List Of Best Electric Cars In Pakistan

Today I have talk about the different types of cars that are run on electricity and it is pollution-free for the whole environment in Pakistan.These electric cars are more useful for the next generation of Pakistan and more useful thing about these cars is that it is totally smoking-free and it is environmentally friendly in Pakistan.It will boost the automobile industry and provide a pollution-free environment. Due to the changing weather in Pakistan day by day, the car manufacturing company in Pakistan is well aware of this big problem.

To overcome on this problem the automation of cars are decided that they will promote the electric cars industry in Pakistan and will make the environment friendly cars that will be running on electricity and with this method they can provide the best environment for living.And they decided to break off the centralized oxidization engine.And the good thing in these electric cars is that it consumes less amount of support and also the other good thing in these cars is that it more exceptional than the combined cars in Pakistan.

So in the Pakistan, the production of the electric vehicles in Pakistan is now to be appreciate due to the Government of Pakistan has authorized to change the Electric Vehicle Policy in the halfway of 2020.The Government approved the policy to be set down the basic information that is required for the architect to apologize the presentation of electric vehicles in Pakistan.The main and important point of this idea is to about 30 percent cars are to be running on electricity to cover the pollution and smoking in Pakistan by the end of 2030.

A car that is considered as the best electric car in the world today must be not only a well-functioning, comfortable, and safe vehicle but also one which has all the features you need from a luxury car like air conditioning and wireless charging capabilities. However, with good reason, there are plenty of choices out there. It’s worth it to know exactly what type of vehicle fits your needs. Here, we have made it easy for you and listed top best electric cars in Pakistan. Let us check them!

List of Top Best Electric Cars in Pakistan

With the passing of time, the Pakistan is quiet very hang back in a very great degree of manufacturing the vehicles running on electricity due to support of the Government of Pakistan.There are 9 types of electricity cars in Pakistan that you can be purchase for your using at this time or you can purchase in the next few years in Pakistan.

(1)Crown Electric Cars

(2)Zotye Z100

(3)Audi e-Tron


(5)BMW iX


(7)Infiniti Q90

(8)Porshe GTI

(9)Toyota FT60

(1) Crown Electric Car

The Crown Group of Companies is decided that it has now  to be present the electricity vehicles in the main two modified model in Pakistan with the minimum amount that is in the tune of the people to purchase their preferred car.And the good thing about these cars is that it is very good for the young generation in Pakistan and they can easily purchase these models according to their choice.

These cars are made due to the pollution in the environment from the those cars that are running on fuel.These models of cars are best due to the environment friendly and smoke free.The Crown company basically started his business in the year of 1963 and in the starting it made only the autoparts of vehicles.In the past year the Crown company focused on to started new projects of the electronic cars according to the time frame.The company is now to be present their new two models in the market of Pakistan are:

  • With the capacity of 3 seats cars
  •    With the capacity of 4 seats cars

Crown Electric Cars (3-seater)

The crown company is to be present the first variant of the Crown Electric Cars has to be in the shape of 3 seats with the large capacity of BLDC motor with the 1200 watts electricity engine.The company is provide the battery in the shape of evaporated lead acid(Lithium) and also with the facility of 60V/80Ah/4.8 kWh.It can travel the distance of 80-85 Kilometers with the capacity of full charging.This variant of vehicle is at good with the speed limit is reached to be 40-45 Kilometers in 1 hour of time.And the company is expected the total price is only 1.20 Rupees for the 1 Kilometer of distance.

The company price of the new variant of the capacity of 3 seats car is to be the only 5,70,0000 Rupees in Pakistan.

Crown Electric Car ( 4 seats capacity)

The Crown Company is presented the 2nd variant of the Electric car in the market with the facility of 4 seats and this new variant of car engine (BLDC Motor 1200W) is similar with the 1st variant of electric car. Although, this variant of electric car is same to same in all the components with the 1st variant of Crown Electric Car but the difference in these two variants is only the capacity of seats which is 4 in this variant.

The purchasing amount of this 4 seater Crown Electric Car is 6,30,000 Rupees in Pakistan. Its price is little more than the first variant of Electric car.

(2) Zotye Z100

In the Pakistan, Zotye Z100 is the first ever Electric car  with the capacity of the 1000cc which is to be presented in the market. The company that is the first lead company in the Pakistan that make vehicles running with electricity was established with the combination of China supporting name is “Topsun Motors”. For the first time in Pakistan Zotye Company opened his Showrooms to start his business in the January 2020 in the city of Lahore. The Topsun Motors is introduced the 4 new models of electric cars in Pakistan including the Hatchback model and the other 3 are JMC model in the market.

Zotye Z100 is basically the capacity of 1000cc Hatchback mode and other JMC model has presented two new versions that are: first version is the single cabin and the second version is double cabin.

In the starting the Zotye Z100 company declared the price is 14,90,000 Rupees in Pakistan.The amount for the  1st version of JMC model with single cabin is 29,50,000 Rupees and the amount of the 2nd version of JMC model with double cabin is 39,50,000 Rupees. The  amount for other model of Electric car JMC Vigus 2.4 L is 50,15,000 Rupees in Pakistan.

(3) Audi e-Tron

Basically,the Electric Car of Audi e-Tron was to be the start up by Audi company of Pakistan in the date of March 2020. This model of car is totally running on electricity and the other thing is half sized comfortable car which is crossed the SUV model that is the first impression of Audi company in the field of Electric Vehicles. This Audi e-Tron model is to be the capacity of 71 kWh lithium-ion battery and other good thing for this model is that it 50 Quattro. This Electric car can travel upto the 300 Kilometers distance in only one time charging. It uses the double motor system and with the help of this system it gives the capacity of 4 wheels for to drive a car.

For the more usage, this new Electric car model has build in the 22 kW charging method for the car at the home and with the help of this method you can full charge your car in the period of only 5-6 hours of time. It also provide you another facility of 11 kW easily carried charger and you can easily connect it to any kind of AC power socket to charge your vehicle in few time. This model of Electric car can covered the speed of 200 kilometers per hour. This model also provide you to lot of  assurance contents.

The Audi company declared the price for Audi e-Tron is about to 1,65,80,000 Rupees in Pakistan.

(4) MG ZS EV

In the Pakistan, MG ZS EV company is now to be started their business in the auto industry of Pakistan. This amazing model of Electric car is little bit crossed the SUV model.

It provide you the facility of 44.5 kWh battery linement with the help of only one motor that charge the front wheel of the vehicle. The company give you the facility of this car range the limit of 262 Km. You can easily and fast charged it with the help of Combined of Charged System (CSS) at the limit of 80 kW DC power for your car.

At the home you can also easily and immediately charged your car with the other method Type II 7.4 kWh AC charger. This model of Electric car is come in the market with lots of powerful facilities likely to be the lights are to be switched on day, parking sensors and the other thing is in car infotainment system for the mobile phones of like Apple and Android. The Audi company is now to thinking for the production of electric vehicles in the Pakistan.

The company declared the MG ZS EV car price in the Pakistan is 6,000,000 Rupees.

(5) BMW iX

In the Pakistan the another model of Electric car BMW iX is very in the starting stage in the market and this model of Electric car presented in the November of 2020. This model of car is under the Germany and this comfortable model of car provide you the facility of 100 kWh battery. It travel upto 600 Kilometres per hour according to the statement of company. This model is basically consist 4 wheels of car and it’s motor set up system is as the same of the Audi e-Tron system. This model of Electric car provides you two charging system for your vehicle: first one is the 200 kW DC fast charger and the other system is 11 kW AC charger.

You can easily and fast charged your car with the help of this fast speed charging system, it can charged your car 10 to 80 % in the little time of 40 minutes. In this model company provide you the facility of 5G technology, sensors, camera and driver aid suite for your security and so on.

The expected price of BMW iX is about to be 26,990,000 Rupees in Pakistan.

(6) Mercedes-AMG

This model is not only an exciting and reliable way to drive and commute but one which is quite affordable. The fact that this powerplant comes with a very fast 0-60 mph time of 8.4 seconds means that even after long drives, you can’t help but get a better sense of speed than ever with this engine. If you also consider the fact that AMG isn’t one of the most expensive manufacturers, then you’ll want to keep an eye on the quality of the construction and durability of this car, and it certainly is at the right price.

Moreover, if we talk about reliability and fuel economy, this is one of the worst performers in the segment. Its acceleration times aren’t that great either, so if that’s something you’re looking for, you might want to reconsider buying this car just yet. Regardless, in many ways, if you’re someone who likes to spend a lot of money on luxury cars, chances are that your first choice will be the GLC 250E, and here’s why.

(7) Infiniti Q90

To begin, let’s start with what makes this one of the best electric cars in Pakistan. Well, it was announced by Ford that they would soon introduce their own new flagship supercar called “Infinity Q90”. According to the company itself, “Infinity Q90 is more powerful than any other production car, driving down the track at a top rate of 200 miles per hour (mph) and reaching speeds up to 600 mph (or 1,000 kilometer per hour) over a range of over 2 million miles.”

Not bad for having to push around 2 million people at an extreme 1,000 km/h in an environment where they need no less than 500 km/h to reach home. Another thing? Most interestingly, nobody knows exactly how much it will cost! But it should give you comfort knowing that you’ll never find a cheaper option. All that said, you can take advantage of the fact that this is an excellent value car to acquire this particular electric car. There are two main components of this car which can drive you through city streets, without feeling claustrophobic or uncomfortable. One is the battery pack, which uses a small lithium-ion battery that’s claimed to last up to 30 hours for maximum usage.

The second component is that the entire system runs on electricity, making it suitable for use in colder weather conditions. This makes this car one of the best Electric Vehicles for those who can afford its higher price tag, while still being able to handle cities and towns with ease on public transportation. As far as environmental factors go, both things are excellent too, since the battery pack is very sustainable due to the large number of cells inside this pack. So, it’s really quite good to see that both environmental aspects work together and are one of the reasons why I think this is one of the finest gas and diesel-run vehicles to buy.

(8) Porshe GTI

It may seem confusing at first to see this name alongside another brand. When explaining this name, we’d like to point out that the Italian automaker known as Porshe was founded back in 1896 in Turin and has since become synonymous with racing and the development of electric cars. Currently, Porshe produces and develops many types of automobiles, including sports cars, and has gone further than almost anybody else by creating a brand with only two words on it – “Ferrari” and “Tauri”.

It’ll be worth noting that Ferrari is famous for producing extremely high-quality, state-of-the-art cars, and that includes their experimental and ultra-racing brands. What makes Porshe’s reputation stand out in my opinion is the fact that they produce both motorsports and energy cars, as opposed to the normal automakers who produce a single line of cars with a limited range only accessible via gasoline cars.

 To put it simply, as stated earlier, Porshe doesn’t use fossil fuels, meaning that they cut down on pollution, produce cleaner air and generate lower emissions. Needless to say, it’s very important to note the fact Porshe has been in business for over 100 years. To sum it all up, the fact that not only does Porshe produce high-end electric vehicles, it goes further still and produces sport cars that produce exceptional efficiency that are often seen by customers. Hence, it’s no surprise that we see this brand among the best electric cars in Pakistan.

(9) Toyota FT60

While I personally love some of the traditional Japanese manufacturers and the cars in general, I’ve always had a soft spot for local electric car makers. Whether it’s because of their focus on green initiatives and sustainability, or their eco-friendly image in the media, their legacy remains strong. More specifically, Toyota is one of China’s biggest automobile manufacturers, and it’s the largest automaker outside of Europe.

Their most recent project was the FT60 hybrid of which the company will unveil in 2019. Now, this hybrid is basically a hybrid of electric cars. Aside from owning a Toyota, you’ll also receive the benefits of an advanced five-cylinder engine (with an output of 120 horsepower), and an automatic transmission that shifts gears. Additionally, Porshe’s developed the battery that’ll power this hybrid, which boasts a capacity of up to 50 kilometers of driving range.

With the passage of time in the future the Electric car market is to be very highly developed in Pakistan. There are many developments to be set down and progress to be set in this industry. Many projects are to be signed between the Pakistan companies and the foreign countries’ developers for the production of electric vehicles in Pakistan. Likely, Nissan, Renault, and Hyundai company also shown their positive response to be launched the Electric vehicles in Pakistan.

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