University of Education Faisalabad, its Education quality Campuses and Complete detail


University of Education Faisalabad is the most popular and best university in Pakistan due to their education field and environment. This university provides education in all fields like medical, engineering, Commerce, Fashion designing and all other fields. This university provides degrees which are acceptable at national and international level. This university provides a best qualified and gold medalist teacher which offers their services and skill to students and makes them a best and successful human being in society. This university offers many workshops and training classes for their staff to make them more and more skill full. 

 University of Education Faisalabad has best and open air Campuses, hostel facility and transport service. This university provides Hostel facility for those students who come from long distance and other cities or from out of Countries. This university was ranking in top best 20 universities in Pakistan. If you make a plan to get admission in University of Education Faisalabad, then it’s your best decision for their future success.

In this article we will give you complete information about University of Education Faisalabad, its education quality, Campuses, Hostel, Transport and all education programs which offer this university. So read it and get information and hope so this information will be very helpful for you. 

University of Education Faisalabad


In this article we will give you complete information about University of Education Faisalabad

• History

• Address and phone numbers

• Admissions and merits

• Eligibility Criteria for admission

• Programs

• Program timing or shifts

• Departments

• Scholarships

• Seminars and workshops

• Hostels

• Disclaimer

Now we discuss the detail of theses points which mentioned below


History of University of Education, Faisalabad

  • University of Education Faisalabad was based in 1961 as a primary education with the name of Government collage for Evaluator of Primary education, Lyallpur.
  • In 1976 it was renamed with Government collage of Education Faisalabad.
  • In 2002, it was converted into University with the name of University of Education Faisalabad.
  • From 2002 it was running as University and do much improvement and success in their education and department quality. 



Address and Phone number

Here we will tell you about University of Education Faisalabad contact detail, that how you can contact with University of Education Faisalabad which mentioned below


  • Complete name: University of Education, Faisalabad
  • Short name: UE
  • Located in: Faisalabad
  • Website address:
  • Email address:
  • Phone number: 02-41-9200532
  • Fax number: 02-41-9200320
  • University address: University of Education Faisalabad Campus,    Samnabad, Faisalabad




To get admissions in University of Education, Faisalabad you must pass an admission test or NTS test which differ from each program.

University of Education Faisalabad admissions were opened in August which continues September end in each year. Students can take admission offline and online both ways through their website and departments.


Eligibility Criteria for admission

University of Education Faisalabad has separate Criteria for Graduation programs and master programs which both are discussed below.



1.Eligibility Criteria for Graduation Programs

  • Minimum 50% marks of in Matriculation and intermediate level.
  • Got 50% marks in NTS test



2.Eligibility Criteria for Master Programs


  • Minimum 2.2 CGPA in undergraduate programs
  • Got 50% marks in GOT test
  • Passed and scanned in interview



Programs or Courses

University of Education Faisalabad offers many education programs which start from Bachelor level to PHD level and in different subject which detail is given below 



1. Bachelor programs/ Courses

University of Education Faisalabad offers different programs at bachelor level which given below


  • BS (Hons) 4 year =    Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, IT, Business administration Economics, English and Mathematics, information science
  • BBA (Hons) 4 year
  • BED, BED (Hons), BED (Hons) in special education, BED secondary (1. 5 years) 
  • BFA (Hons) 4 year


2.Master programs/ Courses

University of Education Faisalabad also gives many programs at master level which all are explained below


  • MA 2 years = Urdu, English, Education, History, MA special education, 
  • MSC 2 years= Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Mathematics, IT, Economics
  • MS = Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany



3.M. Phil programs/ Courses

University of Education Faisalabad offers M. Phil Programs just in three subjects which mentioned below

  • M. Phil Urdu,
  • M. Phil in Education 
  • M. Phil in Education Leadership and Policy studies




4.PHD Programs

University of Education Faisalabad offers PHD programs just in one subject which are

PHD in Education



Program timing and shifts

University of Education Faisalabad offers both morning and evening shifts which you want you can join, but this decision you must take before admission.



University of Education Faisalabad has many departments according programs classes which listed below

• Department of Urdu

• Department of English

• Department of Mathematics

• Department of Physics

• Department of Chemistry

• Department of Zoology

• Department of Education

• Department of Economics and business administration


University of Education Faisalabad offers Scholarships for their precious students, this University offer Scholarship so that intelligent and needy students fulfill their study without taking any tension of money. University of education Faisalabad offers many Scholarship schemes which explained below


  1. PEEF Scholarship = UE offers Punjab Education Endowment Fund for their most intelligent and hard worker students which previous result and marks are maximum in their class.
  2. Need-Based Scholarship= UE offers Need- Based Scholarship for those students which most needy and cannot afford their education expenses but are hard worker and want to get education.
  3. Student Loan = UE also offers student loans for their students.

Workshops and Seminars

University of Education Faisalabad held many workshops and seminars to motivate and increases interest their students in Education where they invited high qualified national and international teachers and multi talented speakers. Their workshops and Seminars environment is so good and friendly so that they students can share their knowledge and ask their question.

UE also offers high discount for their student to attend Seminars and workshops in other cities and universities. 


Hostel of University of Education Faisalabad

University of Education Faisalabad has also Hostel facility for their students.

Hostel of University Education Faisalabad Hostel was located in nearby university Faisalabad in Lyallpur city.



This article was written for those students who wants to get admission in University of education and search about University detail and was written on the demand of such type of many students. Hope so this information will be very helpful for you and according your need.

Please share this information with your family, friends and their loved ones through Face book, Whattsapp and Instagram so that they can be get benefit and information about a beautiful and qualified university. For any query or need extra guidance please visit our website, leave a comment in comment box or contact us on our Email address given below.

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