How to check family tree online NADRA:

The family tree is the system by which we can demonstrate the name of the family members or ancestors from the past few generations to the current generation which is called a family tree. Or in simple words, it is a method that demonstrates the most members of your family. The family tree is a system that is used to represent the relationship of a person to his family or like a flow chart that represents the successive progression of the generations. In simple words, it is a pedigree chart that tells us about the genetic relation of a person to his offspring If we talk about the example then we have this in our article like

William has 5 children of which 3 are daughters and 2 of them are sons. And after that, he has about 8 of the grandson. like this will tell us about the rough idea about the father and his sons and grandsons. So this is an important thing these days it has vast applications in the science field and the study of the family system it has many functions and roles in search. There are a few important functions of the family tree mentioned down to elaborate the function of the family tree. Here are few details of them.

-It is a search assistant system that yells about the family growth

– In social sciences has many vital roles to describe a lot of things. 

This was all about the things and information about the nadra and its relativity now if and I am going to talk about the Details about NADRA and its function. Hope you can get the problems solved by this topic.

Family details through cnic online

-it tells about the family system and helps to study the improvement in the family system.

-It is is the branch of genetic and importance this has a leading role. Because if we want to study the genetic disorder and genetic set up then we thoroughly feel with the family tree of that person to sort out the problem

– In many aspects like in genetics you can bring improvement to the genetic syst study 

– In cases like genetic problems we have to have studied the system completely and properly then we will be able to improve our system.

– In criminal activities, this would be a key thing to solve many problems relating to the crime. Security services can trace down the person by tracing his family and history.

-If someone wants to know about the registration of his family members or want to know about the names and his ancestors and his generation then you can get this done by family tree system.

-This system is used by the “Royal family” to demonstrate their ancestors and to remains in the world about their ancestors and forefathers. The condition can easily be solved by using this system. In the modern world, this system is getting improved and functional with time and need. In Europe, this system is running and working. But with time this system got scattered to the world. Now many countries are using the system to get information about the families living in or about the citizens. 

Even now in Pakistan, this system is getting Improve and good. NADRA is a national institute of Pakistan that has a function to manage the population. They manage their record about their deaths and births every day and even every year. No matter what is the population is they perform the function to get their information.

Steps to get the family tree from NADRA:

As I mentioned in the topic above or heading it will not be wrong to say in this portion it will discuss the steps involved in finding out the family tree by using information from NADRA. So here one by one I will tell you about what to do to make this task happen.

Step No 1:

If you are a CNIC holder and have a registered number. Of CNIC then it would be not difficult to find out the family tree with the help of NaDRA by using a mobile phone, laptop, or another communication device. All you have to do is to follow these steps and make this happen.

-First of all, check that your CNIC is registered on the tehsil council office of Nadra or not mean you must be an approved citizen of Pakistan. In other words, must be in documents for that so it is it.

Steps 2:

You only have to send or text the CNIC number of yours with the or on the number “8008” this is a shortcode to check it by nadra. when you will send your correct Id card number to the code as I already mentioned 668 then NADRA will send you your family tree on your mobile with the details of your registered family members then this will provide you with the information you need to know or you wanted.

No need for standing in long rows for hours to get this type of detail so you just need to go to the code given by the NADRA and just put the CNIC number and then you will get the information about your family.

Steps 3:

You can approve and confirm your details in case of any illegal case on your family members. Then you have a way to complain about this allegation you can challenge it anyway. This is what it is. You have nothing to worry about. This thing converted a whole long procedure to a second taking procedure with no waiting and problems facing. Just being patient until you get the information you wanted. This is all that you need to know and want to know. I hope you will get your point from this. Whale condition is here in front of you.

And there is something for you to know about it. If you have a problem then you can call the helpline. They will assist you.

-And if you are having a problem with details or details are not right then you ha e to press 1 and send to the code to correct the details

– and if there is no problem in facing then just press button 2 and then this will be finished without any proceeding ahead.

And another person even he has nothing to do with family can get the information about the family by the mobile and above procedure.

If the procedure above Is not working then you can modify this and can use another one that will help you to get details of your family and this is given below with many details on it. It is what it is. Now I am going to give you information about the family tree.

From your approved mobile contact in NADRA Pakistan service which they have about you in their records like a registered family member and number then you can send a message from your cell number to the NADRA official headquarter  “your registered National CNIC card number. They put the space in between the information it contained, then you have to put the date of approval of CNIC  in form as I mentioned here in AA-BB-CC type of message to 8009 shortcode and then you will qualify the require the information. In answer, you will get the details of your family members and relatives this will be your family tree. 

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Purpose of the system:

Now if I talk about the purpose of the system then it would not be wrong to say that it is for the person to get knowledge of the registration and authenticity of the family members so here it is. We can utilize it for good purposes as well as bad. It’s up to us. So now I am gonna tell you about this thing in the points.

-First is the purpose is to provide everyone with the knowledge of their family and also let you k ow that which one member of your family is registered and which one is illegal as well. We can do d out by Sms system of the NADRA. They provide us with the availability to find out about ourselves. 

-You can also help Nadra to tell them about which person is lawfully registered and which one is illegally registered. So it is the exact purpose to launch that scheme. After when you came to know about the illegal person just you should go and inform the relevant department of security and Nadra. They will follow your complaint and will take action which is important for the sake of the security and progress of the country. No matter what are you deal g with just go for the legal work don’t be silly and worthless. You can say that it is your duty as a citizen to do so. Only one thing to do is to register your complaint by pressing the button 2then you will get your work done this way. 

– Not only this you can also verify the head of a family on the family tree mean if you got the wrong entry. You can do it better in this way. You can verify it by the same simple mechanism and steps. It would be official too. So this is all you have.

– Now NADRA is also working for the improvement of the system like they are going to upgrade the system in such a way that they can easily receive a.ost 10000 calls per day and can also proceed with about 15000 of the message and SMS. No matter how difficult and big it is. You only need to follow the procedure and nothing else. 

Now they can also solve issues with no time how pleasing It is.

-NADRA has also advanced the system. You don’t need to leave. Work to do this kind of work. Just open your cell and sent SMS on shortcode 8009. In the end, you will get the right thing you needed.

Now even NADRA can easily make millions of CNIC and register them in a month. They are performing everything perfectly as needed. So this is all that you want to know.

How to check family tree online nadra through SMS

how to check family tree online nadra

Merits and demerits :

Now I short ordering I am going to explain the benefits and losses of the system. There are a lot of problems you are facing now In daily life. You have nothing. g to worry about. You can save your time and then can spend it on your work and do whatever you need to. Don’t matter what you want to do you should follow the protocol and procedure. 

– it saves your time 

-it provides you with the best and authentic information and data about your family and its members. So it is a good source and way. Just go to the SMS service and find about the family tree.

-You don’t need to leave the office or work and then go for the family tree. You have to do what I already told you to do. 

-Effective again St crime from agencies fr the other evil coy tries like India. And this will be helpful in it

Demerits are also. many in this system

You can get also news and info about your family tree

It is not that advance that it should be 

It is not that authentic. 

It is not that efficacious it should be 

In short, we have to wait for many years to make everything better and good.  I.amtter how good it is limited and confined we can not completely rely on it. But we can wait.

So with another world, we have to be advanced at least like this. Be good and try to be nice. Follow the Instruction given above and now you will find it.


There is a simple and conclusion that you can look at both benefits and demerits in this system. You can also introduce another one. make everything better and good. To make everything perfect we have to do unique things. No.matter what is the problem you are facing just try to be nice to others and follow? what you want to follow.

You should use this article in a good way and manner so it is what you want it better. must perform your duty and follow the reality. And in the end, you will get what you want. So it is going to honor to present this topic. Just ignore if I did any mistake 

So thanks for being good and patience

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