What is the meaning of Dobi in Gujarati language?

What do you know about Dobi in Gujarati language?
What is the meaning of Dobi in Gujarati?

Basically, Dobi is faminine words. That is used for Doba. This word is used for those people who behaves like silly and makes silly mistakes. Babuchak is same word as Dobi. This word is also used for men who is unmarried. Dobi also means dumb. Each language has different symbolic words that is used for addressing. These words represents some special character.

What is meaning of Dhobi in English language?

It is countable noun. This word is widely used in different countries like India, Malay and Easy Africa. Meaning of Dhobi in these countries is a man who earns money by washing clothes of other people. Dhobi has separate shop where he displayed washed clothes and receive unwashed clothes. Dhobi washes clothes at separate place.

What do you know about laundry person?

On commercial level word laundries is used. This word is used for those people who launders money. This word is not related to washing of clothes. If someone is working in laundry and washes a clothes we can say him laundry worker. But we can called him laundress or launderers.

Is Dhobi is known as lower caste?

Word Dhobi is derived from Hindi word dhona. Dhona means to wash. They are also considered as Untouchable. This is considered as lowest caste.

Is Das is known as lower caste?

Word Das is used by Badiya. Badiya is the caste of Bengal. This is also used as surname. This surname is used by Gupal and Karan castes. This word is also used by Barhamins. Most people of India and Pakitsan belongs to Barhamins caste.

Is Chamar a Sikh?

Basically it is the subgroup of Sikh. It was originated from Julaha. Julaha is the caste of Hindu weavers. Those Sikhs who belongs to lower or backward class are known as Chamar.

What is the highest caste in Sikh religion?

Mazahabis is the highest caste in Sikh religion.

What is the lowest caste in Sikh religion?

Mazahabi Sikhs community is the lowest caste in Sikh religion.

Which caste is one of the highest caste in Punjab?

Khatri of Punjab are considered as highest caste in Punjab. Mostly they are hard-working people. These people are successful in industry and considered as strong businessman. During the partition of sub continent those Sikhs were more educated then other castes of India.

What are the 3 golden rules of Sikhism?

Always remember the God.

Earn money honestly and live honestly.

Promote the charity. Share earning with poor persons.

Why Sikh do not eat meat?

What is the reason behind not eating of meat in Sikh religion?

According to the Guru Gobind Singh meat is prohibited in Sikh religion. They believe that slaughtering of animals is not a good task. According to Guru Nanak that all animals are connected with each other.

What is prohibited in the Sikh religion?

Alcohol is also prohibited in the Sikh religion. Meat is also prohibited in Sikh religion. Sikhs believe that always keep your body free from impurities. Gurdwaras are encouraged to force people to follow the rules of Sikh religion.

Name the five basic pillars of Sukhism ?

There are five basic pillars in Sikh religion.

  • Kirpan ( It is also known as steel sword)
  • Kesh ( It is also known as uncut hairs)
  • Kara ( It is known as bracelet of steel)
  • Kanga ( Wooden comb is known as Kanga)
  • Kaccha ( It is known as underwear of cotton)

What Sikh called God?

Sikh religion is panentheisitic in nature. They believed that there is only one God. Guru Nanak is considered as holy person in Sikh religion. Guru Nanak gave the idea of oneness of God.

Why Sikh can not cut the hairs?

Why cutting of hair is not allowed in Sikh religion?

According to Sikh religion hairs are gift from God. Cutting of hairs is not allowed in Sikh religion. In past many people prefer death because they were forced to cut hairs but they prefer death. No cutting of hair is the emblem of goodwill near Sikh religion.

Is Wahegru a person?

There are two genders in Sikh religion. Some people have two genders. One gender is original and you can say that naturally. Second gender is spiritually. People have choice to select any spiritual gender from male and female.

Wahegru is basically a spiritual husband.

What language is Wahegru?

Wahegru is Punjabi language.

Why is the Mool Manta is important near Sikh community?

Mool Manta consist of twelve different Punjabi words. This is written in Gurmukhi script. This script is popular among Sikhs. This is whole about essential teachings of Guru Nanak. It is succinct statement of Sikh religion.

How many times a day Sikh pray for God?

Sikhs pray five times a day. It is called nitnem bannis.
In the morning
After taking bath
In afternoon time
In evening time
Before going to bed

What are the 3 core duties of Sikh person?

There are three core duties of Sikh person. These three duties are work, pray and Give.

Sikh person should keep God in his mind. He should do this all the time. Nam Japna is other name for this duty.

Kirt Karna is known for earning an honest living.

Charity and other social works are included in Vand Chakkna. Sharing with others is also known as Vand Chakkna.

What is the difference between Hindu and Sikh?

Is there any difference between Hindu and Sikh?

Both are Indian religions. Hindu religion has a prehistoric origin. While Sikhism has origin from the 15th century. Sikhism was originated from Guru Nanak. In both regions, there are different interpretations.

Do Hindus and Sikhs get along?

Yes, both can exist peacefully.


In this informative article, I discussed different terminologies and facts about Sikhism in simple language. If you have any information related to Sikhism you can do comment in the comment box.

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