Top 15+ Best Highest Paying Affiliate Programs Pltfroms List 2023


Top 15  Best Highest Paying Affiliate Programs Pltfroms List 2023
Looking for the best affiliate programs for bloggers? Came to the right place. We’ll find out which affiliate programs are useful for both bloggers and readers, which programs convert well and even how to find new affiliate programs that offer attractive offers to readers. Now, if you look like any of the bloggers the goal of joining an affiliate program is to get financial compensation for the content that you already want to write on the blog. Affiliate programs are one of the best (and easiest) ways to start making money on a blog , no matter how many readers today.

For those who think it’s too competitive to blog today, we ’ll give you powerful statistics it’s reported that by 2021, affiliate marketing will reach $ 6.8 billion. Thus, even if you are new to blogging, occupying a niche in the market and joining the right affiliate programs will be incredibly profitable.

However, choosing which affiliate programs are best for bloggers is not easy. Especially if you are doing this for the first time.

With literally thousands of affiliate programs available  and adding to the verticals every day it’s hard to find the best options.

This review shed light on a small sample of what is there only the best of the best affiliate programs for bloggers to join right now.

Now quickly, before delving into this list, let’s look at one of the most basic questions that I ask readers about affiliate marketing from new bloggers.

What is an associate (affiliate) program?

For a company that manages an affiliate program, they are encouraged with commission payments to send themreferral traffic. For brands, this is one of the easiest ways to attract new customers, because they connect to blogs such as, where their target audience already exists on the Internet. The process works by posting an affiliate link on a blog that leads everyone who clicks it directly to the seller’s website.
Affiliate program agreements often vary widely  some offer commissions to an affiliate only after the customer completes the sale, while other affiliate programs offer commissions to simply sign up for a free trial version of the product, regardless of whether buys or not and ends up becoming a fully paid customer. There is also a huge difference when it comes to commission rates, so do your homework and consider many factors before deciding to go with a particular affiliate program. This is the main reason why I put together this list of the best affiliate programs for bloggers to start from today.
  • You can learn more about how affiliate marketing works in two in depth explanations here and here.
  • In short, there are three main types of rewards in affiliate marketing

1.Free product

Through affiliate marketing based on products, when you promote brand products, get free samples, loans or plan updates in exchange for attracting new customers to the company. Although sometimes it will be a win, this is not the best way to make money on blogs, so there is not one of these programs included in this list.



2.Percentage of sales

This is certainly a common type of affiliate marketing, mainly because it is considered worthwhile. In accordance with this agreement, you will receive a percentage of sales when someone clicks on an affiliate link on a blog / website and buys a product or service offered on the other side.


Most affiliate programs will compensate each time a new client subscribes to a company’s product, tool or service through an affiliate link, providing a one-time fixed fee payment sometimes depending on the cost of a plan or product. customer purchased.

An affiliate program is an agreement whereby a company (online seller) selling a product, tool or service agrees to pay partners a commission for any sales of their products or services that the blog produces.

How do you join an affiliate program?

  • When it comes to joining an affiliate program, bloggers often have two options.
  • Programs that are available in large affiliate networks
  • Self hosted programs.
An independent affiliate program is launched on the company’s own website using embedded or white software for partners. All that is done is a quick Google search for “brand + affiliate program” and you will find a link to additional information about their affiliate program. In addition, many brands prefer to host affiliate programs in large affiliate networks such as ShareASale or ClickBank . These huge affiliate network platforms allow you to find and join many new affiliate programs vertically, view commissions and track reports under one roof.
All that bloggers need to join the affiliate program is a website, which I think is already there, if you are engaged in blogging, and a way to receive payments. A common way to pay through an affiliate program is through PayPal , direct deposit, or even through bank .
  • I also recommend getting a special email address that will be connected to your domain, which will make it legitimate in the eyes of the companies that (in the near future) will be applying for promotion.
  • Make sure the blog also has an SSL certificate so that all connections to the site are secure (HTTPS) for readers, because most companies want to know that their affiliates take blog security seriously.
  • If you have not started a blog from scratch and want to start working with an eye on early income, go to my final guide on creating a blog.
  • Now that there is introductory material on affiliate marketing, it’s time to see the best affiliate programs that bloggers can use in 2020.Here are my picks for the top 15 high paying affiliate programs.




1. Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Who Hasn’t Heard About Amazon? This platform is a giant in the world of e-commerce, and popularity continues to grow. Thus, if you’re ever talking about products that could potentially be sold somewhere on Amazon, it makes sense to join Amazon Associates to start collecting (small) commissions for products that people buy after clicking on Amazon affiliate links. Here’s a brief breakdown of the commission rates that Amazon currently offers by major product categories.
  • Commission rate : varies from 1.0% to 10.0% depending on the product category.
  • Payment method : Direct bank deposit, Amazon gift card, or check (check processing fee: $ 15)
  • Payout model : Amazon manages the structure of the advertising fee based on volume. The more products delivered through affiliate links, the more you will earn per sale, which encourages bloggers to attract more and more customers over time.
  • P upport clients : Yes
  • Market reputation : Excellent. The


  • nature of the commission : Amazon initiates payments only after affiliate sales reach a minimum threshold of $ 10.
  • Cookies expire : 24 hours (90 days if the referral adds the product to the cart during the session you refer to)
  • Ease of use : Amazon offers a step-by-step guide for beginners. Many online guides are also available.
  • guide on how to make $ 1,000 a month with your Amazon affiliate program to learn more about how to succeed in the program. And if you want to get a couple of examples of real niche blogs that are earned by the Amazon affiliate program, tryAwesome Stuff to Buy and Red Birdie Golf .

Pros :

  • Simple registration
  • Access to unlimited products that you can promote
  • Payment must be made by direct bank deposit, Amazon gift card, or check.
  • Cons :
  • Low commission structure, which makes it difficult to receive significant payments without sending a large amount of traffic to their resource
  • Affiliates only have a 24-hour window to earn a commission after someone clicks on their affiliate link.

2.Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost is one of the 20 largest web hosting companies in the world who are collectively responsible for hosting 2 million domains with its subsidiaries FastDomain  iPage and HostGator .Bluehost is considered one of the best web hosting plans for bloggers looking for passive earning opportunities on a blog (especially if their blog niche covers topics related to WordPress or content writing). Over the past year alone, the company paid $ 5 million in commissions, making it one of the highest paid affiliate programs in web hosting.

Pros :

    • Join for free
    • Excellent tracking of referrals in the user panel
    • Registration takes minutes
    • There is no limit to how much you can earn
    • Dedicated Customer Support

    • Commission rate: 65 US dollars (with an increase in the commission rate depending on the volume of created registrations)
    • Payment method : PayPal Payment
    • model : payment process from 45 to 60 days after the sale
    • Customer support : Yes
    • Market reputation : Excellent
    • Nature of the commission : payment is processed between 16 and the last day of every month. To move forward, earn a minimum of $ 100.
    • Validity of cookies : 60 days
    • Ease of use : a special team of affiliated managers, in touch by e-mail to email protected.
    • Must apply and get approval to join the affiliate program
  • The payment process is from 45 to 60 days after each sale. Bluehost is not the only company that offers great affiliate programs for its monthly hosting plans. Consider others such as Dreamhost, Namecheap, and HostGator.

3.Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company offering retailers and online stores. Shopify is a full-fledged commercial platform that starts, develops and manages a business, which makes it an ideal option for those who are interested in opening their own delivery business.

    • Commission rate : an average of $ 58 for each user who subscribes to a paid plan (depending on the type of plan) with a unique referral link, and $ 2000 for each referral Shopify Plus
    • Payment method : PayPal
    • Payout model : Free connection without monthly payments and minimum requirements to sales.
    • Customer Support : Yes
The nature of the commission: you can get 100% commission for the first and second payment for each referral that has subscribed to a paid plan. Payment will be made five business days after the 15th day of the month after their registration.
    • Validity of cookies : 30 days
    • Ease of use: support at any time by phone, email or chat
    • Pros :
    • The affiliate program is proprietary and uses proprietary software to track affiliate programs.
    • No entry fees
    • To maximize earnings, each referral will be supported to help them switch from a trial to a paid plan
    • A dedicated partner monitoring dashboard to manage affiliate information and track campaigns.
    • Deep connectivity
    • Cons :
    • You will be credited to the referral only if the visitor subscribes to the 14-day free trial for 30 days.

4.Udemy Affiliate Program

Udemy’sonline education and coursesare another extremely popular online learning platform, potentially even the largest in the world. This platform, designed for both adults and students, employs 30 million students and 50,000 teachers who teach courses in more than 60 different languages. Today, the Udemy affiliate program is 245 million people who attend courses. This is an attractive choice for educational bloggers. The program is hosted on Rakuten LinkShare and is periodically available on other partner networks.
    • Commission rate : 15%
    • Payment method : Direct bank deposit
    • Payout model.Payments are made after reaching the threshold of $ 50.
    • Customer support : Yes
    • Market reputation : good.
    • Nature of the commission : you will receive payments for actual purchases through affiliate links and banners. The more you promote, the more you earn (without restrictions on commissions).
    • Cookies expire : 7 days
    • Ease of use : easy to get started (Rakuten LinkShare program some learning curve). Partners send questions by email to the email address.
Pros :

    • Thousands of classes available for promotion on all conceivable topics (with hundreds of pre-designed banners)
    • Deep connectivity
    • 100+ subcategories
    • Advertising Assets and Tools to Help Boost Sales
    • Cons :
    • Low fees
    • Relatively high payout threshold (minimum $ 50)
    • Their landing page and description of the affiliate program needs more love and friendliness.

5.HubSpot Affiliate Program

HubSpot’smarketing, sales, and customer service platformsare a powerful force in the software industry for marketing, sales, and customer service. What initially began as a limited set of tactical tools for marketers back in 2005, has become a publicly-traded company with an annual income of $ 500 million in recent years. Nevertheless, they supported (and developed) an incredibly intuitive, useful set of marketing and sales tools for small business owners around the world. To top it off, have earned a spot on this list of top affiliate programs.
    • Commission rate : starting (base): $ 250 | Professional (CMS): $ 500 | Enterprise: $ 1,000
    • Payment method : PayPal Payment
    • model : 30 days (on the 25th day of the month following the month in which the sale took place)
    • Customer support : Yes
    • Market reputation : Excellent The
    • nature of the commission : the payment process is carried out on the 25th month after the sale.
    • Cookies expiration : 90 days
    • Ease of use : HubSpot a special team of affiliate managers in the state to help.
Pros :
    • Join for free
    • Excellent tracking of referrals in the user panel
    • Registration takes minutes
    • There is no limit on how much you can earn
    • Dedicated Customer Support
Cons :
    • Apply and get approval to join the affiliate program

    • Payouts sometimes take longer than expected

6.ShareASale Affiliates


ShareASale has been doing business 17 years now, and they’ve unquestionably stayed aware of the occasions. Including an ample commercial center loaded with vendors obliging nearly all that you can think about, there’s continually going to be important items for you to advance.

Adaptable payout choices. Advanced and standard payout alternatives are accessible. With advanced installment alternatives being so uncommon among the prominent offshoot sites, this acquires real focuses for them! Wide item choice. As you’re picking and picking which traders to work with, you motivate a gigantic library of items to browse to advance.
Not as clear as a portion of its rivals, which means it’ll set aside greater opportunity to set up similarly. Not a noteworthy issue, however requires a little specialized ability.

7.eBay Partners Affiliate Program



Indeed, even the client based epic commercial center that is eBay needs you to help promote and sell the things on their stage. You should simply discover postings you need to help advance, advance them utilizing Ebay’s Partner Network devices, and you get paid!


There is no commercial center more various than eBay. It’s client based. Somebody, some place, is selling any legitimate item you can consider. Nothing can equal that assorted variety.
The most direct subsidiary deals strategies. No mind boggling principles to pursue, just offer your offer connection for the posting and you procure in the event that somebody pays off it.Twofold Commission for the initial 3 months. Additional income is constantly decent.

On the off chance that a closeout assumes control more than 10 days to end, you don’t procure anything – regardless of whether you’re the one that sent the triumphant bidder there. The drawback of the sale side of things.


You procure a level of what eBay would gain off the deal. Rather than subsidiary and you, there’s offshoot, eBay and you – which means you’re part the deal 3-ways. You get an extensive segment of what eBay would acquire, however it merits monitoring how that functions.

8.Clickbank Affiliate Program

Clickbank is much similar to ShareASale. A differing commercial center loaded up with traders that you pick-and-advance, in view of what your gathering of people would be keen on.
You will discover something to advance. Their item database is one of the most straightforward to explore out of any on this rundown. It makes discovering something to advance extremely simple!
No computerized installment techniques yet. Tragically they just offer: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfers or Payoneer as their installment alternatives. They need progressively computerized choices.

Limit of $150 earned per referral deal, paying little respect to item. That feels entirely constraining. It’d be pleasant to see a higher limit, or to just take into account boundless .

9.SEMRush Affiliate Program

SEMrush is a reliable source for SEO tools that help online companies and marketers in their keyword research , tracking and search engine optimization. The tools offered by SEMrush are recommended for improving the site’s ranking through effective keyword research. Their affiliate program is a great option for bloggers to earn a steady income through BeRush ( SEMRush’s exclusive affiliate program).


    • Commission : 40%
    • Payment method : PayPal or direct transfer Payment
    • model : 40% commission on sales of all SEMrush plans (Pro, Guru, Business)
    • Customer support : Yes
    • Market reputation : Excellent
    • Nature of the commission : BeRush is a partnership based on revenue sharing when partner () promotes SEMrush in exchange for a commission for each sale
    • Cookies expire : 10 years
    • Ease of use : online customer support is available
Pros :
    • Variety of promotional materials in 7 languages
    • Every month, the BeRush team holds a BeRush contest, where participants win up to $ 100 for the best content.
    • Commission payments up to twice a month
    • Exclusive advertising rights to one of the world’s leading competitive intelligence services.
Cons :
    • Account balance reach $ 50 or more to get paid
    • Payments to attract existing or returning SEMrush users are not made.

10.CJ Affiliate Publisher’s Program

CJ Affiliate is a stage that hear what they’re saying. They’ve been in the Affiliate Marketing industry since 1998 and that ability just radiates through in each part of what they do. With items in each specialty, you’d be unable to criticize them.
One of the biggest Affiliate Networks. When you’ve been doing business as long as CJ Affiliate has, it’s difficult for different projects to equal them in size.A system you can depend on. 19 years in business doesn’t make them reliable, yet it shows they can expertly adjust. You can depend on them to keep on doing as such.There’s a pretty scrutinous application process. You don’t get the chance to prevail for just about 20 years without elevated expectations, so this is not out of the ordinary.

11.ConvertKit Affiliate Program

ConvertKit’semail marketingtools are one of the most popular email service providers that offer automation features designed specifically for bloggers and creators. The subscription-based service is targeted at bloggers, small businesses, and podcasters who want to streamline the email marketing process. ConvertKit makes it easy to capture more leads and sell more products .


    • Commission rate : permanent commission of 30% for the life of each attracted customer (paid monthly)
    • Payment method : PayPal
    • Payout model . As the number of accounts of each attracted customer grows, so do payments (all fees are paid with a 30-day delay).
    • Customer support : Yes
    • Market reputation : Excellent
    • Type of commission : 30% of monthly commission (if you refer to an account with 8000 subscribers, you earn $ 99 / month)
    • Cookies expire : 60 days

    • Ease of use : enter your email address to register as Partner
Pros :
    • There is no threshold to meet to receive payment
    • 30% monthly periodic commission (this is a huge amount)
    • Personalized dashboard gives you all the details about revenue
Cons :
30-day deferral of commission payments

12.HostGator Affiliate

HostGator is a notable web hosting organization and with an expansive achieving client base has turns into an incredible program for members in India. Associates with web journals or sites managing website composition and facilitating administrations can make automated revenue from advancing HostGator items.
How can it work?

Using instruments to make custom coupon codes and following connections, Affiliates procure new information exchanges for HostGator administrations and after that, get a commission of up to $125 per qualifying information exchange!

What amount do you have to pay to go along with it?


Area Authority: 94

Page Authority: 60

13.Instapage Affiliate Program

Constructor is a popular landing page builder used by marketers and e-commerce companies around the world. Their landing page designer makes it easy to create and run beautiful landing pages for products or services to boost sales and reach more customers through the front door. Instapage affiliate program is a great way to earn a steady income if the blog has an audience of marketers and e-commerce owners.
  • Commission rate : 50% of the commission on the first payment, then 30% of the monthly commission.

  • Payment method : PayPal

  • Payout model: 50% of the first payment and 30% of the lifetime income for all self-service plans.

  • Customer support: Yes

  • Market reputation : excellent.

  • Nature of the commission : as soon as you receive the funds, payment will be made within a week.

  • Cookies validity period : 120 days.

  • Ease of use : special support from the customer service manager.

  • Pros :

  • Join for free

  • Special panel for tracking progress

  • Access to a wide range of advertising banners and logos

  • Receive payment within 60 days from the date of sale

  • A long 120-day cookie storage period increases the chances of getting more referrals

  • Cons 

  • Commissions are canceled if the customer cancels the order within 65 days.

  • To get paid, earn at least $ 11.70. 14.



14.MaxBounty Affiliate Network

MaxBounty is a more current, exceptional subsidiary site that previously worked with some top of the line brands, for example, Norton, McAfee and T-Mobile. They pride themselves on doing things that other Affiliate Networks just don’t do yet, and it’s working out well for them.
$1,000 New Affiliate Bonus. MaxBounty offers $1,000 reward to any subsidiary that acquires at least $1,000 every month for their initial 3 months. That is entirely cool.
They pay week by week. Most Affiliate Programs are fixed regularly scheduled payouts, so it’s pleasant to see another best in class subsidiary site willing to resist the pattern.

They have computerized payout choices. Something else many Affiliate Networks don’t offer. This scores them considerably more reward openness focuses.

Staggering prizes for best partner workers. Not an angle we see a lot of this in this space, and it’s extremely magnificent to see. It looks much more fun than your normal program.

They’re not even close as built up as different stages accessible. Give them a couple of years and they might be the best stage, however for the time being, it’s too soon to tell.

15.Tapgerine Affiliate Program

Tapgerine is an Online Advertising Program providing food explicitly for the portable client group of onlookers. While they’re progressively constrained on what they can offer you, what they do offer as far as portable promoting, they do truly well.
They’re not endeavoring to overcome everything. Achievement regularly originates from comprehending what you can progress admirably and concentrating explicitly on that. Tapgerine prevails with regards to doing this.

Elusive out about their installment structure. Their insight base isn’t yet very fleshed out. This ought to be something that changes as they develop.
Still moderately little. The portable promotions ‘specialty’ isn’t generally such specialty, so while they’ve concentrated exclusively on the versatile market – they don’t emerge that much.

16.Leadpages Partner Program

Leadpages an incredibly ground-breaking web based promoting instrument. Giving each person, regardless of their dimension of aptitude, the capacity to make greeting pages that convert well. They offer an item practically unrivaled in their space. In this way, in the event that you have an advanced group of onlookers – they’ll need this.
With the correct group of onlookers, it offers itself. Leadpages make such an incredible showing with regards to with their item, you just need to demonstrate those with sites that the device exists to get deals on it.

It’s unbelievably incredible, making it really worth advancing.
Monstrous payouts. They offer 30% commission on whatever the referral spends. For whatever length of time that the client is spending… No shorts. By any stretch of the imagination.

Too specialty to work for some. Leadpages will sell truly well. Be that as it may, it’ll just pitch to a crowd of people that is attempting to accomplish something with their web nearness.



VigLink is a stage that helps distributers and shippers alike to profit by income creating hyperlinks. Concentrating on substance driven trade, this product arrangement checks different sites for conceivable connections that have potential esteem and upgrades them to adapt site visits and snaps. Also, they have an assistance focus with video instructional exercises, investigating tips, and different assets to help you in taking advantage of their application. VigLink likewise offers a broad cluster explicitly intended for distributers and publicists; this is the reason they give a statement based evaluating model that gives you a chance to pick a blend of apparatuses that work for you.
What is one of a kind about VigLink?

Connection Insertion Made Hassle-Free. Embeddings subsidiary connections inside your site content is as simple as fusing javascript pieces into the your site format. In the event that you don’t have sufficient energy to discover potential connections, worry not. VigLink offers a programmed connection addition include that deals with finding where to embed offshoot joins, so you can concentrate on what you do best– delivering new substance.
Simple, Customizable Integration. Outfitting the intensity of VigLink’s different items isn’t as troublesome as you may think. They offer an assortment of adaptable reconciliation techniques that can work crosswise over various sites, portable applications, and work area applications. Regardless of whether you are a vendor hoping to support substance and make paid positions or a distributer keen on making additional salary or extending your impact, VigLink is certain to have choices for you.
Forefront Capabilities. VigLink means to support your business by offering diverse bleeding edge APIs that let you see the deals got from a given snap just as devices that let you screen your insights. Along these lines, deciding the top notch position for advancements and fortifying substance to-trade technique is streamlined and effective.

18.The Six Figure Mentors

Entirely, this isn’t a subsidiary program all things considered. I would depict it as all the more an advanced business framework, and one that I straightforwardly advance myself due to the sheer extraordinary esteem it gives. It is an exceedingly extraordinary stage that has by a wide margin the most astounding paying commissions I have ever run over.

The Six Figure Mentors is a preparation and mentorship stage that sets you up for each part of online business enterprise, engaging you with the computerized ranges of abilities and authority attitudes you have to prevail in the online field. They give a well ordered, particular preparing program educated by best business pioneers to understudies from everywhere throughout the world.
The courses they offer are intended for individuals to establish the best possible frameworks for their online business, staying away from a considerable lot of the obstructions and budgetary mistakes that individuals will in general make when beginning as a business person.
The SFM additionally houses a network of similarly invested yearning (and achieved) business visionaries which is something that can be priceless on your adventure to progress.

This is something ideal for the hopeful business visionary searching for their first online chance.

You likewise can elevate the framework itself to business opportunity searchers and create a pay through their lucrative offshoot program.

Focuses important:

Front line advertising and business range of abilities preparing modules.

Lifetime clients. Repeating month to month just as yearly associate commissions.

Up to $8000 commissions per deal! (Indeed truly)

Your very own advanced business mentor to take you by the hand all through your advertising instruction.

Access to a computerized aptitudes stage. Lead catch page maker. Web facilitating. Blogging stages.

We have banded together up with these folks as members since we genuinely have confidence in the transformational esteem they give. You can look at it for yourself here.

Fundamental INFO

Specialty – Online business and enterprise instruction

Type – Information items, online courses and in-person occasions.

Commission rate – Up to $8000 per deal. Up to $1000 repeating yearly.

Treat length – Lifetime clients


High repeating month to month commissions?

High-ticket items?

Backend/Upsell items?

Second-level commissions?

Free preliminary connection:




CreativeLive is an online educational platform where live broadcasts are broadcast to an international audience. The company has been operating since 2010 and since then has created two billion minutes of expert courses that have been viewed by millions of students from around the world. Classes range from photography and videography to art and design, music, crafts, money and lifestyle , which are divided into additional subcategories to make it easier for the user to find exactly what they want to learn.

Commission rate: commission rate of 20% for purchases of new customers, 10% for repeat purchases of customers and an initial payment of $ 1 for new registrations.
Payment method : check or direct deposit. Payment
model : monthly commissions paid by ShareASale around the 22nd of the next month. Affiliates will not receive a commission check until they earn $ 50 as a commission.
Customer support : Yes
Market reputation : Excellent
Type of commission : CPA (price per action): $ 1 for sending a new account and 25% selling price (CPS) for new customers and 10% CPS for regular customers.
Cookies expire : 30 days
Ease of use : easy to get started. New partners contact affiliate manager at [email protected]
No CreativeLive Affiliate Fees
Referrals from any country join if ShareASale supports their country
Additional support and curatorial suggestions are available for sites with high traffic.
You can still earn a commission from customers if you return and make a purchase within 30 days (if you did not initially make a purchase)
A set of banners, links and promotions that will help in marketing activities
There are no restrictions / thresholds for the number of links that you can post on the site
Cons :
There are no discounts for partners for promotion
Strict coupon policy ( see here )


Dreamhost has always been considered one of the best web hosting providers in the world, even having received the approval of Automattic  the creators of WordPress for their work in hosting. In addition to providing first-class hosting plans , they also have a star affiliate program that pays up to $ 200 / subscription (depending on the plan) and the number of customers you send. Over time, Dreamhost has evolved into one of the best affiliate programs as content has narrowed to the niche of blogs.
Commission rate : from 15 to 200 dollars (the size of the commission varies depending on the plan chosen by the client)
Payment method : PayPal
Payout model: payments are processed 97 days after the sale (according to the money back guarantee within 97 days)
Customer support : Yes
Market reputation : Excellent
Nature of the commission : payments to partners are processed from 7 to 14 of each month.
Ease of use : a special team of affiliated managers, in touch through support channels
Cookies expiration date
Pluses :
Join for free
Good referral tracking in the visual panel
Application takes a minute
There are no restrictions on the amount of earnings
Dedicated Customer Support
Cons :
Must apply and get approval to join the affiliate program
Payments are processed approximately 97 days after each sale, so there is a waiting time.


Teachable’sonline course delivery platformis a large platform that allows online teachers to post and sell online courses in a variety of subjects. With 68,000 instructors and 18 million students, Teachable is one of the largest platforms of its kind, making it such a great opportunity for those just starting out in affiliate marketing.
Commission rate : permanent commission of 30% for the life of each attracted customer (paid monthly)
Payment method : PayPal
Payout model . Earn commissions until the client places the courses on Teachable.
Customer Support : Yes
Market Reputation : Excellent
The nature of the commission : after sending someone, you earn a commission while that person remains a customer
Cookies : 90 days
Ease of use : ease of installation and use with the vast amount of resources and tools offered by Teachable
Pros :
Join Teachable Affiliate Program For Free
Long 90-day conversion period increases referral chances
Increases the number of referrals with the help of convertible into teachable funnels
Easy access affiliate code easy to earn commission on any page
Cons :
No referrals
Invited users must remain at least 31 days after joining in order to receive the earned commission.
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