Karachi Sehr and Iftar Timings 2023

Hello, valuable readers in this informative article I will discuss Ramadan Calendar 2023. I will discuss sehri and after timings in Karachi. As you know that there is variation in timings of sehri and after in different cities. There is a difference of 10 minutes between Islamabad and Lahore. There is a difference of 15 minutes between Lahore and Karachi city. If you are living in these big cities then follow the timings of these cities. In this informative article, I will give you complete timings of sehri and after of these cities. Keep in mind there is a possibility of variation in dates because nobody knows the original dates. There is variation in the sighting of the moon. The official starting date of Ramdaan will be announced by Kuwait Halal Committee. That committee is responsible for that announcement.

Ramadan Karim is the holy month. It is considered an important religious month for Muslims. Quran Majeed was also revealed in this holy month. Muslims gave more importance to this holy month. This month is full of blessings. Fast is necessary for healthy Muslims. Now start scrolling down and you will see the date and timing of Ramdaan Karim.

Sehri time karachi

With the start of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world begin their fast from sunrise to sunset. For those in Pakistan, this means rising early for sehri, the pre-dawn meal eaten before the fast begins. In Karachi, one of Pakistan’s largest cities, sehri time is a challenge as people try to balance work and religious obligations. Here’s a look at how residents of Karachi make sehri work for them.

The blessed month of Ramadan is upon us and Muslims around the globe are preparing to fast from sunrise to sunset. In Karachi, Pakistan, Sehri time (the time to eat before the fast begins) is 3:15am. That means many people are waking up early to make sure they have a proper meal before beginning their day of fasting. While it may be challenging to wake up that early, the rewards of fasting are great. Here’s a look at what Sehri time in Karachi looks like and why it’s so important for Muslims during Ramadan.

The Ramadan calendar for Karachi is mentioned will be displayed on this website. Citizens of Karachi will be able to see the time of sehri and after on this page. Muslims offer prayers five times a day. They also offer Taraweeh after the prayer of Isha. So be ready for this blessed month and Allah will forgive you in return for this holy month.

Ramadan Calendar has been uploaded on this website. This calendar only covers Karachi and its nearby areas. People can easily read and download this calendar on mobile phones.

God will give you many rewards for fasting. This holy month has separate importance near Muslims. It is the month in which we can repent our sins. Being a Muslim it is our utmost duty to be prepared for the holy month.

In Karachi, different NGOs are working and they are distributing rations to the poor people of society. Many people are distributing food for iftar and sehri. Mosques of Karachi are full of people. If Muslims adopt this habit then no power can undo them.

Ramzan is one of the blessed months and Muslims earn a lot of blessings. People gathered in the mosque and offers prayers throughout the month. There is heavy importance of some nights in Ramdaan Karim.

Today iftar time karachi 2023

Ramadan is a time of fasting for Muslims all around the world. This year, Ramadan begins on 2 April and ends on May 1. For those observing Ramadan, this means abstaining from food and drink from sunrise to sunset each day. But what about iftar? What is iftar, and when is it? Check out this post to learn more!

Iftar is the evening meal that breaks the fast during Ramadan. It’s typically enjoyed after sunset when Muslims have completed their daily prayers. In many countries, like Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, large family gatherings take place at iftar to break the fast together. The spread of food at an iftar table is always plentiful and diverse, featuring both sweet and sav.

The holy month of Ramadan is coming to an end and with it the time for breaking the fast, or iftar. Here in Karachi, we’re gearing up for some delicious food in the evenings. What are your favorite iftar dishes? Share them in the comments! I always enjoy a good plate of biryani or samosas to break my fast. 🙂

Sehr & Iftar in Karachi Timings 2023

           Month       Sehri      After
  • 1st. 2-April. Sehri 5:06 am After 6:49 pm
  • 2nd. 3-April. Sehri 5:05 am.After 6:50 pm
  • 3rd. 4-April.Sehri 5:04 am.After 6:50 pm
  • 4th. 5-April. Sehri 5:03 am.After 6:51 pm
  • 5th. 6-April. Sehri 5:01 am.After 6:51 pm
  • 6th. 7-April. Sehri 5:00 am.After 6:52 pm
  • 7th. 8-April. Sehri 4:59 am.After 6:52 pm
  • 8th. 9-April.Sehri 4:58 am.After 6:52 pm
  • 9th. 10-April. Sehri 4:57 am.After 6:53 pm
  • 10th. 11-April. Sehri 4:56 am.After 6:53 pm
  • 11th. 12-April. Sehri 4:55 am.After 6:54 pm
  • 12th. 13-April.Sehri 4:54 am.After 6:54 pm
  • 13th. 14-April.Sehri 4:53 am.After 6:55 pm
  • 14th. 15-April.Sehri 4:51 am.After 6:55 pm
  • 15th. 16-April.Sehri 4:50 am.After 6:56 pm
  • 16th. 17-April. Sehri 4:49 am.After 6:56 pm
  • 17th. 18-April.Sehri 4:48 am.After 6:56 pm
  • 18th. 19-April.Sehri 4:47 am.After 6:57 pm
  • 19th. 20-April.Sehri 4:46 am.After 6:57 pm
  • 20th. 21-April.Sehri 4:45 am.After 6:58 pm
  • 21st. 22-April.Sehri 4:44 am.After 6:58 pm
  • 22nd. 23-April.Sehri 4:43 am.After 6:59 pm
  • 23rd. 24-April.Sehri 4:42 am.After 6:59 pm
  • 24th. 25-April.Sehri 4:41 am.After 7:00 pm
  • 25th. 26-April.Sehri 4:40 am.After 7:00 pm
  • 26th. 27-April.Sehri 4:39 am.After 7:01 pm
  • 27th. 28-April.Sehri 4:38 am. After 7:01 pm
  • 28th. 29-April.Sehri 4:37 am.After 7:02 pm
  • 29th. 30-April.Sehri 4:36 am.After 7:02 pm
  • 30th. 1- May.Sehri 4:35 am.After 7:03 pm


In this informative article, I discussed iftar timing in Karachi. I discussed in simple language about iftar timing. If you have any suggestions related to iftar timing then ask questions in the comment box.

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