Top Best Electric Bikes Price In Pakistan list

Motorcycles have become a human need Most people in Asia use motorcycles but less use is done in European countries but motorcycles are common in our countries because our country is a developing country so here It is very important to have the facility of motorbike so people in Pakistan also use motorbike a lot and also like it because it is our means of transportation we need to go from one place to another so motorbike Motorcycles help us with business transactions and any work from home to office whether it is moving from one place to another.

But there are also many types of motorcycles like many motorcycles have petrol engines but in modern times electric bikes have come which run on electricity. They have batteries used inside and we charge the battery with the help of electricity. Let’s put it back in our bike with the help of which the bike runs which we call electric bike. Electric bikes cost us less than petrol engines because we use electricity. Every house in Pakistan uses electricity and every house has electricity so if we buy these motorcycles and we have a motorcycle. So it is very easy for us to charge it and most importantly petrol engine and diesel engine also pollute our environment and when the motorcycle gets old the motorcycle starts giving smoke which also causes climate change. Affects and disturbs the environment.

Therefore, Prime Minister Imran Khan in Pakistan decided to use electric bikes to improve the environment. Pakistan’s first eco-friendly motorcycle was launched by the Prime Minister in Pakistan on Thursday. Prime Minister Imran Khan said at the ceremony that the government of Pakistan. We are working on an environmentally friendly roadmap to protect future generations from the negative effects of climate change and global warming, he said. We will also clarify the long term nature of environmental protection so that it is clean and green. Pakistan vision should be completed.

Electric bike price in Pakistan

If we don’t clean up the environment our generations will suffer so we have to clean up our environment as well and using electric bikes can be of great benefit to us ,he said. He said that if our country does not generate its own wealth then Pakistan will have to borrow from the International Monetary Fund again and again and he also said that the government will save austerity measures from tax money and urge them.We will take these steps to restore public confidence in the government tax system.

The Prime Minister said that these vehicles are very important for Pakistan as they can reduce the environmental pollution and help the people. He also expressed regret over this and failed to speak. The importance of the Billion Tree Tsunami Initiative was emphasized as the previous government had spent a lot of time on trees which caused a lot of damage to the environment so they talked about these trees saying that we should clean our environment.

Without it, if they live in cities, they face water and pollution and other problems. Prime Minister Imran Khan lamented that the previous government had borrowed too much from the IMF and as a result, wealth Production is being hampered. He also said that it is of utmost importance that Pakistan is bringing forward raw materials to reduce the dependence on product manufacturing and imports. The Prime Minister further said that if other people’s dollars start flowing out more than they come, then the country becomes poor. E-Bike One has started. Five-year-old Pakistani electric bikes are part of 2020 to 2025 which was approved last year. And has targeted a strong electric bike market that will account for 30% and 90% of passenger cars and heavy duty trucks by 2030 and 2040, respectively, so we started working on electric bikes. And people will love electric bikes very much and if the use of electric bikes increased the religion can be very beneficial in our environment. In this article we will give you information about electric bikes.  And we will discuss with you the details of famous electric bikes.

According to the police, the automobile industry is one of the prominent features as it covers Indian commercial vehicles to provide manufacturing E-vehicle concessions on two-wheelers and three-wheelers. Providing important services for the development of the mobile industry. A variety of models are developed, including 70cc motorcycles and 75cc and 80cc and 125cc motorcycles. And other features include clutches and gears and light at night for low maintenance that are powered by charging. Different models work at speeds of ten to 60 kilometers per hour. After a full charge of 100 km, they are able to make a decision. Because of these motorcycles, people can benefit a lot. Some people have problems with petrol engines. As petrol is increasing day by day and people are unable to call for the use of petrol, so electric bikes because there is electricity in every house in Pakistan. If you use electric bikes, you can charge your motorcycle at home They can also cover distances and get their work done, but electric bikes can be useful for them.

A company official claims that it can save up to Rs 4,000 by using an electric motorcycle, but the rider will also get the speed according to it, as Honda motorcycles do ninety kilometers and electric bikes 60 kilometers per There will be an hour speed. Mohammad Azeem said that we have kept petrol-free motorbikes at the moment and they run on electricity but the introduction of these electronics in our country has the benefit that people can now avoid spending on petrol.And after the Electrical Bye, he introduced a plan that would also introduce a 150cc bike and a four-wheeled electric vehicle, comparable to the one-percent sales tax on certain parts of electricity and the one-percent sales tax. Duties have made it impossible for them to launch an electric motorcycle at a price that is cheap for the common man.

National Sales Head Mohammad Sohail said that the only defect which looks like a 70cc motorcycle costs Rs 82,500. He added that they will sell scooters for women at a price of Rs 150,000. According to a company official, the Julta e-bike will be between 80 km and 100 km in terms of e-bikes, and Khan Sahib said that there are 12 people sitting inside the motorcycle. The Volt 5 dry battery will have a three-month warranty and an average life of two years. The current price of the battery can be changed to Rs 20,000.At present, the factory capacity of the e-bike company is 6,000 bikes. Khan says that they will maintain it up to 10,000 units in the next two months. The bikes will be environmentally friendly and will not increase noise pollution. He said that the money of the people inside could be saved and the fuel consumption and maintenance cost of a 70 cc motorcycle could be studied as four thousand rupees per month on a 70 cc motorcycle and its maintenance. Spends and can save all this cost in electric bike and its price is very low it also costs less and with his money.

I will also save it. He claimed that a unit of electricity supplied by electrical marketing companies such as Electric charges his motorbike and costs between Rs. 25 to Rs. 25 per unit. Sabir Sheikh, an expert in the auto sector who monitors a piece of a motorcycle, said that the shape of an electric bike varies around the world, but its benefits are very high. You can cover a distance of 80 to 100 km inside, but if you talk about a petrol engine, how much distance you can’t cover inside it, because of you people, your expenses will be reduced and the environment will be cleaner. Which can also significantly reduce environmental pollution. That’s why we are giving preference to electric bikes and we will tell you below about the electric bike companies and we will discuss the details of these motorcycles with you people.

List of Top Best Electric Bikes in Pakistan with Price

Here is the list of top best electric bike in Pakistan with price. This e-bike is widely used in almost all the big cities of Pakistan. The reason of its success and growing popularity is that it is eco-friendly, economical as well as easy and comfortable to ride. The working principle of electric bike is quite simple. It has a motor which is powered by a battery. When you ride it, the motor starts rotating and thus the vehicle moves forward. There are different models available in market with different speed limit. You can choose any one of them as per your requirement and budget.

Bikes NamePrice
Jolta JE 70D-SERs. 1,19,000
Jolta JE 70L Electric BikeRS. 1,68,000
Jolta JE 100L Electric BikeRS. 1,88,000
Jolta JE Scooty ElectricRS. 1,25,000
Jaguar Electric Bike 70 ccRS. 90000

1. Jaguar Electric Bike 70 cc

The Jaguar Electric Bike is the best electric motorcycle ever made. This bike is used so that its users can run the bike by charging the batteries with the help of electricity. The Jaguar motorcycle can run up to 70 km with the help of the battery And it can be charged in five hours and the price of this motorcycle is currently up to Rs 88,000 but as the company Casey Ho claims that it will try to reduce the price of the second petrol engine engine motor Compared to bicycles, this electric motorcycle has been found to be better and it does not have so much noise and its cost is better than all other motorcycles.

Jaguar Electric Bike 70 cc

There are various motorcycle companies operating in Pakistan. We have shared with you the price of Jagan Electrical Motorcycle 2019 in Pakistan. It is very different from other things that are used in Pakistan because they are electric bikes. There is definitely an amazing experience after buying this bike. They are more expensive than bikes than on bikes which we see in our daily life. The reason for its high price is that they have batteries inside. There are people who use these bikes to ride. They are sitting. They are charged with the help of electricity because it is an electric bike. Inbox is considered very valuable. Because it causes less pollution and does not require fuel other than work pollution which is considered the plus point of this motorcycle as petrol prices in the country are increasing day by day. The advantage of this is that you can avoid petrol. The range of this bike is up to 70 km and in five hours you can charge people anywhere or in your home.

Jaguar Electric Bike Price In The Pakistan 2021

Price = Rs.88000

Jaguar Electric Bike Features

1. 70 cc Engine

2. Electric Bike

3. 70 Km Average

4. 5 hours charging time

5. Battery Management System

Jaguar Electric Bike Average

The range of this bike is up to 70 km which is amazing because it is working on batteries. It is a good one as compared to the one that runs on petrol. People always think before buying a bike. The motorcycle of this bike is definitely amazing. These bikes are considered to be better and more efficient than the petrol engine because the electric bike has proved to be a better performance than the petrol engine. It also keeps the environment clean. Petrol engine also spoils the environment. And later it also causes pollution. Electrical motorcycle is clean from all these things so you can choose the motorcycle and their speed and range is also excellent and this motorcycle you can have in your home comfortably.

2. Jolta Electric Bike 70 cc

Jolta Electric Bike 70 cc

The Jolta Electric Bike is a great bike, it also has batteries used inside and the best batteries are inserted inside it because if good daughters are used inside the motorcycle, they can last longer and you can This motorcycle is both cheap and efficient. This company has made the electric motorcycle very well.Because this motorcycle has done its job very well for the convenience of the people in the sense that your cost in petrol engine is also high and because of my electric motorcycle you people will benefit a lot. Maybe it’s because they don’t produce motorcycle thieves and most importantly they work at the best speed and low cost.

Jolta Electric Bike Price In The Pakistan 2021?

Price = Rs.35000 To 40000

Jolta Electric Bike Specification

1. Motorcycle Name: Jolta 70 cc

2. Motor : 1500W

3. Motor:  RPM  550

4. Max torque: 45 to 48Nm

5. Max Power: 2HP

6. Motor Current: 1.2  to 1.4A

7. Charge Time: 5 Hours

8. Travel Single Charge: 50KM

9. Top Speed: 50km

10. Electricity cost for charge: Rs 15 and 1.7 units

11. Starter: Self Starter

12. Seat Hight: 771mm

13. Ground Clearance: 136mm

14. Frame: Back Bone Type

15. Seat Hight: 771mm

16. Measurement: 1897x751x1040mm

17. Weight: 70kg

3. Jolta Electric Bike 125 cc

Jolta Electric Bike 125 cc

The jolta company compared this bike to a one to five Honda motorcycle because a lot of people buy the Honda 125 motorcycle because this motorcycle is the best and the best Indian and its speed is also very good and remote. If we have to go to the area, we use this bike, so we should also choose a good bike that has the best speed of this bike compared to it and it is very useful if we talk about the battery. And a good type of battery is installed inside it. You can charge it in your home or anywhere.

Then you can check it and fix it in your bike and drive your bike because the most special thing about this motorcycle is that you will not put petrol in it because we have to put petrol in the petrol engine. This bike is also very good in speed and its spare parts are very good and useful spare parts have been installed inside it so that its users do not have any problems. So you guys can choose this bike and when you buy this bike you will really feel proud that it is a very good bike.

Jolta 125 cc Electric Bike Price In The Pakistan 2023

Price= Rs.168000

Jolta Electric Bike 125 cc Specification

1. Motorcycle Name: Jolta 125 cc

2. Motor : 5000W

3. Motor:  800

4. Max torque: 75 to 80Nm

5. Max Power: 6.8HP

6. Motor Current: 2.2 to 4A

7. Charge Time: 7 to 8 Hours

8. Travel Single Charge: 120KM

9. Top Speed: 80km

10. Electricity cost for charge: Rs 32 & 4 units 

11. Starter: Self Starter

12. Seat Hight: 771mm

13. Ground Clearance: 140mm

14. Frame: Back Bone Type

15. Measurement: 1911x732x1016mm

16. Weight: 93kg

4.Jolta JE 70D-SE

The Jolta JE 70D-SE is an electric bike that offers great value for money. It has a distance range of 80 kilometers and a top speed of 55 km/hour on plain roads. The 20 AH battery provides plenty of power, and the unit consumption to charge the battery is just 1.5 units. The motor power is a whopping 1000 W, making this electric bike capable of reaching high speeds. It takes just overnight to charge the battery, and the installed dry gel battery ensures long life and durability. The Jolta JE 70D-SE is perfect for those who are looking for an electric bike that offers great value for money.

Jolta JE 70d se Price is Rs. 1,19,000.

5. E-Bike T-60 Electric Bike 

E-Bike T-60 Electric Bike

The company made this bike because people who want to go around their area have chosen this bike and the bike has been made into a small bike so that people can do their small bike. With the help of a motorbike, so that this motorbike has been chosen for the benefit of the people. There are very good programs inside it. If we talk about its spare parts, then very special types of spare parts have been installed with it so that it Users do not have to face any kind of hassle and can charge its batteries well and put it inside the motorcycle and riding this bike will not cause any noise to you people.

E-Bike T-60 Electric Bike Price In Pakistan

Price= Rs.82900

E-Bike T-60 Electric Bike Specification

1. Motorcycle Name: T-60

2. Battery: 60V20AH

3. Motor power: 800W

4. Battery warranty : 1 year

5. Motor warranty: 2 years

6. Colors: Yellow &  Red & Blue

6.Jolta JE 70D Electric Bike

The Jolta JE 70D is an electric bike that offers a distance of up to 80 kilometers in full charge and a top speed of 50 km/hour on plain roads. Its battery power is 20 Ah and it takes 1.5 units to charge the battery overnight. The motor power is 1000 W. This bike also has a dry gell battery installed which offers a top speed of 10-20 km/hour on inclinded roads.

Jolta JE 70 D Price is PKR1,12,000.

7. E-Bike T-70 Electric Bike 

E-Bike T-70 Electric Bike

This bike is also made by the same company so that its customers can take full advantage of it. It is the best and most useful motorcycle. He says that we have benefited a lot from the help of the bike because whenever we are around. If you go, this motorcycle does not produce thieves and does not show any kind of pollution. We drive you by mixing it inside the motorcycle. This motorcycle is better than the petrol engine. It is also very useful. It’s good and if we talk about it, it’s built on a better motorcycle than a petrol engine.

E-Bike T-70 Electric Bike Price In Pakistan

Price= Rs.88900

E-Bike T-70 Electric Bike Specification

1. Motorcycle Name: T-70

2. Battery: 72V20AH

3. Motor power: 800W

4. Battery warranty: 1 year

5. Motor warranty: 2 years

6. Colors: Yellow &  Red & Blue

8.Jolta JE 70L Bike Electric

The Jolta JE 70L Bike Electric is a great choice for those looking for a reliable and affordable electric bike. It has a motor power of 1000 W and a top speed of 60-65 KM/H, making it perfect for commuting or leisure rides. The mileage (eco) is 80-90 KM and the charging time is 3 hours. The battery installed is a Li-ion Phosphate, which has a capacity of 60V 25A and a life of 5 years.

Jolta JE 70l Price is RS. 1,68,000.

9. E-Bike T-75 Electric Bike 

This bike was compared to the new generation of Chinese motorcycle petrol so that people can use this bike and it is best to come and go inside the bike and has been used. You guys will charge the battery. And then when you ride the bike you will know that this bike does not produce any kind of consciousness nor does it cause any pollution and when you guys hit the race of this bike it will The bike will run perfectly. And when this motor is running it works in the best way that you can go around your area and people are happy to see this bike because it doesn’t make any noise. Neither does nor produces them. Such a motorcycle may prove to be the best for future generations.

E-Bike T-75 Electric Bike Price In Pakistan

Price= Rs.89900

E-Bike T-75 Electric Bike Specification

1. Motorcycle Name: T-75

2. Battery: 72V20AH

3. Motor power: 800W

4. Battery warranty : 1 year

5. Motor warranty: 2 years

6. Colors: Yellow &  Red & Blue

10. E-Bike T-85 Electric Bike 

This motorcycle was compared to the big motorcycles of petrol engine so that those who are interested in big motorcycles must see this motorcycle once as this motorcycle is compared to the full engine. Runs because when you people fully charge its battery you will see that its speed is excellent and efficient. We have provided all its fashion below. The most special thing about this motorcycle is that it Will also reduce your costs and increase your speed and will help you in many problems.

E-Bike T-85 Electric Bike Price In Pakistan

Price= Rs.95900

E-Bike T-85 Electric Bike Specification

1. Motorcycle Name: T-85

2. Battery: 60V20AH

3. Motor power:  800W

4. Battery warranty : 1 year

5. Motor warranty: 2 years

6. Colors: Yellow &  Red & Blue

11. Jolta JE 100L Electric Bike

The Jolta JE 100L is a great electric bike for those looking for a fast and efficient way to get around. With a top speed of 70-75 km/h, this bike can get you where you need to go quickly. The mileage is also impressive, with the bike able to go 100+ km on a single charge. The charging time is also relatively short, at just 3-3.5 hours. The battery life is also impressive, at 5 years. This bike is a great choice for those looking for a fast and efficient way to get around.


The use of electric motorbikes is important because in the future, motorbikes will be used to clean up the polluted environment, so we must manage ahead of time because petrol engines pollute the environment. And when motorcycles get old, they start emitting smoke, which causes them to start to deteriorate. Climate change now causes climate change, so we have to start using electric motorcycles. We have informed you people about all the districts of electric motorcycle. You can check and choose them. Thanks.

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