Best 20+ games action offline for Android and iOS without the Internet 2023

in this article we are going to give to best offline games list for android and iOS Modern smartphones are good not only because they can be used to call, chat and take pictures. These gadgets without any problems allow us to play most modern projects, starting with casual and ending with full fledged  games with a complex story and cool graphics.True, most applications have one critical drawback  a mandatory connection to the Internet, otherwise you will not go further than the screensaver.

Are all products like that? Fortunately not. We bring to your attention the top games on Android without the Internet. Here you will find races, and RPGs, and shooters, and even strategies that you can plunge your head into for several hours. Most projects are also available for iOS platforms, so Apple users will not feel offline action games for android 2023.

This genre is the best suited for offline format. Many applications are aimed at providing you with opponents, cool locations, powerful cars and interesting gameplay that will drag on for several hours. Everyone wants to feel like a virtuoso racer on a tuning car from premium brands. Racing gives such a chance. The main thing is to choose your type of racing and check the availability of a gyroscope on your smartphone.

games action offline for Android and iOS without the Internet list

1.Drift Max Pro

In this game, all the fans will find themselves “pile sideways” and “give degrees”, who were driving from a force in childhood and then, by the folder on their knees. As you understand, this is a drift, baby. Then evil cramps burn rubber, enter turns, go around flags like in slalom and just cut circles on an arbitrary map, knocking down cones for the sake of achievements, bonuses and money. You can stick instantly and for several hours.
From the pleasant it is worth noting the developed system of tuning and styling. You can literally change everything, from the body kit to the camber. Only everything is implemented frankly not very, i.e. for any modernization, you must have a sufficient number of tuning cards, but they are always in short supply. Yes, and money, too. And gasoline is limited, as in all free to play projects. We recommend that you play Drift Max only offline, not including Wi-Fi or 4G. Otherwise, advertisements will climb out of all the cracks.


Unlike the previous genre, role playing games are extremely rare in offline format. Much more focused on the MMO component, and therefore offline adventures per se are of interest as something unusual for gourmets. This section contains 3 cool RPGs with an excellent storyline and thoughtful mechanics that will make you think and sweat in battles, sort out palace intrigues, and save a couple of princesses. It will be fun.



2.Rally Racer EVO

Opens the top is a good rally competition simulator, which is imprisoned for a hardcore user. At first glance, everything is simple: gas, brake, left, right. There is a start and finish line, 3 opponents and a difficult track. The fun begins after the first serious turn, when the car easily skips and loses control if you do not lose gas in time and reduce speed. But it seemed so simple.


We strongly recommend that you undergo training to better understand the mechanics. The main career is concentrated in the “license” menu, in addition, for different types of races you need your own car, acquired in the process of passing. Despite offline, in-game purchases are available, i.e. Donat. And the graphics are not the best by the standards of 2023. But the toy is far from visual.

3.Earn to Die 2

The next in the top of the best races on Android and iOS without the Internet is a good runner. You need to literally crush zombies on the road using vehicles that have to regularly pump a gas tank, an engine, or mounted armor with weapons. In other words, do everything possible to advance along the track as far as possible and earn more.
The control is primitive to disgrace: the gas pedal and the buttons of the usual and reverse somersaults, allowing to stabilize the all-terrain vehicle in the air. At later difficulty levels you will have to take off often, so practice. At the end of the stage, a new gravitap with the best characteristics will be waiting for you, which also needs to be upgraded with various tools from the store. There is a donut in the game, but it’s easy to disown it if you periodically watch commercials, thereby earning a couple of extra kopecks.

4.The Dark Book  RPG Offline

Suddenly, one of the best offline RPGs on Android is next in line. The peculiarity of the project is that it really does not require an Internet connection, although this item is literally mandatory for all modern projects. The second advantage is disk space: The full version weighs only 150 MB. Yes, you have to pay for this with modest graphics and the simplest design of locations, but after an hour or two of the game you no longer pay attention to it.
In the story you need to find the very dark book. You will have to play for a skeleton that runs around locations and fights with all undead, periodically getting on a bony neck. From enemies strew armor and hilk. You can also pump talents, skills and other attributes from the world of RPG. The only drawback is armor and weapons that break regularly.

5.Infinity Blade 1/2/3

Once this RPG series was the flagship for all iOS devices and a real test for mobile hardware (unfortunately, no parts were released on Android). The project was one of the first on iOS to receive the Unreal Engine 3 engine from Epic Games. The level of elaboration of graphics, combat system and skills is so impressive that you do not have time to charge the phone.
The gameplay is fairly straightforward and moves in a circle. The hero who has gone through the main plot dies, but all that remains is acquired by overwork. These “belongings” are picked up by another guy from the family tree and begins the story again. Each hero is remembered for a long time, especially Arkharin and the very Tsar God who does not give rest to Cyris. Definitely 10 out of 10. It is a pity that Epic Games deleted the project and you have to download it by workarounds.

6.Guns of Survivor

the top action megapathic shooter-survivor, which talks about the post apocalypse. Another virus, zombies around, a chosen man with an endless magazine of ammunition and a secret laboratory ala Resident Evil. If you temporarily turn off the brain, arm yourself with a magazine, grenades and an additional battery, you can have a great time at least 3-4 hours of free time. Because it’s sticky.
What awaits you? Various guys who are going to gobble up everything that moves badly. Huge bosses to fight which need more or less tactics. Puzzles and secret loopholes of varying degrees of intricacy. In terms of meaning, the project has not far gone from the once awesome slasher Implosion, but they also give a shot. But most importantly – the movement never stops. Otherwise, they eat it like in Doom.

What are the main elements of action games?

  • Many activities
  • Regular tasks
  • Tests and quests.
Sometimes there is so much content that you get tired of the product. But in the case of this section there are no frills or frank semi-finished products, which literally last for 15 minutes. Shoot the cops, feel like a real James Bond-style spy, or strain your brains with another riddle and miscalculation of steps? Everything is possible.

7.Grand Theft Auto

Who remembers the days when San Andreas slowed down on computers? Most of you were a nightmare stick at that time. But today you can play one of the best action games on iOS and Android without an internet connection. Cool yours, dear ones, CJ is ready to unravel the tangle of mysterious murders in which his family is involved, and he himself was accused by mistake.
Does the gameplay need an introduction? Unlikely. This is a hell of a mix of action, racing simulator, chasing from cops, mini-games (gym of course) and crazy Russian localization, which has already become a separate meme. Oldfags also remember that CJ can swim and it helps a lot when passing. But we know what you will do in the good old Los Santos.

8.death point

This game is able to gobble up and spit out any casual who downloaded the application for the sake of pampering. The stealth was inspired by such legends of the genre as Metal Gear Solid and Hitman, so the hardcore is provided and rewards the player with interest. The plot is epic to the utmost: World War III, the army broke up into groups. The endless war for power forces Mark Poynter every now and then to save his life and rescue a wonderful partner.
And ahead of them is a train of enemies, security cameras, roadblocks and barriers. You will not pass ahead – they will shoot. So we move silently, go behind us, cut out the enemy and run to the next save point. For back rooms, dead spots and “dead” nickels, you have to literally pray. All fans will tickle their nerves the toy will appeal to.

9.Deus Ex GO

You can call this product a full game, but with reservations. In a good way, this is a springboard between Human Revolution and Mankind Divided, made in the already familiar session format, like Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO. Many will be pleased with the fact that in a mobile strategy with elements of stealth and action, you can farm the real praxis, which is useful in the “desktop” Mankind Divided if you buy a seasonal pass.
The gameplay is still the same turn-based strategy as “bald” and “Jolie”, but already in the corporate style of Deus Ex. The protagonist, oddly enough, is Adam Jensen, who will investigate the murder of the head of a company that produces military augmentations. The session is not very difficult, but it is addictive.

10.European war 4

If you skipped history lessons at school, or vice versa, deeply delved into the topic, but don’t agree with the “canon”  try the brainchild from EASY, which will redraw the territorial borders of 18th-century Europe a great number of times. The global turn-based strategy is designed for that. Play will be for the very one that is cognac, and cake and cat breed.
Bonaparte’s fate is in limbo. You are not supposed to be on the cutting edge of the status, and therefore you have to lead the army on the map and be friends with diplomacy. In addition to Napoleon, you can choose from a dozen prominent political figures, including Washington, Nelson and even Kutuzov. You need to walk carefully, with the arrangement and reflection of each step. The game is not for everyone, but it does not become less interesting from this.



11.Defense Zone 3

Another local masterpiece in the genre of Tower Defense, and already the third part of the series, so the gameplay is polished to a mirror shine. Trikvel was created under the influence of the wishes of the players, and therefore the developer pampers us not only with good graphics and detail. Here and amazing dynamics, and complex offensive routes, and tough timings for building a defense and the usual lack of resources for “this gun.”
The player has at his disposal familiar turrets, towers, mines, an air strike and even a couple of nuclear bombs, just in case. The main task is to prevent the enemy from reaching the rear. In the beginner mode, the game is quite easy, but more difficult levels require knowledge of the armor, troops, the pros and cons of each gun, as well as a good memory for prices. 8 types of trunks, 5 types of upgrades, dynamics and adrenaline are waiting. Well, donat, where would it be without him.

12.Sky Rusher

Timekillers have always been the main gaming niche for smartphones. This game on Android and iOS without an Internet connection is an excellent killer of time during trips, painful expectations and not only. The gameplay is as simple as possible: you control a schematic spaceship that must fly through the tunnel at high speed from point A to point B.
Everything would be fine, but with each level the complexity of the tunnel increases and new obstacles appear (beams, rails). Crashing into them is naturally impossible, for death. Complicates the situation and the management of the fingers, as in most cases, you yourself close the review. Apparently the developers know a lot about perversions, but the runner is definitely worth it.

13.Super Starfish

Quite funny but frankly children’s game about the adventures of fish in space. We do not know how the developers were inspired and why this particular surroundings was chosen. At the heart of the gameplay we have the following
blue fish or green jellyfish – 1 piece; an aquarium, which must be built up and get bonuses for it; wise seashell giving various boosts; boundless space with stars and shells to be collected; various obstacles on the way (suns, meteors, rocks).
Initially, it seems that the gameplay is primitive, but the farther, the more often you have to maneuver between obstacles, collecting stars and creating combos. If you discard the cartoon graphics, you have a cool time killer.

14.PAKO Forever

We all played catch-ups in childhood. At the same time, there was always a guy in the company who ran slowly, but dodged so abruptly that annoyed everyone around him. Why are we doing this? At PAKO you will do exactly the same. There are only 2 differences: the main character is not a man, but a car, and it is required to evade police cars, tacking along a site densely planted with trees.
Your main task is to hold out as long as possible and not crash anywhere. Police traffic crawls out of all the cracks, it is more and more difficult to dodge each time. You can push a car among themselves, dodge and hide behind trees, move a snake and as you like. But the first blow and it all starts anew. Check how much you have in the next race.

15.Sky Gamblers

Tired of swimming? How do you like the flight simulator. And not a typical arcade game, in which click on the display and the rudders with a gyroscope. Everything is serious here: the second world, authentic technique, hardcore mechanics and minimal knowledge of the hardware, in order to launch a flyer into the sky. The cockpit is beautifully drawn, the graphics evoke only positive emotions, and the effects, explosions and smoke are as realistic as if you were watching a YouTube video.
In single player mode (and there is also multiplayer) you can entertain yourself with at least 9 modes, including campaign, flag capture and base defense. Well, it’s worth driving with bots if you are tired of undermining the Fritz. The only thing: control is demanding on the skill and quality of the accelerometer. If you play on a state employee, you simply won’t make many chips. Fortunately, there is an alternative in the face of pedals.

16.The Pirate: Plague of the Dead

I would like to complete the top with offline games on Android with a full storyline, campaign and a developed selection system. Let’s start with a sandbox in the style of pirate battles. The game will play for the experienced filibuster Jack Rackham, who will use the ancient half-forgotten voodoo magic to resurrect the “same” Flying Gang and meet with the terrible Inquisition.
Each captain gives the ship special achievements (gold, defense, attack, tactics). One of them even knows how to summon the Kraken from the depths. The world is seamless, there are almost no screensavers and downloads. The dynamics of changing weather, lighting and time of day also cause positive emotions. Despite the possibility of playing online, single-player passing is much more interesting and brings more pleasure.

17.Shadow Blade Zero

Have you played Prince of Persia on an old NES or Dendy? Then this platformer will go just a bang. He has the same style of storytelling, the same cool dynamics, cool elaboration of locations and more. The feeling that something will fly out of the wall, floor and ceiling and press down / cut / pierce constantly does not leave. Well, dislike for timings put a bullet in the passage of this masterpiece.
The main character is a ninja who must deliver a letter to the teacher. However, it is not reported in any way where the spikes, lasers, enemies and other “minor difficulties” came from. There are 10 different ways to deal with the problems that have arisen: either create a pirouette, then wave a katana, or jump on the walls. And sometimes it’s worth the time to calculate, otherwise you won’t slip. You can control either buttons or swipe. At the same time, the second option is implemented so cool that you don’t even want to return to the “classic”. One cant – the game is paid.

18.Alto’s Odyssey

Well, what is the top cool game for Android without an Internet connection without platformers. But this list includes only first-class projects in the spirit of this. The gameplay of Alto is extremely simple: you roll on a board in the desert, collect coins, complete quests inside the level and dodge obstacles. Bored? We would not say that, because not everything lies on the surface.
The first pitfall is miniature obstacles that are easy to miss at speed. The second problem is mini-tasks that must be completed without fail. If you have not completed at least 1 mission out of 3, you will have to go through the level anew. The toy trains motility, mindfulness and distracts from pressing problems. And all this is completely free.


This platformer first saw the light almost 10 years ago on Windows and was so popular that it sold in huge print runs around the world. The port for smartphones remained only a matter of time. The game has a colossal fan base and amazing gameplay, addictive for several hours in a row. And even despite the black-and-white picture, primitive rendering and the absence of sounds, this adventure wants to be completed.
The main character is a boy falling into limbo, a kind of purgatory between Hell and Paradise. He does not know anything: how he got here, what this place is, what to do and where to run. You have to come to everything intuitively. Is there a ledge in this section? Surely he will have to come back, running away from the boulder. Trap on the road? But not to lure him to that huge spider? A series of deadly traps changes in complex puzzles and so on ad infinitum. The toy is definitely not for casuals. In addition, it’s also paid, alas.

20.Galaxy on fire 2

The last on the list, but not in importance, is a space simulator in the spirit of EVE Online and Star Trek, but for one person. The main character is an inveterate pilot, whom ours love and are afraid of “strangers.” Its main task is to clean the cosmos of various biomass, pirates and smugglers of all stripes. After another such hunt, they got into the ship’s engine and the character entered a forgotten galaxy in God, also for 35 years into the future.


Management is implemented perfectly. Just 10-15 minutes of getting used to is enough to feel like in home training. The gameplay is pretty standard: a huge world, several sectors and a hyper-hop function like in Mass Effect for flying to distant systems. There is a change of ships, updates, turrets and other buns. And if you get confused and collect the drawings, it will be generally good.
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