How to Delete Snack Video Account Permanently – Close your Snack Video Account

 Today we are going to explain how to delete snack video account with easy simple steps. If you don’t know how to permanently delete a Snack video account, then this article for you. Because we’ve shown you easy ways to delete a snack video account from your mobile. Tired of using your snack video account, and thus want to cancel (close) or deactivate your account? Don’t worry if the above is the right place because here you can learn how to activate or deactivate (close) the account.


The Snack Video app works just like the Snack Videos app, but you can make a lot of money. The Snack Videos app was launched in 2020 but in 2021 after the blockbuster app went viral in Pakistan. Tik Ttok and pay for the app and snack app to make short videos like this, but talk about this free cast and snack videos app has this option and like many other invited friends, the app App daily and share links to check functions. , Which we will discuss in detail in this article, but first we will have to delete  snack Videos app that will tell you.


How to Delete Permanently Snack Video Account ?

We are Share very easy method to delete snack video account just follow steps in below.
  • Firstly Open Snack Video app then click on profile icon.
  • Now You have show your profile click on them settings option top right corner show.
Now you have show all option your phone Just click on account protection option.


  • After you have show option account deletion option in below just click on them.
  • After Open New Page Frist Read carefully all details then click on “please click confirm if you decide to continue” option after click on it Confirm. 


  • Now You can choose any reason for leaving then Click on  Delete My Account Button.
  • Now it will ask you to confirm it, tap it again to be sure click.
Now after the account is deleted there will be a 30 day cooling off period. if you change your mind and log in within the 30 days period you can choose reactivate the your account.
If the account is not activated with in the 30 days period then your account permanently closed.

Second Method  to Close your Snack app Account 

In case cannot work above method then you follow this method.
  • First of all open Snack video app and Click on Profile option.

  • After open your Profile just click on them settings option top right corner.


  • Now you have show many options on your screen just click on feedback option.


  • Now again open new page with many options Questions.  Click on Other Questions option.


  • After you have show Question “how to delete My account” Just Click on it.


  • Now you have show two option Resolved & Unresolved click on unresolved button.
  • after click on turn to custom option.


  • You just Type your problem after 72 hours deleted your account.
About Snack Video App
The Snack Video app was launched in 2020, but it was popular and working in Pakistan in 2021 after the blockbuster of Tik Tok videos in Pakistan. This app is about Kauai Country China app that is made. Kauai app was made by Chinese company. But Snack Video’s private policy in the Google Play Store was registered in the name of Joyo Technology Pvt. Ltd. The company was registered in Singapore. Snack video was used in many countries but  Maybe it was blocked in India.
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