Top 15+ Best Video editor Apps For Android 2023 | best video editing app for youtube

This article describes the best mobile video production apps of 2021 for amateurs or professionals. Using the best video editing applications means that everyone from amateurs to professionals can participate in movie production using a range of smart devices. If you don’t have a lot of video production kits and no training, these apps are for video editing software for beginners.

best video editors for smartphones and miniature digital cameras, video has become available to anyone. Make a record? You take the device out of your pocket, catch the scene in the frame and press a couple of buttons. But viewing raw, unprocessed videos is not very interesting. And here special editor applications come to the rescue. In our review the best video editors for mobile devices running Android OS.

Top best Free Video Editors list of 2023

1.Adobe Premiere Rush (cross platform)

The best video editing app for short videos Platform: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS | Multitrack Editor: Yes | Direct Export to YouTube: Yes | 4K Support: Yes | Cross-platform

Frankly speaking: Adobe’s professional video editing software (such as Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition) can be a bit daunting at first contact. These tools are powerful, and the learning curve must be quite long, which will discourage newbies. So last October, Adobe introduced Premiere Rush, a product designed for amateurs / professionals who want to quickly process video clips and upload them to social networks.

The application is easy to use and is free to use on iOS, Android and desktop. The application provides four videos and three audio tracks for editing. You can export the video to your local computer or save it to the cloud so it can be accessed on all devices. Overall, this tool does not have the powerful features of Premiere Pro. But if you just make relatively short short videos, it meets all your needs.

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2.lumafusion (ios)

The most professional iOS video editing application Platform: iOS | Multitrack Editor: Yes | Direct Export to YouTube: Yes | 4K Support: Yes
  • powerful functions
  • Simple interface
  • Not free
  • No iCloud sync
If you are looking for professional-grade video editing software on your iPhone or iPad, frankly, LumaFusion is your only option. It is aimed at mobile journalists, filmmakers and video producers who want to capture footage on the move, it provides six video / audio tracks for photos, videos, titles and graphics, and also provides narrative, music and sound effects Six audio tracks. Has an interface familiar to Final Cut Pro users.
LumaFusion has incredible features, providing native support for 4K UHD, insert / overlay functions, key frames, color correction, full support for PAL at 25fps when exporting, full-featured audio mixer; lossless export, supports vertical Videos, advanced title creation tools and more. However, it should be noted that because there is no synchronization between devices, you cannot start editing on the iPhone and then sync to the iPad to continue editing. This is its disadvantage.


The creators of the Videoshow application paid special attention to the combination of video and music, so using it you can easily create a clip for your favorite song. But if your plans include, for example, making a video that talks about a wedding or a trip to the resort, then it is also perfect. The program is free, it has a music library with more than 10,000 songs and instrumental themes. Here you will find a wide selection of visual and sound effects for subtitles, stickers. You can crop the video, reduce its resolution, and Instagram users are offered square themes and modes. Excellent results guaranteed!

4.KineMaster Pro (Android)

The most professional Android video editing application Platform: Android | Multitrack Editor: Yes | Direct Export to YouTube: Yes | 4K Support: Yes
  • Feature-rich
  • Multitrack editing
  • Free version adds watermark
KineMaster is the top professional grade video editing application for Android. It supports multi-layer video (on supported Android devices), images and text, and multi-track audio. It enables you to trim video clips and layers precisely with frame-by-frame granularity, while the timing of audio clips can pass sub-frame accuracy.
KineMaster also provides instant editing preview, precise volume envelope control, color LUT filter, speed control, chroma key compositing and 3D transition. It is free to download, but it should be noted that it adds a watermark to the video and you must purchase it before you can remove the watermark.

5.Magisto – Video Editor & Music Slideshow Maker

Magisto is called a magic editor, because he creates videos not only from video files, but also from individual photos. And almost nothing is required of you, the application will do everything in automatic mode. You select materials from the gallery or cloud storage, editing style, music, the name and length of the future file, confirm the choice – and Magisto gets down to work. The application analyzes frames and converts them into a whole video, adding transitions, filters and effects. The resulting video can be immediately sent by email, posted on Facebook and YouTube, added to the message on Twitter. Be sure that he will impress the audience.

6. iMovie (iOS)

The best free video editing apps for iOS Platform: iOS | Multitrack Editor: Yes | Direct Export to YouTube: Yes | 4K Support: Yes
  • free
  • Easy to use
  • Not the most feature-rich
  • Not the most powerful
iMovie is Apple’s own video editing application, and it has been used for free with new Apple devices for some time. It’s not as powerful as Luma Fusion. On the other hand, it provides a simple and intuitive interface to easily edit footage and add titles, music, dubbing and photos.
The latest version of the app was first launched in 2010 and supports 4K on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and later devices. You can save videos to iCloud, transfer them to Apple TV via AirPlay, and everything is perfectly integrated with Apple Photos, Mail and Messages. Although we don’t necessarily recommend iMovie for professional video editing, the friendly and direct interface provides everything you need to make short, beautiful videos. And the app comes with the iPhone for free anyway, so there is absolutely no reason not to try it.

7.AndroVid – Video Editor, Video Maker, Photo Editor

Androvid is a universal application that not only edits video, but also converts files to different formats, and also plays them. Both free and paid versions are available to you. The first provides basic functionality: you can glue several files into one, crop the video so that it is not too long, add text and music to the video, change resolution, capture individual frames, make slide shows from pictures, adding a fading effect. In the paid version, the conversion option mentioned above appears, there are many optical effects, you can rotate the video. A well-organized menu makes the application especially easy.

8.FilmoraGo (Android)

The best free video editing app for Android Platform: Android | Multitrack Editor: No | Export directly to YouTube: Yes | 4K Support: No
  • free
  • No watermark
  • No multitrack editing
  • No 4K support
If you are an Android user and are looking for a simple and practical way to edit online videos without spending too much time learning, then Filmarago is worth a try. It is very easy to use, and with a series of theme filters and effects, you can make your video look impressive and professional.
Unlike the desktop version, the mobile version is free to download and doesn’t add a watermark or time limit to the clip, so it’s worth a try.


An important feature of VidTrim is ease of use. You do not need to have the skills of an editor to create a bright, memorable video. The free version allows you to combine files into a single whole or, conversely, turn one long video into several short ones, rotate the image 90, 180 and 270 degrees, as well as change the format of the document. Want to use effects and add music? You will have to put up with the fact that the application inserts its watermark into the video. Don’t like the watermark? Then you need a paid version.

10.Apple Clips (iOS)

The best video editing app for kids and families Platform: iOS | Multitrack Editor: No | Export directly to YouTube: Yes | 4K Support: No
  • free
  • family entertainment
  • Not a professional application
Apple Clips is a fun application that lets you create and send video messages or tell video stories using filters, animated text, music, emoji and stickers. It is mainly aimed at children and families, and features Star Wars and Disney characters. It is a very lightweight software.

11.VivaVideo: simple and clear

VivaVideo application is a good choice for those who are looking for something simpler, but at the same time do not want to completely entrust the work to automation. With it, you can trim the video, glue several clips into one file, use a variety of effects, including slowing down or speeding up playback, reverse playback and blurry background. Of course, its creators did not forget about the ability to add texts, music and emojis. A lot of ready-made templates greatly simplifies the work, which is especially important if you are not a professional, but an amateur. An impressive list of services with which you can immediately share the created video: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp – and that’s not all.

12.Filmmaker Pro (iOS)

Professional-grade video editing application with some unique features Platform: iOS | Multitrack Editor: No | Export directly to YouTube: No | 4K Support: Yes
  • Video rating
  • Green screen support
  • No multitrack editing
  • The best features are not free
Filmmaker Pro is another great option for professional-grade video editing on iPhone. For example, it comes with 30 great filters, not to mention 17 transitions and Audiometer-assisted voice-overs. It provides video grading, excellent green screen support, nearly 200 different fonts for text overlays, and advanced tools such as chroma keys.
It’s important to note, however, that like many tools on this list, the app is free to download but does not provide you with a complete feature set; free use will watermark your videos.

13.LIKE: real Hollywood magic

At first glance, it might seem that the LIKE application is no different from most other video editors. Well, yes, it makes it possible to create videos, lay down music, use effects … Just the effects here are the most interesting! They allow you to fill the video with real magic, the very one that Hollywood is famous for. In addition to speeding up and slowing down the shooting, you can add fiery rays beating from the eyes, freeze people in the frame and put hearts on the picture, symbolizing eternal love. In the LIKE community, you can chat with other users of the application, boast of creative successes and ask for advice.

14.Power Director (Android)

Reliable Intermediate Video Editing App for Android Platform: Android, Windows Phone | Multitrack Editor: Yes | Direct Export to YouTube: Yes | 4K Support: Yes (via in-app purchase)
  • Multitrack editing
  • Add background music
  • Free version with watermark
  • Free version with ads
The application’s easy to use interface lets you arrange and edit scenes on the timeline, as well as add titles and transitions. You can also choose various effects, add background music and voice-over features, photo collage maker and support for slow motion.
The downside of the free version is that it adds watermarks to the video, but a one-time $ 5 in-app purchase removes those watermarks and allows you to export at 1080p instead of 720p.

15.Quik – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music

Quik Video Editor works with footage shot using mobile phones and digital cameras. But for users of GoPro action cameras , it has additional features. You can trust him to do all the work on his own, you just have to specify the source photos and videos, and also choose the duration. The application will analyze them and create a spectacular video that will collect a lot of likes and enthusiastic comments. But you can choose the right moments for the video yourself, determine their sequence, add music, and choose successful transitions. From fresh material shot by GoPro HERO5 Black , HERO5 Session and HERO6 Black cameras, the program can make videos in fully automatic mode. And the ownersHERO5 Black and  HERO6 Black  can, by turning on GPS, add a speedometer layer: as events unfold in the video, you can see speed information.

16.Splice (iOS)

Best video editing app for action movies Platform: iOS | Multitrack Editor: Yes | Direct Export to YouTube: Yes | 4K Support: Yes
  • Easy to use
  • free
  • Music must not be used for commercial purposes
From GoPro’s maker, Splice’s target user is to edit shots with the action camera. Splice is similar to iMovie, allowing you to import, trim, and arrange videos, and add transitions, text overlays, filters, titles, and “document-style effects.” In addition, you can change the speed of the clip, which is obviously attractive to GoPro users.
Splice also lets you drop multiple audio tracks, giving you access to free songs and sound effects, and syncing with your iTunes library. Most importantly, it’s free to download and has no ads or watermarks.
Professional and business video production staff, you are using that mobile video production software.
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