How to Check Traffic E-Challan Online and Pay in Lahore

 How To The Check & Pay Traffic E Challan In Lahore?

A Digital Punjab with the Punjab Information Technology Board aims to be an effective means of digital payment solutions and processes in the province with the help of online transfer of most government related services and very easy and fast technology. To make it easier for people to sit at home through an electronic device that makes them feel comfortable paying their fines easily. 

Now for the convenience of the people, in case of allegation of violation of traffic rules in the province, there is a detailed guide in checking and paying by Traffic I Challan in Punjab. It will be more useful if you keep this page your old one then you will get all the details about traffic rules and online portal. 

Many people in Pakistan break the law and drive the wrong bike or any kind of vehicle in the wrong way which is why the government of Pakistan has set up a traffic police. These laws were all made so that they would be fined and they would be silenced and we will show you the easy way if you make a mistake, by which you can pay them very easily. We will provide you all the online details on this page. You will benefit if you read it till the end. Here are some details.


Psca e challan check lahore 


Under the direction of the Lahore High Court, the Punjab Safe City Authority has launched an e-challan system in Lahore to identify violators of traffic rules with the help of modern automatic vehicle numbers and plate function cameras. E-challan is a system of traffic violations and violators are sent to addresses that violate the identification of their vehicles and These include details of how the driver violated traffic rules with a photo of the vehicles parked on it. 


Many people also check their e-invoices online or are unaware of their online payments and are sometimes unaware that they have been charged with infringement. Imposed or not imposed so if you are not sure if you have violated any of the rules and you want to check it then you have charged by following the instructions given below. You can check and pay easily and at the same time Punjab Safe City Authority has started the challan in Lahore under the direction of Lahore High Court with the help of City Traffic Police. There is a system of violation as many citizens of the city have received a welcome response.


The addresses of the violators of the e-challan are listed against the identification of their vehicle, which contains information in this regard. Pictures of the vehicle and the traffic rules were violated. It is still visible that The Punjab government has introduced a system for paying online traffic challans but the biggest problem facing the people is that many violators are aware of the fact that they have been fined. Or not because they have registered in their former residence against the identification of their vehicle and it is not officially changed at night or due to some technical issues do not receive E Challan at their residence So if you don’t believe people you can check any violation of the rules from your online portal and share instructions about how you can check your e-run and pay your voice. Citizens can also pay all their traffic invoices online.


This decision was made for the convenience of the people and their time is also enough in it because the corona virus keeps people moving freely again and again. CPO Zulfiqar Hameed has said that keeping in view the distance of luck Take the payment method forward and pave the way. City gave the first briefing on the functioning of the new system, adding that citizens can also pay through their online banking. He said that in the first phase, the system has been introduced for three traffic sections in Lahore but later it will be implemented across the provincial capital. He further said that electronic devices are used by people who use wrong methods. 


In order to improve the people who misuse the traffic road, we will improve them with the help of electronic devices. Furthermore, whether we are living in Lahore or citizens of Lahore now You can check yourself online and pay it easily. This is a beneficial closure for people and we will now tell you about paying for a traffic E Invoice.



About Traffic E-Challan In PUNJAB?

In Punjab, for the first time, traffic violations were considered a bit too much, but traditionally, not all types of traffic violations have been reported. They had to submit the invoices issued on paper with paper and that with a long process the paper had to be checked and the translation had to be done. However, in 2015, the city authority from Punjab The Integrated Command and Control Center was set up to maintain law and order in different cities of Punjab and to manage and monitor the situation.


The E Challan system is designed to monitor traffic on the roads using special automatic number plate connection cameras and flight monitoring systems and to automate all traffic violations that are sent to their homes if any. If a person violates the law, they can go online with the help of E Challan, so that they can easily pay if they want to drive online, so they can pay. And the use of affected transport information management system which is helpful in the process of vehicle verification in Punjab and will be responsible for paying the fine within ten days to stop it.



How To The Check E Challenge?

First of all you guys just started to open their website now you can go to google and check their website from your mobile we will tell you the following link of the site below after you You will enter PK and CNIC number which will be the vehicle registration number and report will have to pay the vehicle registration number. No record will be displayed on the screen then it will be understood that you have entered wrong information in it. Yes or no, you have not been fined but if you have been fined then you will definitely get E challan on your screen. The link of the following website is below.





How To Check E Challan For Online From Lahore?

You will need to consider that your vehicle may be seized due to a challan issued by the traffic police in Punjab for violation of unpaid traffic rules and it is also possible that you may have any violation. If you have shared the car between different family members and have it registered in your name, it is important that you check and drive online for any possible traffic fines or charges. The method of checking the line is as follows.


  • As we told you above, your picture will show that you can see it in the Anchal in page of PSCA and you can get the best information from the website of the portal.
  • You will enter your car number plate and the CNIC of the person in whose name the registration number of your car or motorcycle will appear.
  • The system will tell you soon if you have a painting invoice that you have to pay and will tell you the nature of the traffic violation.
  • If you do not receive an invoice at your residence or address or you have lost a copy of your invoice, you can go to the details through this team and print out the invoice then pay.
  •  Open the PSCA website to check online as a traffic violation, you will see two blocks in front of you on the website, one is your vehicle number and the other is your serial number and desired. You can check the details on it. When you pay the fine, you can also print the invoice document.
  • You can provide your functionality from the PSCA website so that you can also check the online penalty against your vehicle’s license player number.



How To The Pay E Challan In Lahore?

  •  If you have a hard copy of E-Challan available to you, citizens of Lahore can pay E-Challan at National Bank of Punjab or NBP National Bank of Pakistan.
  • You can also pay through ATM card and pay easily with useful document option Lord.
  • A PSCA spokesperson also said that the E-Challan system should be introduced among other citizens.
  • First of all you people will need to pay their bills manually and download the E-Challan document from the PSCA website and ask for a print of it along with it in the National Bank of Pakistan. Have to submit.
  • The other way you guys have it is that you can run your own NBP ATM machines and even use the app developed from your mobile app to run yourself without leaving your home. They can be paid and the Electronic Center of the City Authority from Punjab started running electronically on September 23. So far more than 75,000 challans have been paid. As a result of these 75,000 challans, I have so far contributed Rs 7 million to the national exchequer. Has been added.




When you start E-Challan service, you will see that option and you can visit any branch of Bank of Punjab or National Bank of Punjab with the relevant copy and deposit the required amount. For many cities, traffic challan has been filled in digital reply payment and now digital payment of traffic challan has been made possible in many cities of Punjab, so that in all these cities, Gujranwala and Faisalabad, you can get a reply from the bank. Payment and you can pay your fine with a ATM card. It has become very easy for you people if you can face any kind of difficulties and then you can pay your fine through you or a document. You can easily pay them in the bank through.



Traffic E-Challan  Check ONLINE?

You will use your vehicle license and plate number to pay your traffic challan online with digital payment service and you can use the website of E-Challan and Punjab which generates traffic challan with identification number on unique payment. Then you will enter PSID for any sister using online banking service through which you will be able to pay for driving from the comfort of your home. You will somehow get a traffic challan for your car in Punjab. Will be easier to check and pay. In this article you can comment and ask questions and suggestions for more information about Iran in Lahore with our guide for more informative post. And you can also use the space provided to stay up to date on our latest posts. For our newsletter site you will speak and you will find information. The following link is below.


Link: www



Electronic Traffic E Challan?

Safe City Authority has introduced electronic challan system from Punjab under the orders of Lahore High Court. City Authority from Punjab has delivered auto hack number plates in Lahore and what is the purpose of this camera? This camera is for violators of traffic rules. Will process and note the number plate. We will show you two ways to operate electronically.



Method No.1Website E Challan?

You can check the electronic e-mail on the official website of PSCA and by visiting the website of PSCA you can check your car number or motorcycle number. We will put the CNIC number on it and press it so that if you have an invoice, you can take a printout of it and deposit it in the bank. You can also get it done with help and also through online bank.




Method No.2 PSCA App On The Mobile Phone?

You can open your mobile app through PSCA, download the official website of PSC in your mobile and click on it and then go to PSCA website. Enter your number plate and your National Identity Card.



If your invoice cannot be paid?

If you do not pay your e-challan on time, action will be taken against you and your motorcycle or vehicle will be confiscated. The car will be refunded but it will also have different charges. If you do not pay on time, you may be subject to severe action. It is better to pay on time. If you do not pay, your The vehicle will be submitted to the concerned police station which will mean that after fulfilling the instructions regarding them, your vehicle will be returned to you.


The Electronic challan better than traditional challan?

In the traditional system, if you violate the traffic rules, the violator will be given a driving ticket, a cricket ticket, and the documents of his vehicle will be confiscated by the officers. The driver will be at his bank branch. I will be able to get the documents back from the traffic officers only after paying the driving fee. That is why you, the citizens of Lahore, are welcoming them on a large scale. You can plan to spread it to Punjab so it would be better to go through them. You pay them in advance. If you commit any kind of violation then obviously action should be taken against you. You can go to their official website and follow their instructions.






Now it is very easy to pay E-Challan in Lahore. You can check your other online invoices by visiting Traffic Echlan’s official website and you can easily get your online invoices in a bank if you have If you want to pay by ATM card or you want to pay online, you can go to website from PSCA and read their instructions carefully and make your online payment through online website. This portal has now been selected for the convenience of the people in Lahore. You can easily run online and pay. Thanks.

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