What does it mean when a user is busy?


When a person calls another person and he found a busy line this means the person is calling or talking to another person on the mobile phone. So the latest version of Android is incredible if the person is updated with Android’s latest version to his mobile.


Does a user busy mean blocked?

As I told you that the latest version of Android phones has the ability to send Voicemail directly after incoming calls from specific people. Basically, this app has miracle features that if your number has been blocked and a person calling you. His calls automatically disconnected after a single ring. The Voicemail will instantly send you and it will say like ‘the number you have dialed or call is busy’. According to this voice, the person can understand that the number that I have called is blocked.


Why does my landline say user busy?

There are many problems or reasons which consequence your phone is showing or giving you a week or busy signals. It may be the disruption of service due to mobile service issues.  it also may be the number is unavailable or the line may be busy. But one must thing you should keep in your mind, is your mobile phone should hang up properly. If the light on the modem is one, this will indicate the hung up of your mobile phones.



Why does the phone ring then say user busy? 

After ringing the mobile for few seconds, maybe the user is busy. This is due to when suddenly the receiver disconnected your call or it can happen when the receiver directly adds your number to the barred list. If you call the receiver and his or her mobile phone is off then it will show the same problems or issues.


Does user busy mean blocked iPhone?

If you are calling someone and you are continuously receiving busy signals, this means you have been blocked by the person that you are calling.


What about SMS?

If you send a message to someone and who has blocked you. The message will deliver just like a text you sent. So mobile will show your message that has been delivered.


How to set to iPhone to busy?

Here you have to follow these steps:

1- Learn, when someone calls you, and how can I make the phone busy.

2- Double click the power button.

3- Click the number to block.

4- Answer and hang up.

5- Busy the tone by declining the button just for incoming calls iPhone.

6- Single press the power button.

7- Press the volume button.

8- Mute the switch.


How can I fix call busy?

Tap busy setting on Android mobile of client and instantly send an incoming call to. Configuring busy setting.

1- Default the routing. Automatically the new calls will show continuously default routing.

2- Then new calls will receive busy signals.

3- Alternate the number.

4- Voicemail.


How do I remove line busy?

  • Simply dial *66. If you are continuously hearing busy lines.
  • If you want to cancel the busy call and return the request, just dial *86.
  • To listen to the mobile number of the last incoming call, follow *69.
  • You want to cancel the last call, dial *89.


If we Know someone is busy on another iPhone?

For this, you need to install the Caller app. Just to know that the person is ‘on the line or call’ or not. If you dial his number and this number is on another call and you found ‘the person is on another call’

This shows that the person is busy.


Can I know if someone is busy on WhatsApp?

1- Make sure, you have an internet connection, as well as the person whom you are giving to contact, should have an internet connection.

2- On the basis of the available internet connection on both sides. The WhatsApp call will ring.

3- If a person is busy, and having an internet connection, then WhatsApp will indicate busy, upon call.



How do I know if someone is tracking me?

Android and iPhones iOS do not provide any indication when any person wants to check your location.

When GPS is used by location service, there is an icon displayed by the notification bar. This will trigger the location of any number of app. Only service providers of your mobile can track you.


How To Send Busy Tunes From iPhone For Incoming Calls?

According to iOS devices, the users have no idea, how to reject or busy the tune of an incoming call by iPhones.

So the tip, that I,m going to tell you is that this works incredibly. When I switched the mobile from android to iOS. The incoming calls on an unlocked screen may reject it. The biggest thing you should learn is to just send a busy tune using the iPhones for incoming calls when you want to show a slide to answer the screen.

The above guidance is helpful for those, who are confused regarding slide the answer a call or tap on.

Accept button for receiving an incoming call. When the screen indicates only one option, we can easily decline all calls simply by- ‘slide to answer.


How to set up an engaging tune on iPhone for incoming calls: Alternate ways.

This is based upon an iOS device, when a call is coming on an iOS device, then you have to click the sleep/wake button. Mute the ring for sleep and vibrate disturbance for the wake. When you want to reject this, immediately second click on the sleep/wake button. A busy tune, sent by a caller, will automatically set up your carrier. In this way, you can block incoming calls with your iPhone.


Block contact

We use this feature, when we are busy and want to ignore unwanted calls, we simply send the number in the block list.

  • Save contact on iOS device. Open contact- locate contact- tap on it- move the screen down.
  • Tap on the block option.
  • This is the method by which we can learn, how can we block unwanted contacts.
  • This method is useful for those unknown persons, who disturb by giving missed calls repeatedly.
  • Familiar persons sometimes disturb other persons in the same manner. So this feature is very helpful to avoid unwanted calls by simply adding or throwing the contacts in the block list.


Answer and hang up:

Another way to avoid unnecessary calls, because once you pick the call and immediately hanging up. Within seconds the caller will try to reach your voice but be unable to reach it and can’t escape from these annoying or time wasted calls.

When we talk about iPhones, this smartphone lock and no other option left in locked mobile phone. So we can only slide or decline the answer by clicking these buttons.


Volume button press:

This works in the same manner as the single press power button. We can easily bring the mobile into mute or silent mode.

When someone calls you with the use of any of these buttons as the Volume up, volume down, and power button. As this power button is present deep inside the iPhone, so it is difficult to locate this power button. So whenever you are unable to find this power button, simply press the volume button to change the tuning state. This works identically as by the power button.


Reject with Reminder:

iPhone apple technology has advanced features in the form of reminders. This is suitable for those who are busy all the time in their works. When you set the reminder, this will remind you of the calling of persons. Moreover, by choosing the reminder, the call will be declined by traditionally rejecting the calls.

The positivity of this feature is that it will remind you to call back later.


Call forwarding:

There are several reasons to choose this feature. If you want to set up the calls forwarding.

Here I want to add the best example of call forwarding.

Just for your ease to understand e.g you are the HOD of the department and today is your off and you don’t want to be disturbed by the members of your department. You can simply turn the mobile into a call forward state. So all the calls made to you will be forwarded to another member that you have added.


Enable do not disturb:

Another best feature is to avoid calls. All the notifications and calls will stay in the notification center without notifying or ringing the tune. People use it when they are sleeping and don’t want to pick the calls. So when you have time, you can check or track this data by visiting the notification center. You can also call back.


How to remove busy tune for incoming calls iPhone?

You must have to follow these steps.

1- Enable and disable airplane mode.

2- Turn off and do not disturb.

3- Check block list.

4- Check call forwarding.

5- Update iPhone and carrier settings.

6- Reinsert sim card or phone.

7- Contact carrier.

8- Display over other apps.


Causes related to your network:

  • Busy network service.
  • Damaging the lines of the network.
  • No coverage in the area where you live.
  • Network interference.
  • The user is genuinely a user.



Here i want to summarize the entire article. The main purpose of the description is to avoid the unwanted or unnecessary calls, when you are busy or sleep. In this article have told you the numerous ways to decline or temporarily avoiding the calls. In this way, you can manage your routine without being disturb. Not only this, you also learned, how to get away from the missed calls of unknown persons. You also have understood the functions or features of iPhone that how to access these features at right time. It must be beneficial for you because you have understood all features related to iphone. I you like this article, share it with your colleagues or members because everyone should learn or familiar to advance or new features of particular items. Thanks.

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