Price of ladies Scooty in Pakistan 2023 with brand, features and complete detail


Scooty is well known vehicle and now a days it becoming famous and most useful especially for collage and working ladies. First Scooty was using in India but it has great demand in Pakistan market place especially in big cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. It has many benefits for ladies like easy to use, affordable price and useful for ladies. That’s why many people want to purchase it and searching for this. So, we write this article to give information general public for best scooting and at affordable rate. according our opinion and search these types of vehicle is the best for ladies use because every one can’t afford cars but Scooty they can easily purchase and use. 


In this article we give you information about Scooty best brands Price in Pakistan with price, features and further detail.



Top best ladies Scooty in Pakistan

There are many brands available in Pakistan for ladies Scotties but here we share top best brands of ladies Scooty with features and price which are discussed below.

• United 50 CC Scooty

• United 80 CC Scooty 

• United 100 CC Scooty

• Vespa 150 CC Scooty

• Yamaha 150 CC Scooty

• Super Power 70 CC Scooty

• Ladies Scooty features 

• Ladies Scooty price list in Pakistan

Now we start our topic with further detail


1.United 50 CC Scooty

Many customers want 500 CC Scooty then to facilitate general public United launched 50 CC Scooty which has many features given below.


Features of United 50 CC Scooty

Light weight and low power Scooty for girls

• Cheapest and affordable price

• Easy-to-handle for girls

• Lighter presence

• Perfect choice for beginners


Price of United 50 CC Scooty

The price of 50 CC Scooty in Pakistan was 50,000 in PKR which is easily affordable for a general public of Pakistan.




2.United 80 CC Scooty

United 80 CC Scooty was a comfortable ride and best choice for girls. It has many others features given as



• It comes in 4-strokes 

• Adjusted in OHC system which makes its ride comfortable.

• It has 7.2 HP (8000rpm) power output.

• 90KG of dry weight

• Perfect combination of power and comfort

• Rated compression ratio was 9.8:1.



Price of United 80 CC Scooty

The price of United 80 CC Scooty was 90,000 in Pakistani rupees



3.United 100 CC Scooty

United 100 CC Scooty is the best choice for daily use and stable for mother or older persons. It has many other features mentioned here



Features of united 100 CC Scooty

  • United 100 CC Scooty offers four strikes
  • Air-cooled single cylinder
  • Its dry weight was 91KG.
  • Smooth performance with two passengers on board
  • Best user for older and ladies


Price of United 100 CC Scooty

The Price of United 100 CC Scooty was 95000 in Pakistani rupees.



4.Vespa Primavera 150 CC Scooty

Vespa Primavera 150 CC Scooty

Vespa is a famous brand which working in Pakistan from long time ago and comes in amazing design and colors. It has many features which given as


Features of Vespa 150 CC Scooty

  • Comes in 50 to 150 CC Scooty
  • Latest 150 CC model launched in 2022
  • Exceptional and negligible oil consumption
  • Vespa Piaggio
  • Available in amazing and in different colors


Vespa Price

The price of Vespa Primavera 150 CC Scooty latest model 2020 is some expensive but it was a wonderful vehicle brand which price 299,000 in Pakistan rupees.

Here we give some other model of Vespa Scooty price list given as round about

  • Vespa LX 125 = 79,000
  • Vespa ZX 125 CBS = 83200
  • Vespa VXL 125 CBS = 93000
  • Vespa SXL 125 CBS = 96278
  • Vespa VXL ABS = 1,03, 730
  • Vespa SXL 150 ABS = 1,07,800


These prices are given as round about and in Pakistani ruppes.



5.Yamaha 150 CC Scooty 

Yamaha is the famous brand in Pakistan which offers bikes, scooters and Scotties. The model of Yamaha Scotties was basically household use and in Automatic version. It has many other features which discussed here. 


Features of Yamaha 150 CC Scooty

  • Comes in beautiful and signifying design
  • Cool drawing doesn’t need extra gears.
  • Easy to drive
  • Easy to learn, handle and park



Price of Yamaha 150 CC Scooty

The price of Yamaha 150 CC Scooty was 200,000 in Pakistani rupees which available in OLX and other online market stores.


6.Super Power 70 CC Scooty

Super Power 70 CC Scooty

Super Power 70 CC Scooty was much popular in Pakistan and it was available at affordable price. Now the company has much expanded its functions which explained below.


Features of Super Power 70 CC Scooty

  • Enhanced sitting comfort seats 
  • It was mid ranged power Scooty for girls
  • It has Lightweight rid
  • MID-ranged engine power
  • Best choice for beginners and frequently uses.
  • Its ride is 65 KM per litter.
  • Self-start power system
  • Different metallic color choice
  • Cheapest and affordable price
  • Design and engine power was great handling and safe from accidents.



Price of Super Power 70 CC Scooty

The price of Super Power 70 CC Scooty and United 50 CC was same 50,000 in Pakistani rupees. It was the fair competition between united 50 CC Scooty and Super Power 70 CC Scooty. But according our search Super Power 70 CC Scooty has more functions than United 50 CC Scooty and easy to use.


Ladies Scooty features

The common features of Ladies Scooty was discussed here.

  • LED Lights
  • Mostly automatic
  • Disc brake
  • Self-start
  • Anti-theft lock



In this topic we give you detail about ladies Scotties which vehicle is best for ladies use, more convenient and hassle-free. It makes your daily routine was much easier especially for collage girls and working ladies.

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