Djuice internet Packages Daily Three Weekly and Monthly 2023

 Telenor is the largest mobile telecom companies in the world operating in
Scandinavian, eastern Europe and Asia. Also, djuice telenor is providing a
different 4g package to its customers. Today, in this article, I am going to
write djuice telenor  prepaid and postpaid telenor 4g Internet package.
So let’s start it now. It is provide full details of djuice telenor 4g
Internet complex. Djuice has a wide range of Internet packages available as
per the customer needs, one of the best services available in Pakistan.

 djuice was available in Sweden, Norway and Malaysia, New Zealand,
Thailand, Thailand and Hungary.

Its juice was launched in Norway and Hungary in 2005 in Bangladesh, 2006 in
Pakistan and Montenegro. Juice was launched in October 2006 by the telenor
group in Pakistan. telenor djuice is the second largest network of Pakistan.
That is, the Bengali New Year. On April 14, 2007, djuice Bangladesh has a
talent hunt show in its puranduras Bangladesh, called the dropstar, who is
looking for the country for a rock band.

In 2012, brand – deras was merged with telenor and all accounts of dris
customers were seized by telenor, which made them many unsatisfied clients.
Ukraine ‘s mobile operator kwestar, citing the need for uniting all of its
brands, discontinued offer of a mobile plan under the brand name


In this article we will give you information that Djuice internet package
daily, weekly and monthly
by using codes. This internet offer is valid for
both Telenor Talkshawk and Djuice SIM.

Djuice Telenor Daily Three Weekly and Monthly Packages


Djuice Daily Internet Package

Telenor can choose three different packages of your choice for prepaid
customers, the first telenor is the daily light bundle that brings you the
best class 4g with better speed and cheaper rates.



Djuice 4G Daily internet Package Price: Rs. 15 incl. tax Information: Internet data 250 MB  Validity: 1 Day How Subscribe: Dial *13#
Djuice Daily YouTube Package Price: Rs. 8 incl. Tax Information: 500 MB data for Youtube Validity:1 day (till midnight) How Subscribe: Dial *60#
Djuice Raat Din Offer Price: Rs. 18 incl. tax Information:  1.5 GB internet data Validity: 12 Hours (12AM – 12PM) How Subscribe: Dial *150#



Djuice 3 Days Internet Package

The telenor is also submitting two three days Internet package. in a
proposal you all have rs 1000 MB * 4g Internet for 3 days call and SMS on
any network. offers balance. on the other hand, 4g 3 day bundle offers you
best speed and affordable rates. let’s have a look at:
Djuice 4G 3 Days internet Package Price: Rs. 44 incl. tax Information: Internet data 1000MB (incl. 500MB 12AM to
Validity: 3 Days How Subscribe: Dial *32#
Djuice Days all in one Package Price: Rs. 52 incl. Tax Information: 50MB + 100MB for WhatsApp, Twitter &
Facebook+ Onnet 250 Minutes Offnet 25 Minutes
Validity:3 days  How Subscribe: Dial *5*3#

Djuice Weekly Internet Package

Djuice Weekly telenor 4g Internet package for prepaid customers also.
packages are valid for 7 days. let’s take a look at them
Djuice 4G  Weekly Internet Max Package Price: Rs. 50 incl. tax Information: Internet data 30Gb Validity: 7 Days (12AM to 9AM) How Subscribe: Dial *19#
Djuice Weekly 6 to 6 Offer Price: Rs. 55 incl. Tax Information: 4000 MB Validity: 7 days  (6AM to 6PM) How Subscribe: Dial *71#
Djuice 4G Weekly Super Package Price: Rs. 110 incl. tax Information: 4000MB (incl. 2000MB 1AM to 11AM) Validity: 7 days  How Subscribe: Dial *288#
Djuice Weekly Internet All In One internet Package Price: Rs. 130 incl. tax Information: Internet 1500 MB Onnet 1000 Offnet 50 Min Validity: 7 days  How Subscribe: Dial *345*75#
Djuice 4G Weekly Ultra internet Package Price: Rs. 185 incl. tax Information: Internet data 8GB + 1GB Goonj Validity: 7 days  How Subscribe: Dial *336#
Djuice 4G Mega Weekly Easy Card internet Package Price: Rs. 222 incl. tax Information: Internet data 10GB (Incl. 5GB 1AM – 11AM) Onnet
2000 Telenor+PTCL minutes Offnet 70 minutes SMS 2000
Validity: 7 days  How Subscribe: Dial *001#
Djuice 4G Weekly Ultra Plus internet Package Price: Rs. 240 incl. tax Information: Internet data 20GB (incl. 10GB 1AM to
Validity: 7 days  How Subscribe: Dial *225#



Djuice Monthly Internet Packages

djuice internet packages monthly offer you the facility for whole 30 days.
here are different internet bundles for prepaid customers.
Djuice 4G Monthly Social Pack Package Price: Rs. 44.50 incl. tax Information: Facebook and WhatsApp 3000 MB + Internet 100
Validity: 30 days  How Subscribe: Dial *911#
Djuice Monthly Social Pack Plus internet Package Price: Rs. 75 incl. tax Information: Internet Facebook and WhatsApp 5,000 MB+SMS
Validity: 30 days  How Subscribe: Dial *660#
Djuice 4G  Monthly Lite internet Package Price: Rs. 150 incl. tax Information: Internet data 2 GB + 1 GB for
Validity: 30 days  How Subscribe: Dial *301#
Djuice 4G Monthly Starter internet Package Price: Rs. 300 incl. tax Information: Internet data 8 GB (incl. 4 GB 1AM to
Validity: 30 days  How Subscribe: Dial *302#
Djuice 4G Weekly Ultra Plus internet Package Price: Rs. 700 incl. tax Information: Internet data 50 GB (incl. 25 GB 1AM to
Validity: 30 days  How Subscribe: Dial *303#


Terms and Conditions
  • Terms and Conditions Applied on Above All Djuice Telenor Daily Three Weekly and Monthly Packages Bundles.
  • If the retailer enters the wrong load amount (other than the defined
    Internet egg load threshold), the transaction will fail and no charges
    will be deducted from the retailer nor the customer will be added.
  • Putting wrong customer mobile number, reversal in Internet will not be
    possible, easy load.
  • membership within validity the offer will be valid for 30 days (not for
    the last day by 23:59 of the last day). If the resources are exhausted
    before the pool ends, the customer will be charged on the 1st MB incal
    tax, when the phone is over, then the value and resource of this bundle
    will vary depending on the geographical location.
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