Are you tired of writing checks to pay your monthly Sepco bill? You’re not alone. A lot of people find paying their bills online a more convenient option. With Sepco’s online bill payment system, you can now pay your bills quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer with internet access and a valid bank account number. Here’s how it works:

First, go to and click on the “Online Bill Pay” link at the top of the page. Next, enter your bank account number and routing number in the appropriate fields and click “Submit.” Finally, review your bill summary information and enter the amount you’d like to pay.

SEPCO (Sukkur Electric Power Company) has been formed by Hesco (modified) so that the areas of operation which were completely under Hesco’s jurisdiction are now divided between the two discos. CE PCO notification number MDP / GM / HR / DIR / (O & M) / PEPCO / 1632-99 dated a newly-created company by 26.07.2010 and 16.08.2010 in the process. Hesco was’ve surrendered their historic ranges, which now comes under the jurisdiction of Speak and issued a NOC in this regard. The new company has been added to the Companies Ordinance with S.E.C.P on 23.11.2010. NEPRA has accepted SEPCO’s request for consideration of issuance of distribution license and published it in the newspapers on 07.04.2011 for public hearing.

 NEPRA has allotted registration number LAD 35 to SEPCO and has issued Distribution License No. 21 / DL ,2011 dated 18/08/2011.

Sukkur Electric Power Company Covered Areas

Under SEPCO’s distribution system, the area now consists of three operational constituencies.

  • i) SUKKUR ii) LARKANA iii) DADU
Hesco’s (modified) new distribution system also retains three operational spheres, viz.
  • HYDERABAD –II iii) 

Sepco online bill

When you are living in a world where technology has taken over almost every single aspect of our lives, it is not hard to imagine that bills would eventually be delivered and managed online. With so many people now using the internet to pay bills and manage their finances, it’s no wonder that companies like Sepco have created online bill paying systems. However, with anything electronic there is always the potential for mistakes – including duplicate payments. In this post we’ll show you how to check if you have made a duplicate payment on your Sepco online bill.
If you’re like most people these days, you probably do most of your bill-paying electronically. And that’s great! It’s more convenient for us and helps the environment by reducing paper waste

Today in this article we will give you information of Check sepco online bill and procedure that how you can Check Sepco duplicate bill. The further detail is given below.
Sepco electric power construction corporation (commonly known as spco) is a Chinese manufacturing and engineering company that designs and forms the infrastructure of power generation and transmission. Sepcoi and sepcoi (sepco no. 2) is one of the world ‘s 100 largest construction contractors in 2013.
Distribution company (sepco) is a company under the Pakistan electric power company  and is responsible for power distribution in their respective allotted areas. They purchase electricity from wapda and electricity development authority, and the private and private independent power producers (imps) and sell electricity to their respective area customers.

How to Check Duplicate Sepco online bill?

If you are like most people, you probably only check your monthly statement once it arrives in the mail. However, what if you could take a few minutes each month to check your statement online? This would not only save you time, but also help ensure that there are no errors on your account. In this blog post, we will show you how to check your Sepco online bill. Stay tuned!

In Case You have Not Received your Wapda  sepco bill Now you want download/Print your duplicate bill.we are share with you very easy and simple method to download your sepco bill so follow steps in below.
To check latest Sepco Bill, you requires Need “Reference Number (containing 14 digits)”. Then Save it in your log, cell phone or notebook etc. so that you have an easy access. Technique of examining and printing  Download the most recent disseminated bill:Check it Bill
  • First of Click on this links
  • After Open New Page You have must old your Wapda bill Check the bill 14 Digit Reference Number
  • As Mentioned On Your Previous Electricity Bill.
  •  Check Below image.


  • When open New Page you enter Your 14 Digit Reference Number and Click on Submit button.
  • After show your New Sepco Bill.
  • Now you can Download or print your Sepco bill.

How to Pay Sepco Bill Online?

To pay a your bill through Jazz-Cash following different methods
  • Open Your Phone and Dial *786# 
  • After Show menu You select “Pay Bills
  • After Select Speco Company 
  • Write Reference Number (14 Digits)
  • After enter your mpin number and pay your bill.
In this article we are give you all correct information about check sepco duplicate bill check online.
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