The List Of Best Islamic Movies?

If you are a parent or an adult in your household who has always been enlightened about religion and is looking for standard Islamic content for your children to see and enjoy, we recommend you today. In this article we will provide you a compilation of different stories which are not only entertaining but also informative from which you can learn a lot because knowledge is something that can never be forgotten but can be remembered. Because of which we can bring people on the right path. Human knowledge is needed, so it is very important to have knowledge. We will present you today a list of Islamic films on this page which are good films.

Which will also increase your knowledge and if you also show movies to your children then when they watch these movies their knowledge will also increase because these are informatics movies. There are many such dramas nowadays and There are a lot of movies that are spoiling our children because of which the situation is not good nowadays and there are some movies that are causing mischief like Indian movies that are spoiling our children. So we will tell you the names of some informative movies on this page which will benefit you. When you watch informatics movies, your knowledge increases. If you have, you can go ahead and give knowledge to someone else.

During an age when a young person is surrounded by the days of technology, it is important for all kinds of religious parents to make their children interested in religion by looking at their children from the bottom of their minds. Proportionate and meaningful that may benefit them, such as young people’s choice of films. Parents should protect them from their films and tell them about good films so that they can benefit from them. It doesn’t, but it can change the minds of children to some extent compared to movies.

We often forget that learning is a means to an end, not just entertainment, so there are also Islamic movies. These movies are generally Islamic practices. And present information about the lives of Muslims, such as the drama of Ertugrul Ghazi, which is of great interest to today’s people. Later there are also action movies. What are these movies doing? They present in the positives of Islam and Muslims. And if you are looking for Islamic movies in Urdu language, then we will show you Urdu movies on this page.

This means that Pakistani films that do not live in Pakistan, you can choose and watch these Islamic films while living all over the world and Urdu is the language of the Muslim country, it is based on the history of Islam in Pakistan and The same means to differentiate between speaking and writing Indian language. Muslims can also watch Islamic movies in Urdu. In Hindu language, Indian logo searches to watch Islamic movies online on Google search or by downloading on internet.

Islamic movies

Man is always lost in some thoughts but there are some things for travel and entertainment that calm the mind, dramas and movies and just as the world has developed in today’s era, so is mobile. There are advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones, from which we can get many benefits and disadvantages. 

The above does it itself but when we are free we choose drama movies or do some other activities but we have brought Islamic videos for you today which will increase your knowledge. And you will benefit a lot because if you choose Islamic Maulvis, you can avoid other nasty movies. Watching movies is not a good thing but what to do. What is progressing in the age? Man has to change according to the age. If man does not change according to the age, then he cannot develop. Therefore, it is necessary that we should keep pace with the times. There are many types, but watching movies is not a good thing, but you have to choose some things over time.

If you are interested in movies then you should watch good movies which will not harm you in any way like all the movies and all kinds of movies are seen nowadays but we will tell you the names of the movies that You will feel good about yourself. You can also watch Islamic films with your family and children because these films are made to remember the Muslim past. Most of the Islamic films directed in Iran were approved by Islamic scholars before they were first published. These are films according to the history of Islam and historically there are some films that are shown to the people so that they can know about their history and many Islamic films about Islamic Muslim practices and the history of Muslims. I do a lot of information so if you are interested in movies. So if you are thinking about islamic movies then you will be told about Islamic movies on it. Below are some of the movies that you are looking for then we will share with you the names of these movies on this province. Will do the following.

The Best Islamic Movie List?

1. The Boy and King (1992)

The film is based on the life of a young boy in Egypt, in which the boy is tested whether he will work for a better place in the hereafter or choose to live a simple life, so the boy becomes a magician. Where his hard work and loyalty come from strength and wealth.

2. Joseph The King of Dreams (2000)

This is a story based on Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) in which Joseph’s brothers were jealous of him. When Joseph (peace be upon him) was born, he was very beautiful at birth. He had a lot of beauty but his brother got with him. We used to respect him so that he would not take our place but God gives place to whomever he wants. Joseph  was sold to Islam by his brothers and he came home but it did not happen. He went to Egypt and He went to Egypt and was sold by a man and he went to the special adviser and went to the special adviser, so he liked his actions very much. He liked his living and his morals very much. He said, “I I will keep it with me. 

But this did not happen. There came a time when he became the king of Egypt, so his morals were the greatest proof of his truthfulness and honesty. He was God’s invitation in Egypt and encouraged the people to do good deeds. There came a time in Egypt when the people of Egypt were saying that they were not moving towards prosperity. For seven years they said that there was a police station in Egypt which would cause a lot of trouble. Spent ten or eleven years in prison as we say in the language but he persevered and sweetened the fruit of his patience and he became the king of Egypt towards a particular king and told the people.

There is going to be a famine in Egypt which will not produce any grain in our country for seven years. There will be a drought. We need to get rid of it. The brothers came to him and said, “I need a guardian.” The king said, “We will defeat you. But this brother must be kept here for one night.” Kept and told him the whole truth that I was sold by the brothers. 

And thus did I make him king of Egypt, and then I sent to Benjamin a message to my father saying: Go and tell me that I am alive and then I forgot him and his father and eleven brothers smiled at him and smiled. Apologize to me and then you stay in Egypt. The purpose of telling me the whole story is that we should also work patiently in every difficult time and give thanks to our God. God gives heights, man does not give if we If we give thanks to God, then God will give us all heights.

3. Bilal A New Breed of Hero Movie (2015)

Bilal is an American animated adventure action film that puts Bilal Ibn Rabah in the spotlight of his life. He was known for his beautiful voice. It is based on a real-time Islamic hero based on the political liberation of a slave. After gaining their importance and earning their memory in Islamic history is a boy less than a thousand years and is thrown into the world of your own evil and utter injustice intends the biggest lie and Takes on himself to bring about change and through it was known. 

4. The Jar A tale From the East (2001)

A Syrian dynamic science film based on a story with some movement elements for fourteen hundred years, with a war in between and a shed light on the values ​​and virtues accepted in Islam. A story set in a village in the Middle East. It begins when a poor yet virtuous family makes a draft of Riyadh for themselves buried in the bottom four of the house and goes in search of it and he keeps his jar safe and his shadow keeps an eye on him. And he is the shadow of everything that keeps an eye on the four. He tries to sabotage their efforts. The sound of Islam is repeated in the minds of the young people watching the film.

5. God Faithful Servant  Barla (2011)

It is a Turkish animated film based on the life of a prominent scholar. It is the life of Naseeb Rolle. It is a symbol of what Turkey has been facing in recent years. Niqab, which is basically a theory of development that involves nothing more than imitating modern syrup offerings. We also suggest how to color the children who go through these ideas for Eid. If you give your children the joy of Eid, they will celebrate their stubbornness with enthusiasm. If you can’t give them, they can’t spend their Eid well, so they should give them the joys of Eid.

6. Koran By Heart (2011)

It is a film revolving around a global competition in which young Muslim children compete and it is poisoned by the age of modern Muslim youth by religion and Islam and it offers children competition. How children compete and read.

7. Children of Heaven (1997)

It is an Iranian drama film that revolves around the search for brothers trying to replace the shoes of Shafqat Mehraab Mohabbat, family responsibility and honestly Islamic economy. You see, you are the helper of the bread-earning father. These deeds revolve around sincerity throughout the film. Everyone wants to serve his parents and serve his parents as soon as he grows up. It also shows precedence and honesty and love. How to treat with love will not be good for this person so we all need to include honesty, compassion and kindness.

8. Fetih 1453

This Turkish-era drama follows the conquest of Constantinople, the eastern capital of the Ottoman Empire Hazrat and Mahmud Khan, the eastern capital of Byzantium. The details of the film are as follows: The Turkish drama of the Ottoman Empire that has happened even today and people have understood it very well and learned it very well.


This movie is also good. People have liked it. It was not very popular with the people but it is the same as the Indian movie as it is but it lives up. If you like watching it you can watch it. You can find it in United States because it is a movie watched on Netflix. If it is so much, then we are not. You can also choose it.

10. Journey To Mecca (2009)

The journey from Mecca is the story of mecca the greatest traveler of the Islamic Movement, and the image of breathing is enough to guarantee a car during Ramadan. It was discovered in 2009 if you choose it. If you want, you can also watch it. This is also a movie.

11. The Light In Her Eyes (2011)

The light in her eyes is a fascinating portrait of an unconventional Muslim woman based on an enlightened story for Westerners as well. Islam represents the new face of women’s leadership. Women point out that If that political freedom comes in places like Syria, then the local history of freedom would probably be dramatically different, but I would define it dramatically.

12. Azur & Asmar The Princes Quest (2006)

you are looking for a great movie to watch with your whole family during Ramadan then you should watch this movie. It has eye-popping air and the purpose of this movie is not only to entertain but also to teach you Islam. Can help you rediscover the great teachings and teachings of Islam. Also, to get rid of your boredom in Ramadan, you can ask us five questions. You can read the historical books suggested by Prime Minister Imran Khan You can also learn a lot from these books that these books are based on history from which you can know about your history. The most important events of history are also told in these books if you are interested.

13. Ertugural Ghazi

 Ertugural Ghazi is a Turkish drama that helps people to get their rights. There is a lot of injustice with the people. The rights of the people are eaten. The people are oppressed. There is a chief but before that his father Suleiman The Shah is the leader of his tribe. He works together and supports the people and fought many battles in Maghazi and gave the Muslims their rights. The enemies also attacked the tribe of Ertugrul Ghazi but at the same time fought and While maintaining its name in Turkey, the world still knows a great man like  Ertugural Ghazi because a great smile like  Ertugural Ghazi saved all Muslims in Turkey and dedicated his life to him. He was a very brave general and his tribe. 

He ends it in such a way that he overcomes all the tribes because of his bravery, patience and devotion to the truth, and he obeys the orders of his king and does all the things that lead to the release of the Muslims. Serves and saves people from evil people and then in the end they also have a war and if Ghazi returns as Ghazi in the war Ghazi is called the one who fights and comes alive and many He kills all the enemies and  Ertugural Ghazi is also a brave general and a character. He is a leader who is known as Ghazi. Even today the world remembers his name.

After Ertughal Ghazi, his youngest son established the empire. Ertugrul Ghazi had three sons, the youngest son. Ertugrul Ghazi is a great leader who has guided the people of his tribe and told them to follow the path of his God and his prophet and those who guided Ertugrul Ghazi will be successful because they He was a great leader and a brave warrior. He fought many battles and he never lost and he tried hard to get people on the best path and served the people who serve others. I chose the best path for my people because he thought we were all Muslims.

And we belong to the same religion and we believe in the same mistake, so we should unite and walk together. Usman Ghazi also followed the path of his parents and gave the people their rights. And he patiently devoted his life to the people, and fought in the cause of God, and gave the people their due. Ertughal Ghazi and his son Usman Ghazi did the same and while in Turkey they conquered Constantinople and then gave the people their due.

The Islamic Movies in Urdu Language A to Z Name ?

  1. Kamyab Log
  2. Mukhtar Nama
  3. Hazrat Suleman
  4. Prophet Isa-Jesus
  5. Shaheed-e-Kufa
  6. Ashab-e-Kaif
  7. Prophet Yousuf
  8. Safeer e Hussain
  9. Safeer e Hussain part 2
  10.  Abraham Messenger
  11. Rooh Safar
  12. Fetih 1453
  13. Bilal A New Breed of Hero
  14. Munafik
  15.  Gareeb Toos
  16. The Sultan and the Saint
  17. Son of Kashmir Burhan
  18. The path to paradise
  19. Dajjal The Slayer and His Followers
  20. The Messiah
  21. Princess of Rome


We have shared with you all the angels of Islamic dramas with you people. You can check all these patients and choose these dramas because when you are with your family, you guys have something like this. Choose movies from which you can learn some lessons. This is a list of all the movies that can help you increase your knowledge and you can also choose these movies while you are sitting with your children. You can choose this movie. It depends on you people how you choose movies. We have given you a list of all the movies. Thanks.

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