Few years ago we had to visit bus stand to book our seat. People were standing in long queues to book seat. Now you are living in digital era. Internet is available in all corners of country. In this article I will discuss about how to buy bus ticket online.

It is very simple and quick method. It save time and energy. Many people prefer this method because it allows you to check rates and availability of seats. There are many bus companies are operating in Pakistan. Many bus companies have online booking system. You can reserve or cancel seat without visiting bus station.


Daewoo Express:

It is one of the biggest transport service in Pakistan. It has 60 bus terminals throughout country. In next paragraph I will discuss about online booking of Daewoo.
  • Visit official website of Daewoo Express.https://daewoo.com.pk/
  • Click on purchase ticket.
  • Select your departure city and arrival city.
  • Select departure date and fill the given code.
  • Then click on get schedule.
  • You will see schedule of all buses along with departure time.
  • Reserve your desired seat by clicking on book now button.
  • Then you will asked to create account of Daewoo Express.
  • If you have already account then sign in by providing cell phone number and password.
  • If you don’t have Daewoo Express account then create account by providing all necessary details.
  • You can also do this whole procedure on mobile app. 
  • User can download Daewoo Express mobile app from Google play store or iOS store.

How to book bus ticket online through easypaisa Jazz mobile account and debit card,credit card

Bilal Travel:

It is also one of the best transport service of Pakistan. It is also operating in different cities of Pakistan. How to book seat on Bilal Travel.
  • First of all visit official website of Bilal Travel.http://bilaltravel.pk/
  • Select departure time and date and click on submit button.
  • Then click on book me. 
  • Select your desired seat and time and click on continue.
  • Then enter CNIC number, phone number and name of passenger.
  • Select payment method.
  • You can pay via Jazz Cash or easy Paisa.
  • Then pay and your seat will booked.

Road Master:

  • Road Master is also best transport service that is operating in Pakistan.
  • Online booking process is simple and easy.
  • Procedure:
  • Visit official website of Road master.https://www.roadmaster.pk/
  • Select departure time and date.
  • Then click on book now.
  • Select seat number and click on continue. 
  • Then choose payment method and provide name, CNIC number and phone number.
  • Pay amount and click on book now.
  • Note: You can use jazz Cash, Easy Paisa or credit card.

Book me.Pk:

By using service of book me you can book tickets of movie, buses and air ticket. How to buy ticket from bookme.pk.
  • Visit official website of book me.pk
  • Choose departure and arrival destination.
  • Then choose date and time.
  • On next screen you will see bus services and details of tickets.
  • Select desired bus service.
  • Then click on book me and select your desired seat.
  • Enter personal details and enter the payment method.
  • Your booking procedure is finished.
  • Note: You can use jazz cash, easy Paisa or credit card for payment.


  • Visit Official website of easy tickets.pk.
  • Choose departure and arrival destination.
  • Then select date and time.
  • Then choose bus service and select desired seat.
  • Enter personal details and payment method.
You can use jazz cash, easy Paisa or credit card for payment.
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