In today’s world, it seems as if everything is done online. Banking, shopping, and even paying bills can now all be taken care of without ever having to leave your home. If you’re looking for a way to quickly and easily check your pesco online bill, look no further! This guide will show you how easy it is to pay your bill online and get rid of that nasty paper trail once and for all. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Want to keep track of your online bill payments? Pesco offers a great online bill check tool that makes it easy to keep tabs on all of your payments. With just a few clicks, you can see when each payment is due, how much was paid, and where the payment was sent. This handy tool is a great way to stay organized and in control of your finances. Give pesco online bill check a try today!

Pesco online bill PESCO stands for Peshawar Electric Supply Company. The main setup of PESCO is in Peshawar and it provides electricity to the whole of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It provides its power to 2.6 million customers. Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) is well equipped and committed to provide and maintain a stable power supply to its many customers. We are in the process of meeting the expectations of our customers.pesco online bill.

How to Check Pesco online bill?

PESCO is Pakistan’s leading electric company providing energy to millions of households across the country. If you are a PESCO customer, you can now check your bill online with just a few clicks. Learn how in this article. Pesco is divided into eight (08) constituencies with a total area of 1,204,621 hectares. The area covered by PESCO is divided as follows:

If you’re like most people, you probably dread the idea of having to call customer service for anything. It seems like it always takes forever to get through, and you usually have to wait on hold for a long time. But what if there was an easier way? Pesco lets you view and pay your bill online, so you can take care of everything without ever having to pick up the phone. Plus, it’s easy to use – just enter your account information and you’re good to go. So why not give it a try? You may be surprised at how convenient it is!

  • Circle of Bannu.
  • Circle of Hazara 1.
  • Circle of Hazara 2.
  • Khyber Constituency
  • Men’s circle.
  • Circle of Peshawar.
  • Swabi constituency.
  • Circle of Swat.

As you know that power companies in Pakistan are providing online service to its customers to check their electricity  bill online by visiting their official website from home. Customer will also get duplicate copy of electricity bill.

online bill pesco

Pesco Peshawar Electric Supply Company is a company that provides electricity in Pakistan. They distribute electricity to 2.6 million consumers in Pakistan. The Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco) buys electricity on power in Pakistan’s citizens. Pesco lets you print a copy of your customers’ bills for viewing and downloading. 14-digit reference number, only one user in which the user will need to use this feature.

  • If you lost the original copy of the electricity bill then download a duplicate copy of the electricity bill by visiting the official website of PESCO.
  • If you want to download a duplicate copy of the electricity bill then click on the link given below. You will redirect to the official website of PESCO.
  • Enter 14 digits reference number without any space and press submit button.
  • The system of PESCO will generate a duplicate copy of the electricity bill on your screen within a seconds.
  • Then take print of a duplicate copy of electricity bill and pay it into nearest bank.


Pesco’s organizational structure and services revolve around core functions that support a long-term vision. The core functions form the framework of our strategic goals and are the foundation of our member programs and services.
To download a copy of the electricity bill, click the Print button above. You can save electricity bills on your computer. To do this, select Save as PDF in Print Setup and click Save. You will be prompted for the destination. Select your computer’s location and click Save. Electricity bills will file saved in PDF format on your computer.

Pesco bill online Check 

  • Firstly Open any internet browser chrome and Firefox search PESCO. official Website or Click link Above. Now you need your old month bill and consumer Number/Reference No:


  • Now You Enter 14 digits reference number without any space and press Search button. After show your bill.

Second Method to Check online pesco bill

WAPDA electricity bills online bring electricity bills to those who provide the power in Pakistan. Through this app you can watch for free on his power and know how much you have to pay for the electricity bills of your home. The bill follows a variety of power that you can get online on the app.

  • Pesco Also has android mobile app you can download and check easliy your bill.

For New Pesco Electricity Connection

PROCEDURE FOR GETTING NEW ELECTRICITY CONNECTION This section will facilitate you with the procedure for getting new electricity connection from the Distribution Company.
The following steps must be followed Step #1 | Fill the online Application Form Step #2 Please upload the scanned copies of the following documents. Make sure that the size
of scanned documents are less than 50 Kilo Bytes:
Proof of ownership (Registry, Actual Farred, Baynama, Allotment Letter (In case of Housing Colony). All pages duly attested by Oath Commissioner or Notary Public or Class one officer. Undertaking by the Applicant (As per the specimen available in the concerned office on Stamp Paper duly attested by Oath Commissioner) that no electricity connection is previously available on the required connection place and no arrears exists. If arrear is found on the latter stage, I shall be bound to pay them. In case of more than one owner, power of attorney (As per the specimen available in the concerned office on Stamp Paper duly attested by Oath Commissioner) in favor of applicant from other owners. In case the applicant is a tenant, No objection certificate (As per the specimen available in the concerned office on Stamp Paper duly attested by Oath Commissioner) from the owner of the property. Attested copy of CNIC of the applicant. Attested Copies of CNIC of the two witnesses (in case of single phase meter witnesses are not required) A copy of concerned Tariff duly signed by the consumer and witnesses (In case of Domestic and Commercial connections, signatures of the witnesses are not necessary).
Additional documents only for industrial applicants
Connection in the name of Company and in case of more than one owner , Power of Attorney (in the favour of Applicant) that he can follow the application and also sign contract with the Distribution Company. Site map where connection is required. In case of Limited or Private Limited Company, copy of incorporation certificate (
Article and memorandum of Association). (k) Complete addresses and attested copy of CNIC of all board of Directors.
No Objection Certificate on Company letter head as per Form 29 duly signed by all the Directors of the Company. Charge Creation Certificate from Security and Exchange Commission, whose
worth will be equal to the security amount. Step #3 Submit the online Application Form Step #4 Get Printout of the Application Form Step #5 Attach all above documents with Application Form Step #6 Send Application along with all attachments to the concerned office Step #7 After verification of the documents, Demand Notice will be issued Step #8 Please pay the Demand Notice to the designated bank Step #9 Please send paid Demand Notice copy to the concern office Step #10 | After verification of Demand Notice payment, connection will be installed
1 DISCOs reserve the rights to reject/cancel any application at any stage, if found
defaulter. 2 Incomplete/vague applications will not be entertained. 3 In case of fake documents submitted, application will be cancelled and legal action will
be taken against applicant(s)/owner(s).

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How to Pay Bill online easy Methods?

You can pay your electricity bills at any one of the following Collection Points with ease in Below:
Pay through Easypaisa Pay through Pakistan Post Pay through 1 Link Pay through HBL Pay through Allied Bank Pay through Bank Al Falah Pay through Bank of Khyber Pay through UBL.

Ways to reduce electricity

Close the curtains and blinds to reduce the sunny side of your house helps to keep you cool on hot days. If you don’t want to stop this idea, consider putting a window film on the glass. The cut and stick type itself and professionally applied films both reduce the heat while allowing you to watch through them. In the same way, Rocky Mountain Institute’s outdoor advised to use awnings and, if you live in an area that remains warm throughout the year, even if the reflection of heat by the light color to your home ۔
It is recommended to place the window air conditioner in the middle of the room in the shaded room of the house.
Change the monthly filters of your air conditioner and furnace. Keeping the air flowing and clean is good for your lungs and will help maintain peak performance. Don’t know how? Ask pro who does your annual cleaning.
Make sure your air conditioner Ac is the right size for the room. Obviously, if it’s too small, it won’t work. But, according to doe, a unit that is too large will result in reduced performance, more electricity bills, unstable temperature fluctuations, and excessive wear and tear, which means you will have to buy a replacement unit very soon.
There are several advantages to turning on your incandescent light bulbs for led. These include saving money on your electricity bill, high light quality, low impact on the environment, and replacing bulbs once or twice every decade instead of every few months.
About Pesco:

 The company is led by a CEO appointed by BOD / PEPCO and has four main units, Operations / Customer Services, Engineering Solutions Development and R&D, Business Development, HR and Finance. The organization will use a matrix reporting system and project style approach to deal with a variety of IT systems.

The company’s ongoing activities are managed by Operations / Customer Directorate Services. The main task is to provide ongoing support to PEPCO management and disco, as well as to review, bill, and collect revenue from electricity consumers on a timely basis.
Business development and marketing are important for the growth and development of the company. It develops and implements marketing plans to increase revenue, taking into account the company’s overall management, sector strengths and weaknesses, prospects, and risks. The organization ensures that products and services are properly promoted.
The Engineering Solutions Development Team will be in charge of expanding the organization’s activities, from traditional billing support to new startups such as the implementation of integrated asset management system for distribution companies, implementation of ERP, automated meter reading infrastructure setup, smart Formation of SCADA system in grid and disco.
The R&D Division has been tasked with serving as the foundation of the organization and as a result, is in charge of all future and ongoing development projects. Maintain the organization’s alignment with technological advancement.
Save Electricity
Turn off any incandescent bulbs that are not needed.
Rainfall should be less to save water because it needs electricity.
Use energy savers and LED bulbs instead of regular bulbs.
If you want to save your power ten you can Use an AC inverter instead of regular old AC.
What if you’re not home? Turn off the air conditioner.
Be effective when it comes to refrigeration.
Natural heating and cooling. Insulate your home and make sure, among other things, that your windows and doors have proper seals, so that hot air does not escape in the winter and cold air escapes in the summer.
In case of power outage, never use bare cables or conductors.
Use every time the correct connector, plug and switch.
Hanging clothes with power cables is not a good idea.
For deep freezers, refrigerators and televisions, always use an automatic voltage regulator that starts late.
Always use suitable capacitors MCBs (small circuit breakers) with air conditioners.
Do not touch the metal parts of washing machines, electric motors and pedestal fans without removing the electrical connection.
Use appropriately sized fuses at each stage.
All above information is accurate according to my conformation, to Check Pesco Bill online but if you feel any problem regarding this information then visit or website or contact us through our Email address or Comment in Below Please share this Useful information with their family, friends and their loved ones through Facebook, whattsapp, Instagram and twitter.
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