In this digital age, it’s easier than ever to keep track of your finances. With online banking and bill pay services, you can easily view and manage your account balance and monthly statement. One of the benefits of online billing is the ability to duplicate a bill. This can be helpful if you need a copy for your records or if you want to share the bill with someone else. Here’s how to duplicate a k electric bill online.

In this Article We are talking about How to Check k-electric duplicate bill/kesc duplicate bill online. The Karachi electric supply company, Karachi electric supply corporation limited), is a Pakistani investor managing three major phases of energy generation and distribution of supplies to consumers. Located in Karachi, sind, Pakistan, it is a Pakistani power supply company, privately owned and vertical integrated power distribution company.

Kelectric (k) has empowered Karachi to run for more than 100 years. Through a network spread over 6,500 square kilometers, providing electricity to all residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors, providing more than 2. 5 million subscribers to the area in Karachi, damba and balokistan in the siege. K. The only integrated power utility of CPM is power, which means that this organization operates all the three major areas of generation, transmission and distribution of energy production and supply to the consumers. ke duplicate bill.

First Karachi electric supply company LTD. Electricity utility, known as KSK power limited, is an integral part of one of the world ‘s most populated cities. In 2009, ks power LTD established a shift strategy for a majority of the shareholder of kai that saw over $2.1 billion. As a result, the company’ s productive capacity is increasing by 1,057 mw and transmission and distribution capacity increased by 29% and 60% respectively. Thereafter, transmission and distribution losses have been reduced by 15.5% points. Conversion of Kashmir power is a globally recognised success of business excellence. Kashmir is proud to be one of the most dynamic institutions in the country and is one of its organizations that seeks to serve Karachi with renewed vigour and purpose with all its partners.

A low  cost power plant, which saved millions of dollars to Pakistan and reduced the power deficit of Pakistan. This power plant was funded by the international finance corporation, a world bank group corporation, since 1994. f c One of the biggest supporters of private power projects, also known as the ‘independent power producer (isp)’ in Pakistan. This power plant increased power generation and better energy supply for about 12 million people. In 2014, KSC changed its symbol of power in Kashmir to orange, blue and green, and its symbol in the representation of energy, community and environment, into three wings, namely, 2017. The araj group and the 66.4% of the alazamanig have a stake; the shareholding of the Pakistan government is 24.36%.


How to Check k-electric duplicate bill online

When you get your monthly k electric bill, do you ever feel like it’s just too high? You’re not alone. In fact, many people feel the same way. But what can you do about it? One option is to try and reduce your energy usage. But another option is to contest your bill. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today. specifically, we’re going to show you how to contest your k electric duplicate bill online. Keep reading to learn more!

In case Not Received your this Month k electric bill and You want check online download/Print your k electric duplicate bill. We are share with you easy way to check and Print your j electric bill online just follow steps in below.
  • Open official website of k electric in chrome browser. (
  • If you want to open direct check bill online Page then you click on this link
  • Now you Need Account Number & Consumer Number and Email address and Phone no.
  • You dont know whats is the Account Number & Consumer Number You Check your old Pervious bill mention on your old bill. Check Below Image.


  • When you click above Direct Link Now open Page Now you enter your Account Number and Consumer Number after Email and Mobile number. Now Enter code for human verification.
  • After Click on View Bill button


  • After Click on View Bill Button just scroll Down Now Show all Your Old and New Bill Data You just Select Please select a relevant Bill from the below list Month You need bill and click on download button now download your bill and check your bill.
  • Now pay your duplicate bill online by entering your details on the website of your debit or credit card or download the duplicate bill and print a copy to pay on banking channels.



To Check Your K electric duplicate bill

For billing information, for new connection and other services, any key customer service centre (CCS) of your choice at Karachi may conveniently visit any customer service centre (cc) of your choice in Karachi. Karachi and mobile c. c c 30 customer service centres in CSCS also give a priority to operational tax, k – electric priority for their customers and ensure that no customer is too far away.
In case Not Working Above Method then you follow this method.
You try but not show your bill online the your contact k electric company.
  • Helpline Number: Call 118
  • 8119 SMS Service
  • Offices: at Bahadurabad Baldia Bin Qasim Clifton Defence

How to reduce electricity bill in pakistan

The daily value increases, and it is very difficult to meet the needs of a person ‘s life. So a routine of life that is essential to sustain our life. Power generation is basic, but with its increasing rate, the lives of our common community go down. To pay off our debts, the Pakistani government took huge debt from the international monetary fund. As a result, the imf has restricted the Pakistani government to raising the cost of power. It is, therefore, imperative that we use the power supply seriously to lower our bills against rising costs.
To reduce electricity bills the following techniques: • use best quality wires • not in use at the time of plugs and sockets unplugged • check each home appliance before bed • take care during minimize use of electricity • reapply filters of ac every month (prevent dirt particles aeration and filter barrier using more energy).
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