If you are looking for Suraj Grahan  2023 in Pakistan then you are on the right site. You can easily check the date and exact time of Suraj Grahan in Pakistan. In the English language, we call it Solar Eclipse. Everyone has a different belief in the solar eclipse. Some people thought that the solar eclipse has bad effects on their life. People avoid unusual activity during this time. Solar Eclipse has also an effect on pregnant women. 

Suraj Grahan, also known as a solar or lunar eclipse, is a special astronomical event that occurs when the moon comes between the sun and Earth. Suraj Grahan can occur both during a new moon and full moon cycle, depending on where the three celestial objects are in relation to each other. In Pakistan, Suraj Grahan will next occur in 2023, and it is expected to have significant impacts on the local environment and wildlife.

At Suraj Grahan time, animals are believed to behave strangely due to loss of light from the sun. Some birds may even stop singing or flying altogether. Additionally, there are concerns that Suraj Grahan could produce dangerous weather conditions such as electrical storms or flooding. For these reasons, scientists and wildlife experts in Pakistan will be carefully monitoring Suraj Grahan in 2023 as it approaches.

In preparation for Suraj Grahan 2023 time and dates, officials are encouraging residents to take necessary precautions during this period of environmental uncertainty. This may include staying indoors or using special protective glasses when viewing the eclipse directly. Overall, Suraj Grahan is a fascinating phenomenon that will provide an important opportunity for researchers and observers around the world. So mark your calendars  Suraj Grahan 2023 time and date.


Suraj Grahan in Pakistan 

In 2023 two solar eclipses will take place in Pakistan. Fist solar eclipse will be in June. If you are looking for a solar eclipse then this article is for you. The exact date and time are mentioned below. You can check the exact date and time by visiting this website.

In this informative article, I will discuss the effects of Solar Eclipse on human life. I will also discuss the upcoming solar eclipse in Pakistan and the world. Misconceptions related to the solar eclipse will be also discussed. You can read complete details about the solar eclipse. 


What is a solar eclipse?

When the moon gets between Earth and the sun then Solar Eclipse occurs. Only at the new phrase of moon Solar Eclipse occurs. Solar Eclipse repeats after 177 days and 4 hours. It follows the semester series. 


Types of Solar Eclipse:


Partial Solar Eclipse:

When the sun is obscured partially by the moon. It is penumbra on earth. It is called a partial Solar Eclipse.


Annular Solar Eclipse:

When the moon disk will be not enough to cover the whole sun’s disk. The edges of the sun will remain visible. Then Angular solar eclipse takes place. 

Hybrid Solar Eclipse:

It occurs very rarely. When the eclipse changes from an annular eclipse to a total eclipse is called Hybrid Solar Eclipse. This process is vice and versa.

Shadows of Eclipse:

1- Penumbra

2- Umbra 

3- Antumbra


Solar Eclipse in Pakistan

solar eclipse in pakistan


In this paragraph, I will discuss the views of astronomers. Dr. Javed Iqbal is a well-renowned astronomer of Pakistan. He is also director of the Institute of Space and technology Karachi. According to Dr. Javed Iqbal Suraj Grahan will not appear in Pakistan in 2021. This Grahan will only appear in the American region. I will also discuss the exact time and date according to Pakistan. The solar eclipse will take place on 10th June 2021. Solar eclipse will begin at 1:12 pm. It will be at its peak at 3:42 pm. It will end at 4:34 pm.


Upcoming Solar Eclipse in Pakistan:

total solar eclipse will be visible in parts of Pakistan. This rare astronomical event occurs when the Moon passes directly between the Sun and Earth, temporarily blocking out the Sun’s light. During a solar eclipse, some portions of the country may experience complete darkness for several minutes as the eclipse moves across their skies. For those living in other areas of Pakistan, partial views of the eclipse should still be visible through specialized viewing glasses or during a video Livestream.

Many people across Pakistan are excited to experience this unique opportunity to witness one of nature’s most spectacular phenomena. Scientists and astronomers have been preparing for months, tracking the path of the eclipse and organizing events to help citizens safely view this historic celestial event. So if you live in Pakistan or happen to be visiting on Oct 25th, make sure to keep your eye on the sky and enjoy this spectacular show!

4Solar Eclipse will occur on 20 April 2023.  total Solar Eclipse.  not visible in Pakistan.
Solar Eclipse will occur on 14 October 2023. Annular Solar Eclipse.visible in the South of Australia, South America, North America, Europe, Atlantic and Indian ocean.
Pakistan is a country located in southern Asia. The region that is today’s Pakistan has been home to some of the most ancient civilizations, including the Mehrgarh of the Indus Valley Civilization. Solar eclipses have been a part of Pakistan’s history and culture for millennia, with records of them dating back to at least the 6th century BCE.
The following year, on 20 April 2023, there will be a total solar eclipse visible from Pakistan. This eclipse will be visible in America, South America, North America, Korea, Arctic, South Africa, and North Africa.
Finally, on 14 October 2023, there will be an annular solar eclipse visible from the southern part of Australia, South America, North America, Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Indian Ocean. This eclipse will also be visible from Pakistan.


Misconceptions about Solar Eclipse:

  • Harmful rays are produced as a result of Solar Eclipse.
  • Your baby will get harmed. If you are pregnant and you watch solar Eclipse.
  • Your food will get poisoned while cooking during a solar eclipse.
  • Moon color turned black during Solar Eclipse.


Bad effects of Solar Eclipse


1- Psychological Effects

Your mood may be swing during a solar eclipse. People do not pay attention to any point during a solar eclipse. 


2- Effects on Eyes

The retina of the eye may be damaged by watching a solar eclipse without any protective glasses. Blindness may also occur.


3- Effects on pregnancy

If you are pregnant and you watch the solar eclipse then your baby will be disturbed. But this concept is only present in Hinduism. 



4- Effects on the digestive system

Our digestive activities are disturbed by Solar Eclipse. 


Protective Measures:

During solar eclipse do not look directly at the sun. Always wear eye-protective covers. Radiations of the sun will burn your retina. Burning of the retina leads to permanent blindness. In the market protective sun wear glasses are available. You can use those glasses while looking at the sun.


(FAQ Frequently Asked Questions): 

Question No.1 Is there any effect of the solar eclipse on pregnancy?

Answer: No, there is no effect of the solar eclipse on pregnancy. It is a myth. 


Question No. 2 Is Pakistan will see any solar eclipse in 2023?

Answer: No, Pakistan will not see any solar eclipse in 2023.


Question No. 3 Our eyes are affected by a solar eclipse?


Yes, eyes are badly affected by Solar Eclipse. If you watch the solar eclipse with the naked eye. Radiations will damage the retina of your eye. You may lead to blindness.

Question No. 4

How we can protect our eyes during a solar eclipse?


We can protect our eyes by wearing glasses and protective sun wear. 



In this article, I discuss the solar eclipse. I also discuss the scientific facts about the solar eclipse. If you feel any difficulty you can ask questions in the comment box. I explain the whole article in simple language. You can check exact date and time of solar eclipse by visiting this website. 

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