Easy Paisa introduces biometric verification devices & Increases The limit up to 50’000.

Easypaisa is Pakistan’s largest branchless banking company. They have simplified the money transfer process by introducing biometric verification. The limit _ To send or Receive _ for customers has also been increased from PKR 15,000 to PKR 50,000. These verification devices will be available on a wide network of Easypaisa retailers across Pakistan.

Mohammad Yahya Khan, Head of Easypaisa said the process would help ensure real-time verification. He said:

 “Know Your Customer with Biometric Verification (KYC) is available anywhere in the world. Easypaisa is ensuring In_Time verification of customers and using the latest technology to help our humbled customers. Easypaisa transfer limits will deal with the growing customers of the market who want to spend more money, therefore taking advantage of the real potential of the branchless banking industry in Pakistan will increase the reach and confidence of consumers.

Benefits of Biometric Verification Device: 

Pakistan’s famous mobile financial services users had made many requests to increase the limit earlier. Before a user was able to send or receive 15,000 PKR a month. Now, one user will be able to avail of the advance limit of up to PKR 50,000 in one month. This process will meet the financial needs of the people.

Easypaisa retailers confirm that the customer’s CNIC has not expired and has not been blocked by the government with the addition of biometric verification devices.

Moreover, people who used to be afraid of using the EasyPaisa service due to sharing their CNIC copies.

They will now find it easier to use these services without any hesitation.

Nowadays in Pakistan, around 20000 Easy Paisa retailers are trained by Easy Paisa company for the help of Easy Paisa customers. These retailers will also assist customers with the transfer and receiving of funds.

 As time goes on, the number of retailers’ training facilities will increase rapidly.

Biometric authentication of EasyPaisa is important for all users who receive official SMS through the EasyPaisa number.

The increase in the limit of regular accounts by the government of Pakistan is a big step.


Officials will verify your account free of charge through the biometric system. We’ve outlined the complete process here with step-by-step details on this page in the following.

Many people are receiving SMS from EasyPaisa Helpline. SMS warns users to update (confirm) their accounts from nearby franchises.

So this is the only way to physically update your account. For EasyPaisa Biometric Verification Visit the nearest EasyPaisa franchise with your CNIC card.

Now ask the agent to reverify your account with your CNIC number. They will also take the user’s thumbprint and update it according to the details.

The account will be upgraded to Level 1 with EasyPaisa biometric verification. With this feature, basic account limits are automatically removed.

DisAdvantages of non-verified Accounts:

If a user did not verify his Account Through the biometric verification device he will face some difficulties.

It will also close accounts that are not in use and are working without a device.

However, this is another case.

Why should customers verify their Account??

The point of our discussion is “VERIFICATION” and the next step??

Why should we verify? Now the question arises as to why an average user verifies his account through biometric verification??

This is due to the terms and conditions of the company. The company will update the terms and conditions in the New Year 2022. If a user does not Verify his account by biometric verification and still uses the account, the company will close the account after 1 warning.

Therefore, it is important to complete this process for all prepaid users who are currently using this service.

E- challan & E-App

Sending or receiving money through this app is very useful. E-challan payment method through Easypaisa with step-by-step details is much easier.

 Benefits of the update With this update will be awesome. The app will start working directly more efficiently. And you get better results in EasyPaisa transactions.

On the other hand, registering in the verification process also increases the maximum transaction limit. Update the link.


Update it.

Ali Riaz Chaudhry, President, and CEO of Tamir Microfinance Bank added that this process would ensure transparency of transactions. He said:

in rural and urban areas

“It is a network of over 75,000 retailers. Easypaisa has been the most popular and successful Over Counter(OTC) money transfer service.

That handles 650,000 transactions daily. Introducing biometric methods of identification Conducting further enhances transparency, the safety of transactions and will make it easier.


Results go to your nearest franchise or EasyPaisa help center And verify your account in a few steps.

Be a responsible user so that you can continue to use this app in the future.

In contrast, unverified accounts will be blocked by the authorities.


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