Disabled Persons Registration card Pakistan


On the 10th of August, 2009,  the Government started a program to in favour of disable or special person. They can apply for Special CNIC now. The project was initiated to help disabled and special persons. Disabled and Special Person can have certain benefits.


According to Disabled Persons (EMPLOYMENT & REHABILITATION) ACT.

According to the Act

“Any” who, due to injury, illness or congenital malformation, is disabled for any lucrative profession or job to earn a living.’ 

The definition includes all kind of disabilities.

Required documents

1.  5 photographs (passport size) 

2. Qualifications If any

3. 2 copies of utility (e. g. Electricity Bil . This is the verification of address)



You will need following documents to proceed for Special CNIC.


  • The original and a copy of identification card of the mother and father of the person applying for the card.
  • Disability certificate of of the applicant.
  •  Both original and the copy of from B (Nadra).
  • While submitting the form one of the parent of of the applicant must be present in the Nadra office.



Benefits  special card

  • In Government Institutions , they have got to pay only 25 % of  tuition fee and in private institution with the ratio of 50%.
  • They have special quota in Federal and Provincial Public  Service Commission and  2 percent quota for employment. 
  • On the Government Utility Store they have the privilege og discount upto 30 percent on purchase.
  • Items like artificial limbs, and hearing devices, and other rehabilitative aids, they have been given exemptions. 
  • With this special CNIC the persons with disabilities can have 50% discount on tickets of Railway and  Air travels.
  • They have privilege of  Insurance shield .
  • Micro-Credit Finance is another privilege by the Government, in the favour of Special and Disabled Persons to start a business.
  • No duty imposed by the government, on the disabled persons to import cars.
  • The stress-free special right to use to person who are having disabilities.
  • Disabled Persons have the facility of wheelchair access to go anywhere.
  • A special area for parking of the vehicles, used by the disabled persons, is required in the structure of building, which is to be built.
  •  No charges will be charged for the medical treatment, if I disabled person gets admission in a Government Hospital.



How to Get the Special CNIC Card

  • After you have visited the PCRDP/NCRDP office or the Social Welfare Office and  got your Disability Certificate , you have to visit the nearest NADRA Office to apply for the card. 
  • Submit  your application with all necessary requirements to apply for a card.( stated above).
  • After a necessary departmental  procedure, you will get your Special CNIC. 



Special CNIC can prove to be a large support for the special or disabled person. But still there are chances that a very large number of special or disabled persons may not be enjoying the privileged for they did not have the information about this privilege.

So special or disabled person must apply for the Special CNIC. And this is the responsibility of every citizen who has the information of this initiative of Government, to inform any special or disabled person, who does not know about the privileges allowed for him.


Persons with Disabilities Apple Computerized National Identity Card Pakistan The following steps through which I obtained this card Special CNIC

In the first phase, you will see it in front of a medical board when you visit the concerned hospital for your medical examination (DHQ), the hospital staff will give you information about the date and date of the medical examination. So use an escalator and a doctor we have a medical exam form available at photoshop shop. (I request the concerned hospital authorities to provide medical check form inside hospital). Handicapped people find it hard to get form. Marble 2. Once you have completed your medical examination, you will go to polytanks and visionary colleges in the second phase, after obtaining the certified medical forms. When you verify these two contract forms, you will go to your office in parliament.


In the third phase, you will be required to submit the form form (intermediary form and certified form in this office from college).

 In the fourth stage, you will go to the social welfare office. Submit an incomplete certified form there and explain the work procedure. Step 5. After connecting these all steps, take all certified form to nadra office in car. explain remaining process in your corner office

There is no fee to make this special card. Pakistan government will provide you backcards for free. Please inform your non – employee officer that I need this disability Special card as a smart card.


You will need four photocopies of your passport size and four photocopies of your simple computerized id card to carry this process forward, so arrange them first, because when you go to the social banner office in the last stages, you can paste these pictures as social welfare. The 17th standard government officer nada applications should be verified.

Document Requirements Passport Photo Certificate (4) Photographer Bia B Form Four (for applicant under 18 years of age) Simple CNIC (Old Identity Card) Four-digit P-4 Birth Certificate Copy of -1 Matriculation Certificate of P1 Note: (In one week you will receive a special CNIC.


How to Get Khidmat Card for Special Person

As we are discussing special or disabled persons, the topic seems to be incomplete if we do not discuss the scheme launch by the Chief Minister of Punjab, the scheme of Khidmat Card. Through this initiative , the Government of Punjab aims to  support the special or disabled persons financially.


Eligibility criteria

 The Government of Punjab has set the Eligibility Criteria with the help of NADRA database information. ATM Cards will be issued to the members. Government has taken serious steps to make sure this transparency of the eligibility for the Khidmat Card.

The persons who have domicile of Punjab can be eligible. The scheme is programmed for 200,000 persons.


Government has the budget of Rs 2,000,000,000/- for the scheme. The card holders will get RS 3600/- every 3 months. Card holders will get the money from the Bank of Punjab. 


Khidmat card benefits

The card holder will have the following benefits,

  • The card holders will get free Health Insurance.
  • Working Persons will be provided with
  • Loans 
  • free technical education 
  • Wheel Chairs 
  • other related instruments


Requirements for Khidmat card

  • The name and CNIC number of the head of the family.
  • For the eligibility of the card the family must have at least one child reading in primary school.

How to Apply for Khidmat card

To apply online for the Khidmat Card, you need to log in to Registration Site


You can have information to apply for the card, from the nearest Branch of Bank of Punjab.



The Government has taken the steps in right direction for the welfare of Disabled or Special Persons. It is a big support for them. Schemes like Khidmat Card in Punjab  must be introduced in the other provinces also.  Because more initiatives like these are required , in favour of Special ot Disabled persons to help them to become useful part of the society.

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