We will tell you here about the Prime Minister’s Successful Youth Program, how you can get under this scheme of the Prime Minister, it will benefit you that if you need money, you can use this scheme of the Prime Minister. Under the program, very successful young people can get their loan passed in the evening and by investing in their own business, they can run their own business and it can be bad. This will benefit our country Pakistan and you will also benefit. Your family will also benefit. You will read about this successful youth scheme. The details are as follows. We will explain to you a little bit. We will tell you about the successful youth scheme.



Youth loan by imran khan apply kamyab jawan program

Prime Minister Imran Khan called for a successful youth program to support unemployed youth across the country through financial and technical assistance over the past few years, as part of creating one million jobs and Imran Khan had developed a successful youth program scheme for the young generation under which the youth can create their own business and if they want to get a job, they want to do it with that money. Under the scheme, he should apply and the government committee will coach his application and give him a loan accordingly. Young people have a golden opportunity to make the most of their business skills. This article will tell you about the approval for the Prime Minister’s Youth Loan Scheme. The Poverty Alleviation Fund of Pakistan includes the State Bank of Pakistan and the Small and Medium Enterprises Party, and also includes the PPAF. Given the opportunity to provide the basic skills to run.


The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has launched Fees and Fees Two under the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme, a program for youth development. The program was started under the banner of Successful Youth. This was a dream come true. Under this scheme, applicants will get various loans from the government for start-up apps. This year, the government has increased the loan limit to 2.5 million. The purpose of the program is for the banks of Pakistan to join this program.


kamyab jawan program loan nbp online apply

According to this scheme of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the purpose of introducing the successful youth program called Sham was that the youth should start their own business so that they do not face any difficulty. First you will apply according to the criteria, then you will read it, then at the end you will apply. After that, your documents will be checked and you will be given a loan on the basis of their minutes. And it is very easy to pay. The advantage of this is that you can create your own business which will benefit the country and the youth of Pakistan and the job opportunities in Pakistan will be less which will help the youth of Pakistan. Face trouble.


Pakistan Prime Minister Youth Scheme?

The purpose of PM Imran Khan’s youth program scheme is to set up a new business and take advantage of the expansion of existing business but before applying for this loan scheme you should know some of its salient features. Here are some features of Imran Khan’s successful scheme.



The Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme YES Program Collaboration?

By offering opportunities to the youth of Pakistan to fully utilize their entrepreneurial skills, the Government of Pakistan has re-applied for the development of the scheme under the successful Youth Scheme Entrepreneurship for the provision of loans to sub-sector businesses. Opened so that you can apply on your own and start your own business by passing a loan. Successful young people can go to the portal and apply for a loan and there is no other way to submit an application other than the online portal. It can be applied online only and it has some essential features. Below are: This program has been developed in collaboration with the three main departments of Entrepreneurship.




1. The Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund PPAF

 PPAF to seek Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund Transfer Program and Interest Free Loan Program.


2. The State Bank Of The Pakistan

The three major banks of the State Bank of Pakistan will work with National Bank Punjab Bank and Khyber Bank.


3. The Small & Medium Enterprise Authority

 To run the business of Pakistan’s youth program, the youth will have to be provided subsidized loans and necessary qualifications.



Eligible Criteria To Apply The Kamyab Jawan Program  Scheme Loan?

  1. Men and women with their business skills can apply for and apply for CNIC National Identity Card between 18 and 45 years of age.
  2. The minimum age limit for Commerce-related businesses in this program is 18 years, and according to the history of the State Bank of Pakistan, small business start-ups and existing businesses owned by people under the above-mentioned age group. Will be eligible to apply.
  3. Businesses related to this program in Pakistan must have at least matriculation and at least six months of experience then it will be easier for them to apply.


YES Program Benefit

You can apply under the program as there are three departments registered in it. If you are a citizen of Pakistan, you can apply under this program while living in any province. The list of these provinces is as follows:




Khyber Pakhtunkhwa



The program also includes loans for women who can also apply. 25% of the loan has been reserved for them.


Prime Minister Loan Program Size & Security?

1. Tier 1 Rs. 100000 Rs 1 Million.

2. Tier 2 Rs. 10 Million.

3. Tier 3 Rs. 10 Million to 25 Million.


The number one condition for taking a loan is that no guarantee is required on the condition, only the personal guarantee of the borrower is required.


One of the conditions in Ter 2 Aro 3 is that the guarantee of bank capability which must include commercial vehicle gold and mortgage of house and communal government property should be done by which bank.


Kamyab Program Loan Types & Tenor?

1. The Working Capital Of The Loan.

2. The Term Of Loan.


Under this scheme you have a maximum repayment period of eight years with a maximum of one year as these are required as they are also subject to a policy which includes business and decision making. Depends on who.


Kamyab Jawan Program Loan Focus On Woman?

Under the Successful Youth Program, 25% is reserved for women because women are also a part of the nation of Pakistan, they can also run their own business and grow their own business.



Kamyab Program Mark Rate?

  • The mark-up rate for successful Youth Program borrowers in Pakistan is set at 3% per annum.
  • Marks of Tier No. 2 and 3 are fixed at 4 to 5 per annum for borrowers.
  •  If you have played on Group One in Loan Scheme Fee One then OK Now Fee Two is running. For more details regarding more features in Festo you can click on the link below when you have all the salient features. All you need to do is apply for a Youth Loan and you can apply by clicking on the link below.


Link: www.Kamyab Program Scheme

4. To get a loan, you need to develop and choose a good business plan that will strengthen your paperwork and give you a loan.



First you have to go through the registration process and you will be eligible to make two applications in the next stages of the color scheme. You will be notified when the application process for a waste fee two starts.


Kamyab Program Loan Factor To consider Before Selected Program?

  • First of all, you need a regional theme with the intention and relevance of the business.
  • Applicants must be motivated and qualified.
  • The applicant must also have experience and education.
  • Things that are in demand are essential to the current supply competition service such as product business.
  • And the cost must be at least fixed at the time of the signal and the point and margin must be established at intervals.



Kamyab Jawan Program Required Documents?

1. Clear & Visible Pictures

2. CNIC ID Card Front & Back

3. Education Degree

4. Technical Degree Business Applied For

5. Prof Artisanship & Skilled Labor

6. License & Commercial Vehicle

7. Two Reference 

8. Reference Id Card

9. Business Feasibility

10. Home Bill For Example Electrical Bill Water Bill Copy

11. Original Documents


Kamyab Jawan Program Trick Apply?

If you want to get a loan from a successful youth scheme program and get a truck, all you have to do is go to the link and click and install the application. Many pages of the application will open. About ten to eleven pages open. Yes, you have to fill out this page and make your information accurate and correct. If you tell your application documents correctly, no one can stop you from having a loan. They will check your paperwork when your loan is passed and we give you what you can do and click on the link below and apply.


Link: Kamyab Jawan Program



If you are eligible for this loan then you need to start a new business or expand your business then you can apply for this loan according to its criteria and if you get your registration right then you Your loan will be provided to you under the Government of Pakistan’s Successful Program.

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