When is First Muharram in Pakistan 2023

1st Muharram 2023 falls on 19th of July, in Pakistan. The Islamic New Year is a time of reflection and celebration for Muslims all over the world. This year, take advantage of the holiday to learn more about this significant religious commemoration and its meaning for Muslims. Marking the beginning of the Islamic calendar, 1st Muharram is an important day for faithful Muslims who observe its rituals and customs. Learn more about how Muslims around the world celebrate 1st Muharram and what it means to them. The 1st Muharram 2023 date for Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad is available on this page.

1st Muharram 2023 Date in Pakistan

EventDateHijri Date
1st Muharram19th of July, 20231 Muharram Islamic Date 1444 AH

Pakistan is a country with a rich and diverse history, and its people have celebrated many different festivals and holidays over the years. One of the most important celebrations in Pakistan is 1st Muharram, which marks the beginning of the Islamic New Year.

1st Muharram is a public holiday in Pakistan, and it is celebrated by Muslims all over the country. The holiday falls on the first day of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic calendar. It is a time for Muslims to reflect on their lives and to think about how they can improve themselves in the coming year.

celebrations usually begin with special prayers and sermons at mosques. people also often give charity to the poor and needy on this day. after the prayers and sermons, many people take part in processions and marches through the streets.

1st Muharram is an important day for Muslims all over the world, and it is a time for them to come together and celebrate their faith. In Pakistan, it is also a time for people of all religions and backgrounds to come together and celebrate the country’s diversity.

1st Muharram in Pakistan

1st Muharram in Pakistan is a highly anticipated event that draws Muslims from all over the country. The first day of Moharram holds significant meaning for both sunnis and shias, with many celebrating it as one way to commemorate their faithfulness during times when Jesus was alive on earth but also remembering those who were killed because they refused convert or worship him instead (which we call “Shia”). This year’s moon-sighting happened yesterday so now I know what date our special celebration will occur!

This page will provide you with all of the information about 1st Muharram in Pakistan. You can check when it is expected to happen, where else around Islamic world there are important events happening at this time (i e., fasting during Ramazan), as well what other countries have planned for their citizens who wish they could celebrate too!

1st Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar and is considered one of the holiest months in Islam. In Pakistan, 1st Muharram is a public holiday and is celebrated with great pomp and circumstance. Processions are taken out on the streets and mosques are decorated with lights and flags. On this day, Muslims offer special prayers and recite the Holy Quran. They also give charity to the poor and needy. 1st Muharram is a time for reflection and repentance and is an opportunity to start the year afresh with a clean slate. Muslims all over the world use this month to renew their commitment to Allah and his teachings. May Allah bless us all and grant us the strength to follow his path. Ameen.

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