Audi car price in 2023 and complete detail – audi a3 price in pakistan


Audi car is the most beautiful and amazing vehicle in Pakistan. Its most popular and favorite car for the huge population. It was decorated with grill and four rings in front and back which in Punjabi are called char chorio wali car.
Headquarter of Audi car is in German, Bavaria, Ingolstadt. In Pakistan there are two showrooms for Audi, one in Karachi and other one is in Lahore. This car mostly uses in Lahore area of Pakistan and in many movies of Indian and Pakistan. It was manufactured by German Automobile manufacturer which manufactured vehicle design, technology, and distributes are very luxury.
It was manufactured in 9 productions facilities. Audi name based on founder’s name and Audi slogan means to “Advancement Through technology”. It’s so expensive and luxury car which affordable only for high-class communities and rich businessman. Its price is round about 330 lacs which is not affordable for a common man in Pakistan. It was found in different versions like Audi A3, Audi A4, Audi A6, Audi Q3 and many others which we will explain in this article.
audi a3 price in pakistan


In this article we will explain about Audi Car, its price and its complete overview, to know about it read this article.
Here you will be found about Audi 
  1. History
  2. Models
  3. Price
  4. Specifications
  5. Key-Features
  6. Conclusion
  7. Further detail is given below
  8. History of Audi car
Audi car was manufactured in 16 July 1909 which founder name is August Horch. Audi AG name was based on Latin translation surname of founder august Horch. In 16 July 1909 Automotive pioneer (Audi AG) was manufactured in Germany. After sometime its name was changed by company into Audi Automobile Werke. 
In 1932 Audi merged with three vehicle brands of Horch, DKW and Wanderer and make Auto union Audi AG. Four interlinked rings of Audi badge show these three merging brands of Horch, DKW and wanderer.
 In 1965 Audio union was completely owned by Stuttgart-based Daimler group.
In March1969 NSU Motorenwerke union merged in Audi union and form Audi NSU Auto Union AG. 
In January 1985 Audi NSU Auto union AG was renamed into Audi AG and its head office convert in Ingolstadt, and this name is running still date. 

 Audi AG car models

audi a3 price in pakistan


Audi car has different models which detail are given below.

Audi a3 price in Pakistan

  • Audi A4 Price in Pakistan
  • Audi A5 Price in Pakistan
  • Audi A6 Price in Pakistan
  • Audi A7 Price in Pakistan
  • Audi A8 Price in Pakistan
  • Audi Q2 Price in Pakistan
  • Audi Q3 Price in Pakistan
  • Audi Q5 Price in Pakistan
  • Audi Q7 Price in Pakistan

Price and specifications of Audi All New Models.

The average price of Audi is round about 4 million to 50 million in Pakistani rupees and in European currency $24000 to $311000, but its price depends on their condition and models. The further detail about Audi with model, price and specification are showed through a table.

1.Model   Name: Audi A3 TFSI Price: 4.6 million PKR Engine displacement: 1197 cc Fuel type: Petrol Transmission: Automatic Gear Box: 7 speed
2.Model Name: Audi Q7 TFSI Price: 35 Million PKR Engine displacement: 999 cc Fuel type: Petrol Transmission: Automatic Gear Box: 7 speed
3.Model Name: Audi Q5 TFSI Tronic Quattro Price:  27.5 million PKR Engine displacement: 1984 cc Fuel type: Petrol Transmission: Automatic Gear Box: 8 speed
4.Model Name:Audi A7 TFSI Quattro Price: 34.8 Million PKR Engine displacement: 2994 cc Fuel type: Petrol Transmission: Automatic Gear Box: 7 speed
5.Model Name: Audi  A6 TFSI Business class Edition Price: 9.3 Million PKR Engine displacement: 1798 cc Fuel type: Petrol Transmission: Automatic Gear Box: 7 speed


Specification of Audi A8

Audi A8 is a super luxury car which has a comfortable seats and ample roof. You feel very comfortable by sitting in it. This car can drive in deep water and on messy road without facing any problems, the further features and specifications of Audi A8 mentioned below.
  • Engine displacement:2995
  • Transmission type: Automatic
  • Body type: Sweden
  • Fuel type: petrol
  • Seating capacity: 5
  • Fuel tank capacity: 72
  • Top speed: 166mph (267KPH)

Key- features of Audi A8

Here we will tell you key features of Audi A8 key-features. 


  • Air-conditioned
  • automatic
  • classic starring wheel
  • programming driving system
  • LCD (which can be open and close)
  • Bluetooth, telephone
  • Camera for pics and videos
  • Recorder, FM radio
  • Back window open system
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Roof open system
Here we give you detail about Audi car which is most luxury and beautiful car in Pakistan. This car mostly used by rich businessman and rich families. All models of Audi car are fantastic but Audi A8 is super best car. 
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FAQ (frequently asked question) about Audi car

  • 1.What is the price of Audi car?
  • The average price of Audi car is round about 4 million to 50 million which very from its condition and model.
  • 2.What is the cheapest Audi car?
  • The cheapest Audi car is Audi A3 which price round about is $34000.
  • 3.Which model of Audi car is best?
  • Audi A8 is the best model which have all latest accessories and technology.
  • 4.Is Audi car locked with keys?
  • Audi car or any other vehicle will not be locked if driver door or any other door open, it will be locked after properly closed all doors of vehicle.
  • 5.How much cost of Audi replacement key?
  • Audi replacement key will be made in $240-450$.
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