Most popular and best chips in World and Pakistan

In this article we are giving you information about potato chips which is most favorite and popular in the Pakistan. Also Most popular chips in the World.

There are thousands potato chips eating in the world and in Pakistan. But now are giving information about the quality, taste and ranking of chips which vary from each other’s, ranking can be different from region to region.

If you are a fan of potato chips then this article will be very beneficial and informative for you.


List of most popular chips

In this article we are giving information about ranking of potato chips which detail is given below.



1.Potato lays chips


In Pakistan the most famous chips are lays salted which comes in different flavor and in sale it was the no.1 ranking in Pakistan. It was prepared with potato and packed in plastic bag in yellow color.

Lays is the brand of united states and about 20 billion dollars are worth sale in 2020.

The most popular flavor of Lays potato chips given below.

• Lays salted

• Lays franchise

• Masala lays

• Yogurt lays

• Lightly salted BBQ

• paprika

• Original sour cream and onion lays




Cheetos is the most popular and spicy potato chips. Before lays Cheetos was the first rank in sale but now in second ranking. It was also favorite chips millions of populations in Pakistan.




Kurkure is also most popular and eatable chips in Pakistan. It was made with corn, bason, oil, and salt. Kurkure CEO was Shashank Laxman Kurkure. Talking about Kurkure plastic is baseless its 100% and completely safe for health.


4.Slanty chips


Slanty chips was also popular and favorite chips in Pakistan. Children most favorite to eat slanty. Its very delicious seafood dish. It was marinated with white pepper, mustered powder and lemon judice. Slanty chips was USA brand. It will be found easily from any nearby grocery shop.



5.Doritos cool ranch


Doritos is also best and delicious chips in Pakistan. It was the world-wide product which expensive in Pakistan, its price stated with 355 Rs in short packet. You can buy Doritos online from and many other online grocery shops. The best flavor of Doritos is Doritos cool ranch it’s just dips and eat it, will be end, dip it like a sour cream or spring onion.






Ruffles cheddar and sour cream is also a popular chip in the world. Like other potato chips its also delicious and spicy in taste. It looks like a KURLEEZ chips but different in taste. Its spicier and more delicious than KURLEEZ that’s why its rank high.





KURLEEZ is also a best potato chips in Pakistan. Lays and slanty was introduced after KURLEEZ but ranked high due to their sale worth. Now KURLEEZ mostly exported in other countries that’s why its quantity is few in Pakistan. its best and delicious in potato chips in taste. KURLEEZ has many flavors like Mirch masala, barbecue, special salt best flavor in taste is KURLEEZ French cheese.


8.Ruffles oven baked cheddar and sour cream

It was low in fat because its oven baked that resembled with their name and best flavor in taste of Ruffles.


9.Pringles chips


Pringles chips is also a best taste and most popular in Pakistan. It has 42% potato which enough to crispy and taste, the other ingredients of Pringles chips are yellow corn flour, cotton seed, sunflower oil, rice flour, salt and wheat.


10.4U crisp chips

4U crisp chips is also taste and delicious chips. 4U crisp Nimko also available, earlier it was introduced in 4U crispy Nimko later they introduced chips which resemble with salt lays in shape.


11.Top pops chips

Top pops are the best chips in Pakistan and in best rate available. Its price is just 5 RS but most delicious in taste more than their rate. In past when it introduces with some award in money to attract children. In childhood it was most favorite for us.



12.Catty chines chips

Buy super crispy Chatty chins chips is the best option for eating and to take taste. Its price is 50 RS and you can buy it online from or from any other nearby shops and from online grocery shops.


13.Chills potato sticks

Chills potato sticks is so spicy chips and in sticks shape. It has 26 mix pieces in one pack. You can buy it from any nearby grocery shop or online grocery shop.


14.OYE HOYE chips

OYE HOYE chips is the top branded united snacks in Pakistan. Like other chips it also spicy and taste.

OYE HOYE is a brand that’s makes many potato chips using best quality potato and oil. It has many snacks but best and mouthwatering chips is OYE HOYE chips. 



15. Kolson potato sticks chips

Potato sticks chips is the best in for family snacks and in taste. It was available in 10 Rs and 24 pieces in one pack. It was in market from a long time.




In this article we give you information about many spicy and delicious chips which are sold in Pakistan and in other countries, some are sold in all over the world like lays, KURLEEZ, potato sticks and some others and explain their taste, quality and ingredients. Hope so this article will be very beneficial and informative for you. If you need any extra guidance you can inform us in comment box, visit our website or contact us on email address given below.

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