you may not have a proper knowledge and experience to run the business so if you will invest a big amount , in case of loss you will have to lose big amount.


Work with professional

Working with professionals will improve the quality of your business and also make you safe from professional mistakes and your business will get a smooth speed and  good routine even faster.


Moreover the better

the knowledge of the business you start , the faster you businesses will thrive.

Never show care less behavior towards the business act any time even if you have invested a small amount.


Here is list of investment plans.



This is very good investment idea but this idea totally depends upon your luck. And these barns start from 100 rupees. If you are lucky then you will win thousands rupees. Bond is also used instead of cash.

Investment in bonds is good idea of first students. Because you required minimum investment for this. And you will win handsome profit according to your luck.


REAL Estate Businesses:

One of the most attractive businesses opportunities in Pakistan. This business is very famous throughout the world. When there is a less price of property in market by property at that time and sell property when there’s a high rate in market. Just by property depending upon your investment and wait for sometime. And just be in touch with the latest news of market prices. This is very safe way to invest your money. It contains very less percentage of loss. Because mostly the prices of property goes high and there is is a little chance of loss. That is a lot of scope of real estate businesses. If you are unable to to buy plots by cash then by plots on installments and different loans plans of banks. But if you are investing for a short time then this business will not return you good profit. Because this business required time. There are different constructions companies are working in Pakistan. And these construction companies are developing different projects of real estate. It is listed some projects of these companies which you can invest your money. 

  • Amazon outlet mall
  • Mall of Arabia
  • Imrat builders
  • Florence galleria
  • Dissolve projects are secure for investment and you will get guaranteed profit this investment.




To invest in Stock Market is one of the best ideas of investment in Pakistan. The average stocker round about Ben percent of you are most men. Guns and some broker if you don’t have the knowledge. Because this business needs full of elements of the market and good plan. The laws are profit in this business depend upon your choice of stock. It is very good opportunities for Pakistani for investment. If you invest RS 10000 then it will return 11000. It is very risky process. If you are not expert in stock then hire a trusted and expert broker.




Banks use the money of the account  holder in different businesses and get profit which is shared with the account holder by a percentage which is usually 10% or 12%. Just to open an account in the bank even if with a very small money. Select a bank a company on the percentage of its return. And it is very easy for the investor to invest in banks and get fixed profit according to the policy of particular bank. Some companies are also offering same investment policies like banks. And these companies provide fixed profit to the investor. Before investing in banks or company please do research about this banks and companies. 



Gold Silver and Diamonds:

Investing in gold Silver or Diamonds is an  other good choice to invest your money as the price is of gold go high day by day. Call you require is to be aware of the running market rates. Before investing in gold and silver you need to familiar with the dates of market. And if you want to invest in gold then you need to buy biscuits of gold. Because biscuits give maximum profit to the investor. And this same policy is followed for silver and diamond.



Peer to Peer lending:

This is good idea but this idea is not allowed in Islam. In this investment plan you give money to the people with fixed interest rate. Always give loan to trusted person. And before completing this process please keep documentation of borrower. But keep in mind this idea is prohibited according to the Islam. 




Like to invest in gold, forex trading is also an easy and convenient investment. In Forex trading you strat trading of different currencies available in International markets.  It is very good opportunities for investors. But if you want to become expert in Forex that you need to study about the trends in currencies. And you need to become updated with currency. And then invest in Forex according to the currency rate.  

As you know that in 2019 rate of American dollar was 145 rupees. While in 2021 rate of one American dollar is equal to 161 rupees. You can also trade in different currencies like Euro US dollars and dinars. Trading of gold and oil is also popular nowadays.



Saving Account:

This is also very simple method of investment. You just need to deposit money in bank. And you can withdraw money along with profit. It is very simple method. Minimum investment required for this process is 500 rupees. And this is good investment opportunity for students children’s and housewives. Interest rate of banks start from 5% to 11%. HBL bank and standard chartered banks are best for investment.



Investment in Skill:

Investment in skill is very good investment. It is very good for all kind of people. If you have skill then polish your skill with time and money. After this you will get handsome profit from your skill. For example If you are good in biology then start tutoring biology online. 

And there are different freelancing marketplace where you can sell your skill. 




All the information published in this article is only for educational purposes. Owner of website Will be not responsible for any kind of loss related to about mentioned businesses. And before investing in any thing Please read all the laws of particular company. Also read laws of country.

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