There are a lot of banks in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan that offer savings accounts and only a few of them have excellent interest rates that defeated price increases and are understandable regarding their fees, rates, and additional crucial aspects of the accounts.

We’ll only be encompassing accounts that consider being comparatively truthful and secure to utilize. I do not have confidence in all banks and their creditworthiness, and I wouldn’t intend anyone to miss their savings for the reason of the ineffectiveness of a desperately rushed bank even if it means a marginally elevated interest level or more accessible spots all over the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.



This is the fundamental safest preference for a Pakistani Savings account as they’re a well-trustworthy bank with various outlets and spots all over big cities in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, as well as have spots internationally which make getting cash out of the country (if you travel out of the country) very relaxed and reasonably priced. Mahana Izaafa is a distinctive Pakistani rupee Saving Account that merges a high-level rate of 30-day profit, the elasticity of withdrawal as well as ease in one. The extraordinary tiering arrangement guarantees a superior profit on better deposits. It is the smart alternative the profit.

They present an interest rate substantially higher than price increases on average. Presently the interest rate they offer is nearby 11 percent (%), which is a few percent (%) beyond the regular inflation rate in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan which makes cash in this account raise not only in financial terms, merely in actual value terms, denotation you’ll be capable to purchase quite a bit extra after consuming your cash sit in this account. This also aids you to obtain loans to acquire an estate or additional things, get hold of a credit card, and start a brokerage account to finance in Pakistani as well as Worldwide firms for comparatively cheap rates. You can submit an application for this account on their site, or at a regional place close to you.



Key Features

  • Lowest Possible average balance prerequisite as low as Rs. 500000.
  • Profit analyzed on average 30-day balance as well as attributed to your Mahana Izaafa Account every single month. Therefore, you get hold of additional money at your clearance like a supplementary resource of revenue each month.
  • Tiered profit arrangement/structure
  • The extent of profit that you receive on your investment increases on your balance amount basis. This indicates, greater the investment, the superior the return.


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If you intend to attach to Shari investments rules, frequently suggested as “Islamic banking standards” then this would be your safest choice. They don’t recommend a stage set interest rate, as that’s not consistent with Shari banking procedures, though the return is normally stuck between 3-8 % per annum, which is analogous to most Islamic savings accounts. It is quite lower than the inflation level. Before opening this account make sure to familiarize yourself with the costs they charge.


Key Features

  • No Least Balance Obligation
  • PayPak Debit Card
  • Free Of Charge Internet as well as Mobile Banking
  • SMS Alert Service
  • Free Of Charge e-statements
  • Free Of Charge Life Insurance
  • Up to 90% Financing Counter To Deposit
  • Documents prerequisite for individual accounts
  • CNIC along with an attested photocopy
  • Job Identification Card / Job Document plus Salary Slip for Salaried personal
  • Any additional evidence of income




It is the eldest/primitive proffering of the National Savings with a result design to persuade the insignificant savers to invest in a manner that aids them to greet their day-to-day economic demands. Savings Account provides a fantastic service to its shareholder for withdrawing the sum deposited 3 times per week.




Who can invest?

This account can be commenced by Pakistani Citizens plus Overseas being alone adult or binary adults in conjunction where the disbursements can be accepted either mutually or any one of the account owners. An adult can begin a Savings Account on behalf of his/her guardianship. Organizations might also finance their worker’s associated assets such as retirement pension, bonus, retirement, contributing prudent fund as well as constant fund, etc.



How to Invest?

This Account can be commenced at any NSC (National Savings Centre) as well as PPO (Pakistan Post Office) utilizing filling the application form, accessible free of cost from all the issuing bureaus.

Methods of deposits

At any NSCs (National Savings Centre) as well as PPO (Pakistan Post Office); Deposit money, cheque, summary or pay order. 


Investment limit

  • Rs.500 Minimum
  • Certainly No extreme investment limit


Deposits withdrawal

The deposits can be abandoned at any moment in the wake of the date of the deposit. Though, an investor can abandon his volume three times a week.

Regrettably, you can’t open this account electronically or handle it digitally at this time, therefore the whole thing has to be accomplished at an administration service (NSCs/PPO’s).



The only savings account in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan that compensates profit in cash, daily, revenue on your funds is computed and funded out into your bank account, each day. With the Silk bank Munafa Rozana Account, your revenue is computed on daily basis centered on the appropriate profit ratio on your deposit. Our tier-centered rates permit you to experience superior profit on greater deposits, providing you the chance to gain up to 7 percent (%) profit annually.



Key features


  • Flexibility to retrieve your funds via their checkbook, VISA Debit Card as well as Internet Banking.
  • Conduct a variety of transactions via ATMs as well as Internet Banking, comprising Mini-statements, Inter-Bank Funds Transfers, etc.
  • Intercity transactions, around 32 cities of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
  • Track your account via day-to-day, quarterly, weekly, monthly, or half-year on-year e-statements, which will be mailed to you at the occurrence of your preference, completely free of charge.
  • Be informed via SMS notifies
  • You can utilize your VISA Debit Card at more than 54,000 stores in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and around millions of shops globally. You can utilize it to abandon money at more than 4,500 ATMs countrywide.
  • Experience internet as well as mobile banking via Internet Banking, without any charge. You can look at balances, gain public services and organize transactions at your period and accessibility.
  • To get this incredible deal, visit your nearby Silk bank office or call now at 021-111-100-333, and get hold of cash profit in cash daily.
  • If you have any queries related to this editorial then let us know and comment below in the comment section.
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